The Best Granola Bar and Mabel’s Labels

Have you been looking for a good granola bar and snack for yourself or for your kids when going outdoors? What about when you are on the go or when school starts? I know there is quite a misconception about how healthy granola bars are for you because of all of the added sugar and fillers. With all of our outdoor activities, it’s nice to have something convenient when you’re getting hungry. But since I have been watching food labels, granola bars are something I have not been buying. Organic does not mean it isn’t made with added sugar or high in carbs.

I am happy to to tell you that I have discovered the best and better-for-you granola bar, without a compromise for taste. I don’t know if anyone remembers this, but in the eighties and nineties carob was substituted for chocolate and it was really no bueno. Any alternatives I have tried for granola bars have not been very good in the past, just like carob trying to be passed off as chocolate. Eewww!!. Luckily, I was introduced to Made Good granola bars!! Now we are packing this yumminess with us on all of our trips. And even better, they are so family friendly that they have partnered with Mabel’s Labels so your kids aren’t losing stuff. Two new favorite products been have added to my favorites list. Do you know why we love Made Good and Mabel’s Labels? Because they are both awesome. **Please note, these products were sent to me free of charge. All opinions are my own and I only review items that I love.

We reviewed the Chocolate Chip Granola Bars, the Mixed Berry Granola Bars, the Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares and the Vanilla Crispy Squares. By we, I mean that I gathered all of my kids and whoever was hanging about (we raise free-range children in the area so there are usually at least 10 kids at my house), to test out these bars. It makes them feel important because they are helping out, but they get a reward too. There are several very picky eaters in the mix who are very particular and texture is a big thing too. After I divied them, I waited to see their reaction. All the kids tried all four kinds and they all thought I should get more. When I told them that the bars have veggies, I got really confused and quizzical faces from them. Every single one of those kids was super happy and wanted more.

What’s different from Made Good Granola Bars than the other ones you find on the shelf at the store? One if the biggest things which I think is really important,, is that they are made in a dedicated facility free from the top eight allergens: peanuts, dairy, egg, sesame, tree nuts, wheat AND (yes, I capitalized it because there is a difference between wheat and gluten) gluten, soy and fish and shellfish. I know several people with deadly allergies to the top eight allergens who were really excited about Made Good when I told them about this company. Second of all, Made Good products are certified USDA Organic, so none yucky chemicals.

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My favorite thing of all was the ingredients. No high fructose corn syrup, you can pronounce all of the ingredients, and these bars contain veggies. Yep, veggie extracts of spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets, and shiitake mushrooms. Because of this, these bars have a higher nutritional value, fewer carbs, and fewer sugars than regular brands. I had an old box in my burn barrel from different companies and compared labels. I will tell you it was kind of scary how the competing granola bar had almost no nutritional value, and almost twice the sugars and carbs, and it is marketed as healthy! I’ve included a picture here, so you can compare labels at home to what you have on your shelf.

The quality is amazing. No yucky after taste, and none of them were dry or chalky. These granola bars are also vegan and kosher parve . Yippee! It’s nice to be able to have alternatives, and I know how hard it is to find food that is certified vegan and kosher. Another good thing about these bars, is that they are comparable in price to other leading brands. Often when things are organic, kosher or vegan, you pay almost twice the price. I am happy to say these are not expensive at all. In fact, at one store that I compared prices at, the Made Good granola bars were cheaper than another organic brand and another conventional brand. They also make mini granola bites, mini cookie bites and granola.

And last but not least, as a mom, I am super excited that they have partnered with Mabel’s Labels, the “labels for stuff kids lose”. If you’re a mom like me with kids in school, then you know how quickly kids lose stuff. With Mabel’s Labels, it is very easy to tag all of children’s stuff. From stickers for school supplies to labels for clothing, this is something all mom’s need. Labels are water resistant and have a strong adhesive. I have had no problem with them coming off in the dish washer or the washer. Did I tell you that the labels come in all sizes and they have a stamp too that’s personalized? And if you don’t have kids, they are perfect for all of your outdoor gear, because chances are, your friend has the same gear because it is that good. Everyone I know has the same blue enamel camping mugs. Mabel’s Labels is a woman-owned business and works with school on fundraising. You know I love supporting women entrepreneurs and businesses that give back.

Let us know what you think if you try these granola bars or any of Made Good’s awesome products. What flavor would you pick? I know these are something I will be adding to my must-have outdoor snack list. Plus, what would you use Mabel’s Labels for? I know I won’t be losing any more stuff to the lost and found or to other people’s gear bag. Don’t let hunger or misplaced items keep you from adventure. Be outside with no limits. Love, Pauline


  • Amber

    5 years agoReply

    I love finding healthier snack options to take hiking, ESPECIALLY treats that are made for EVERYONE! My family has it all.. GF, Vegan, Mr. I’m allergic to everything… so being able to pack a couple boxes rather than a different snack for everyone is great!!

  • Amy Irvin

    5 years agoReply

    These look great. I am trying to be healthier, as well as feed my family healthier options. Granola bars are great. Convenient and yummy, but some brands are just like a sugary snack, which I am trying to avoid. Thanks!

  • Lisa

    5 years agoReply

    These sound good. We love finding new foods to try

  • Laura Lee

    5 years agoReply

    Can these be found at regular grocery stores or are they only at places like Whole Foods, etc.?

    • admin

      5 years agoReply

      They are stocked in some stores but I buy mine on Amazon. It’s more cost effective and the closest healthy store is about four hours away.

  • Melissa Parcel

    5 years agoReply

    I’m glad to see your review of the taste, because I’m always afraid things like this will taste like sawdust.

  • Angela

    5 years agoReply

    Vanilla crispy squares for me please! Gluten free bonus

  • Maria

    5 years agoReply

    These are the kinds of snacks I like to keep hand for when I’m in the car! Thanks for the review.

  • Kendra

    5 years agoReply

    I love this thorough write up. Never buying junk bars again!

  • Suzan

    5 years agoReply

    Looks like a good organic option for a quick go-to snack!

  • Brittany

    5 years agoReply

    I love reviews on products, especially ones that my family can use! My son loves granola bars for snacks at school. I will definitely be on the lookout for these.

  • Sian

    5 years agoReply

    Love finding out about more organic and gluten free products!

  • jen

    5 years agoReply

    Lovely review! I love a product that I might actually use LOL Organic is getting to be a priority for us so this is very timely

  • Jane

    5 years agoReply

    Great reviews here! For a hiker like me, we live off granola bars because it’s convenient & filling. Also, I’m very particular about the sugar content & its ingredients. And this granola
    bar meets my expectations and it’s healthy to boot!

  • Tiffany

    5 years agoReply

    MadeGood are some of our favorites! G has a severe peanut allergy and these are some of our favs! We especially like the Minis!

  • Heather

    5 years agoReply

    These sound great. I gave up buying granola bars because they were full of garbage. These are an excellent alternative. Thanks!

  • Alexandra

    5 years agoReply

    Thank you for posting! we are always looking for healthy snacks!

  • Cindy

    5 years agoReply

    These sound wonderful! I love the ingredients list.

    • judean

      4 years agoReply

      The Vanilla Crispy Squares would be my #1 pick – these sound amazing and I have never heard of them so thank you for sharing!

  • Catherine

    5 years agoReply

    These sound great! I will have to try these out next time I go hiking!

  • T.M.

    4 years agoReply

    Thank you sooo much for posting those labels! It looks like our son who has severe food allergies will be able to give these a try!! That’s great news!

    • admin

      4 years agoReply

      Sweet!! I immediately thought of you when I saw the labels.

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