10 Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy People

Like any other gifts that I buy, I like my stocking stuffers to be practical, useful, affordable  and unique.  If you are looking for stocking stuffers or gifts for the outdoors person in your life, this is a great list for both children and adults. Many of the products listed below come in a multi-pack, so when you have kids or unexpected visitors and you have to throw together a gift, you don’t have to buy multiples. These are also great gifts for work parties, Secret Santa, White Elephant, birthdays and more.  This list is not just for outdoorsy people, but people who like unique gifts or practical gifts. I mean, you don’t have to be outdoorsy to appreciate wool socks or a spork…

Card Games: Card games are easy and light-weight so they can be taken with you on all of your outdoor adventures including backpacking, camping, RV adventures, drinking cocoa at the lodge after snowboarding and even at home around your table. The ones that we like are Uno Wilderness, Camp Talk, Goldfish Untamed America and 52 Amazing Places Playing Cards. These decks range from regular unique playing cards to trivia and classic cards games with a unique twist.

Wool Socks: Everyone can use wool socks, either at play or at home. Our favorites for men are Fun Toes, for women Joyca and for kids, Moggei. These socks will keep your toes toasty warm. These come in a multi-pack.

Bandannas: Colter Co. has the most awesome bandannas. This particular bundle has unique, printed bandannas including a star constellation guide, directions on tying multiple knots and camp games like checkers. Colter Co. also has bandannas with directions on ciphering and coding, as well as how to identify multiple plants. These come in a multi-pack.

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Survival Shoelaces: Who wouldn’t want multi-purpose shoe laces? Not only are they made of durable para cord, but these Whosee Survival Shoelaces include flint and steel so that if needed, you could start a fire. They are super easy to use (we’ve even tried it), by undoing the laces, removing the striker blade and the caps from the graphite at the end of the laces.

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape – Tenacious tape is so helpful and I have used it so many times. It is for repairing rips and tears in gear like jackets, tents and packs. I don’t leave on any adventure without it.

Lifestraw Personal Water Filter – This is a great item to have for emergencies for hiking and backpacking, but also a good item to have in a bug-out bag. I like to have mine because you never know when you might need a backup. There have been so many times that my primary water filter has gone out, that it is good to be prepared.

Headlamp: UCO’s headlamps are amazing. They have so many designs and features. Our favorite is the UCO Air. Not only is the strap adjustable, but you can adjust the angle and brightness of the lamp. The head lamp is rechargeable and durable and has a patterned strap with wood inlay for the bulb. This item comes in many colors and will fit children and adults due to the adjustable band. I also like the UCO Beta for a more affordable alternative, it’s just as good as the other headlamps, but it is not rechargeable.

Spork: There is nothing more practical than a multi-purpose utensil. We like the Light My Fire spork. It’s durable, light-weight, and easy to clean. Comes in a multi-pack. We have tons of these for the RV, car camping boxes, and backpacking. I just pack them with the cookstove.

Camp Light: Luminaid’s Solar Inflatable Lantern is one of those things that we didn’t know that we needed, but we are so glad that we have it. Small, light-weight, and collapsible, this light is very bright. This lamp recharges by either solar or USB and even floats on water. Luminaid is also a small, woman-owned business that gives a lot back to the community and you can read more about their impact at https://luminaid.com

Multi-tool: You never know when you are going to need a screw driver, a knife or pliers. Our favorite multi-tool is the Gerber Bear Gryll’s Ultimate Multi-tool. Comes with many different extensions and is affordable as well as more durable than some of the other ones you can find. I have kids, I need something that will fix anything and if a child somehow walks off with it, it’s affordable to replace.

Survival Whistle: When adventuring alone or with a group, it’s always good to be safe and to be prepared in case you get lost or separated from the crowd. We like the Coghlan’s 6 Function Whistle. It’s compact and lightweight but includes several important survival tools: a compass, an LED light, an emergency whistle, a magnifier, a signal mirror and a thermometer. They also have a kids whistle too, the Coghlan’s 4 Function Whistle for Kids, that includes a whistle, a thermometer, a magnifier and a compass. When we are in the back county or the woods, we make sure our kids carry their whistles with them at all times.

Ghost Stories: I don’t know about you, but my kids and my husband really enjoy telling ghost stories around the fire. And what’s better than regular ghost stories is “Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories” by Roald Dahl. Who would have thought that a children’s author that wrote such whimsical stories, could write a ghost storybook? This is the one thing that’s not really practical, but it’s fun and I justify that it is practical because it is a book. 🙂

If you need more ideas for gifts, check out the Outdoor and Adventure Lover book list. For more stocking stuffers you can check out the 2019 Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide or for other gifts, the 2020 Reader Recommended Gear and Gift Guide. Is there something here that you need to add to your wish list? And as always, be outside with no limits.

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