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I have always been a big reader. I remember when I was eight and I got an award at school for reading a thousand books during the school year. Now I am lucky if I am able to read two books a month. A few years ago I got into listening to audio books, especially when driving to a campsite or doing laundry, because I didn’t have time. But audio books can get expensive. So I needed a different way to stimulate my brain.

We get into a lot of discussions when the family gets together. And we started talking about reading and someone brought up podcasts. I had heard of podcasts, but I had not listened to any. I’m not very high tech sometimes, so podcasts were a new concept for me.  So I googled it and what I found was AMAZING!!!

I cannot believe I had never listened to a podcast. First of all, a lot of them are free and between 20-30 minutes. They remind me of some of the old radio shows and records my mom would let us listen to like “The Lone Ranger” and NPR.  There are so many different kinds out there and I have been binge listening for a few weeks now. Podcasts are my new favorite thing.

When it’s cold like this, I usually get more reading in. But now, I am getting a lot of listening in. And even though I’m not spending much time outdoors, I can still enjoy it without having to leave the comfy warmth of my living room by listening. Because as much as I love being outside, sometimes it is just too darn cold I have compiled a list of some of outdoors themed podcasts that I am really enjoying right now and you definitely do not have to be an outdoorsy person to enjoy them. These are great for road trippers, camping and hiking folk, and sports enthusiasts like runners and marathoners.  So, in no particular order because I could not pick my favorite, here is my list. All of these can be listened to directly from the website, or via Stitcher and Itunes.

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America’s National Park Podcast–  This podcast explores the National Parks all over the United States including Denali, Yellowstone and more, providing stories and history of our national treasures. Explore the National Parks from your living room. My favorite episodes are “A Rocky Mountain Tragedy” and “Rangers Make The Difference”. This podcast is hosted by Abigail and and Jason Epperson, who also host the podcast RV Miles http://rvmiles.com/podcast/ and the blog https://ourwanderingfamily. You can listen at http://nationalparkpodcast.com.

Outside Podcast– Produced by Outside Magazine, this podcasts cover anything from endurance sports, hiking, climbing, outdoor gear and more. There is a lot of variety and there is something for everyone to listen to. My favorite episodes are “Can Nature Heal Our Deepest Wounds” and “Wild Thing”. The “Wild Thing” episode is an excerpt from the Wild Thing podcast https://www.foxtopus.ink/wildthing/listen/ and the Outside Podcast can be hears at https://www.outsideonline.com/podcasts.

Reddy Yeti– Reddy Yeti is a great company that focuses on start-up outdoors gear. Their podcast is all about different outdoor gear reviews and they specialize in products from small businesses and startups. Their podcasts are really informative when it comes to picking out new gear, equipment or food items. ReddyYeti also does some great interviews with people who know the outdoors. They can be found at https://www.reddyyeti.com/podcast/.

First 40 Miles– This is an archived podcast.  Hosted by Josh and Heather Legler, this podcast started out as a how-to for beginning hikers and backpackers and evolved to much more. Family friendly and anecdotal, this is one that beginner and experienced hikers and backpackers will enjoy listening to. It’s a really great podcast and fun to listen to, with some fun surprises. They include gear reviews and tips as well as share their adventures and experiences. Their website is https://www.thefirst40miles.com.

S’more Outdoor– This is an archived podcast but I have a feeling it might be back some day. With multiple episodes, Brett Traudt conveys with his message of encouraging others to “live a better story through reconnecting with nature and start living the life you were meant to live”. He does with interviews of outdoorsy people who camp, hike, backpack, cycle and more. He also shares personal perspectives about how the nature experience can help you. My favorite episodes are  “Making Room for the Outdoors In Our  Overloaded Lives” and “Renature Your Everyday Life”. Brett’s website is http://www.smoreoutdoor.com/.

The Sharp End– You know those harrowing I-barely-made-it-out-alive stories? Featured by the American Alpine Club, Ashley Saupe, an experienced adventure nomad, brings to you accounts of those you have had outdoors adventures and somehow survived some crazy experiences. Just as good as true crime, these stories of men and women who barely made it out are amazing and Ashley does  a wonderful job of bringing listeners these true stories. Her podcast is found at https://americanalpineclub.org/sharp-end-podcast/ .

She Explores– Hosted by Gale Straub, this podcast is about and for women who explore the outdoors. Personal stories of women who hike and backpack, inspire others to get out more. Getting out on the trail can be intimidating, but the stories of the women featured are truly motivating. This podcast can be found at https://she-explores.com/podcast/

HumanNature- A Wyoming Public Radio broadcast, this one is a great listen for anybody whether  you are outdoorsy or not. Caroline Ballard is your host and bring you “real stories where humans and habitat meet”.  Stories and interviews about people and the nature around them, Caroline helps tell great stories. My favorites are “The Way Home In a Purple Canoe” and “Out of The Frying Pan”. Check it out here by going to https://humanaturepodcast.org.

Podcasts with Park Rangers– Brought to you by the bloggers Lucas and Sarah from the Virtual Kamper blog, Lucas Villa- Kainec brings you personal interviews from the park rangers from our National Parks. These in depth interviews  give a personal touch to our parks and faces to the men and women that support them. The interviews include personal stories and the history behind out National Parks. You don’t have to be outdoorsy to appreciate our parks or the history behind them. My favorite episodes so far are “Little Big Horn Battlefield” and “Lewis and Clark NHP” Part 1 and 2.  Listen to Lucas at https://www.virtualkamper.com/podcasts-with-park-rangers/.

Family Adventure Podcast- In 2008 the Hemingways left the regular 9-5 life and set out with their kids to explore the world. Their podcast not only brings you stories of their adventures but of other families that have taken the plunge and are also living on the road traveling with their children. Erik does the interviews and shares the achievements and the low points of traveling with your family. You can check out their adventures here http://www.familyadventurepodcast.com.

UPDATE! I have found two more amazing podcasts that I love. The first one is Backpacking and Blisters. Its all about backpacking, and Carl and Derek have some amazing and down-right funny stories. For the novice or the most experienced backpacker, this podcast is just fun and exciting. They cover everything from backpacking, camping and hiking. Shout out to Carl for being awesome!

The second podcast I want to add, is the Tough Girl Podcast. Sarah Williams shares amazing and inspiring stories of strong women in the outdoors. Her podcast is all about motivating and celebrating women strength. Sarah is also amazing in her own right, conquering the outdoors. Be share to check out her adventures too.

I hope you you enjoyed our list. If you did, be sure to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. For upcoming blog posts and the possible give away, sign up for our blog. And don’t forget, be outside with no limits!!!

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