Happy National Beef Jerky Day!

Yay! Nowadays there is a holiday for everything and Wednesday, June 12th, is National Beef Jerky Day. Yummy. We love beef jerky for all of our outdoor adventures and road trips. It doesn’t matter where nature takes us, it is one of those snacks that always gets packed. I am pretty sure it is the one thing we have never forgotten to take either. Do you know why we love beef jerky so much?

  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry. Perfect for road trips, trekking or backpacking.
  • Doesn’t need to be refrigerated so you don’t have to worry about it going bad.
  • It’s affordable. Many outdoor snacks can be overpriced.
  • It’s a great energy booster, high in protein and low in carbs.
  • It’s the original American snack food. It’s been made here in the US for hundreds of years.
  • It’s made of beef so it makes carnivores happy.

I have made jerky several times myself from beef, deer, and elk, but it isn’t very tender. It is edible and tastes good, but not the easiest to chew. I’ve tried store-bought beef jerky and locally made jerky, but usually, it is packed with so much extra sugar, that it makes me sick. That’s why when I received T.O.P Chops Beef Jerky, I was really excited to try it. I was getting sick and tired of chewy, sugary jerky. **Please note, this product was gifted to us by T.O.P Chops. All opinions are my own.

My daughter called me at work and I thought it was an emergency. She was so excited, she could barely talk. “Mom, Mom!! We have beef jerky! It came in the MAIL!!!”. I don’t think she heard me telling her to wait until I got home to open it, because an hour later when I pulled into the driveway, she and the boys were sitting under a tree snacking away. It was that good. Why do we (especially the kids) love T.O.P Chops Beef Jerky?

  • It is very tender, probably the softest jerky I have ever tried. But it wasn’t falling apart either, which was great. I’ve had jerky that was a pile of crumbs. I loved the texture of this snack.
  • So flavorful. There is nothing bland about this beef jerky. And it’s not soggy either, or sticky. The flavor isn’t so overwhelming that it makes you thirsty or overwhelms the taste of the beef. No nitrates too. I’m really sensitive to fake flavoring, so it was so nice to not have a reaction. Plus, you can pronounce and recognize every single ingredient.
  • This jerky is American-made! It’s made 100% from high-quality beef raised right here in the USA. Montana has a large ranching and farming community, so by buying products that are made with American beef, helps them too. T.O.P Chops also makes their jerky right here in the US in Georgia. Have I mentioned how much I prefer American-made products? I just mentioned the word “American” four times, just in this paragraph.
  • This beef jerky is hand-crafted and marinated overnight to ensure the best quality. The flavors are all-natural, to bring out the taste of beef. It’s like a good steak on the go. Their current flavors are Original, Sweet And Spicy, Teriyaki and Red Chili Flavor. All flavors we’re kid approved by all the kids and cousins.

While most jerkys on the market are comparable with levels of fat, sugar and sodium, Dusty Jaquins who is one of the co founders of T.O.P Chops, wanted to make a “better-for-you” beef jerky. After lots of research, they have added plum powder which not only enhances the flavor but is also rich in antioxidants and reduces added sugar and sodium. This beef jerky is absolutely delicious. Today only, enter code JERKYDAY for 50% off your purchase at T.O.P Chops online store. You can easily find this snack at many National stores or on Amazon. T.O.P Chops is super awesome and you can find them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too.

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Besides eating beef jerky as a snack, I also add it to soups, mashed potatoes, and breakfast burritos when I am camping or backpacking, to give what I’m making that extra flavor. My favorite flavor was the Red Chili Pepper, just enough heat, but not too much that you burn your tongue off. So Happy National Beef Jerky Day!! I hope you try out this AMAZING beef jerky. As always, be outside with no limits. Love, Pauline


  • Raquel

    5 years agoReply

    I had never thought of using beef jerky as a topping for other foods. That’s genius!

  • Tricia

    5 years agoReply

    I love beef anything! These are great. I also love beef bacon which also can taste like jerky. This is an awesome snack!

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