What I Have Learned In One Year Of Blogging

When I originally started to blog in August of 2018, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or what to expect. I started blogging because I had decided I needed something other than a paid job. I had also needed a hobby and something that was just mine. I had fallen in love with writing when I started college in 2011. So when I started looking for new hobbies and ways to maybe earn some extra money, I saw an ad on Facebook about blogging. I watched a few videos online and decided I would give it a try. My first post was a little wonky, but since then I have grown so much in my writing. I don’t think I really understood what blogging is, even though I read articles and recipes online all of the time. I have gained such an appreciation for those who express themselves this way and it is one of the reasons why I am going to continue creating and writing my blog. It has become less of a hobby and more of a passion.

I get a few odd looks when people ask me what my small business is. I don’t think that people understand that the majority of what they read online, is written by bloggers. I like to think of it all as online journalism and writing. Thanks to the internet, more people have a voice and a platform.

I have changed my website design twice, have written 100 articles, learned multiple programs, found out what SEO and DA are, and enjoyed every minute of it. I started at 0 followers, and began this month with 2,242 Twitter followers, 1,321 Instagram followers, and 503 followers on Facebook. Pinterest is always a work in progress. And, I beat the odds. Eighty percent of new bloggers give up within the first year. Because of all of you, I can do something I absolutely love, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In the last year, I have learned so many things. But there are four important things that I discovered along the way that I did not expect. I knew that I loved writing, but I started the blog with no expectations. I did not realize that it would be so much bigger and important to me than it is now. So, here are the four things I discovered about blogging that I didn’t expect:

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Making New Friends– When I started blogging, I did not realize that there is a community. Any of you who know me outside of the virtual world, you know I have a huge family and an even bigger extended family. I am all about having people at my house and wherever I go, I collect a crowd. I am extremely social, even to a fault. Being part of the blogging community is not very different. I have made some wonderful friends and joined a community of people that are so supportive and inspiring. I had no idea that I would establish such amazing relationships and find a new but different community online. Blogging sometimes isn’t easy, and there is writers block or real life that gets in the way. However, this community cheers me on and supports me when I am having a “malfunction”. I want to thank especially Angela from Mean Green Chef, Jennifer from This Family Blog, and Tricia from Born To Be Boomers, who are my friends and cheerleaders, and that even online, we can have a good laugh and enjoy some shenanigans. Beware the world should we ever get drinks together. And thank you to all of you other folks out there, because there are too many to name… who have answered questions, notice when I fall off of the radar and who support my stuff even when they don’t agree or have any idea what I’m talking about. And, in this big world of bloggers, the world has become much tinier. The degrees of separation have gotten even smaller, especially when one of your blogger friends you meant online went to your tiny highschool thirty years ago or has 14 friends in common on Facebook….

Finding A New Talent– I knew I was talented in writing and it is something I so enjoy, but haven’t had time for. I was so happy that I could grow that talent by working online and really expanding my creativity. However, blogging is not just about writing. It’s about visual images as well. Many bloggers use stock photos, but I use my own. I have discovered that I am a talented photographer and it is something I really enjoy. I would have never thought I had such a hidden talent because I am not the most creative person. I also don’t have the patience for crafts and other artsy things, so I’m glad a found this new “art form” that is perfect for me.

Coquina Lake Idaho
My favorite picture

Inspiring Others– Writing can be powerful. I had hoped that if I inspired just one person, then I have done what I set out to do. My goal was to inspire people to get outside. When I read my comments, my heart bursts from how with just a few words, I can make someone think or feel something. It is pretty astounding and mind-blowing to me, that bloggers can change the world, one word at a time.

Broadening My Horizons– I have learned so much about myself this last year. Besides all of the computer stuff, I have really learned about the world in general. I connected with bloggers from all walks of life, and enjoy their stories. I have found some amazing recipes, parenting tips and hacks, and much, much more. Some of the most inspiring blogs that I discovered, are More On My Plate (Karla is a rock star) and The House That Never Slumbers (Christa aka Insomnomom makes me belly laugh, a lot…).

I want to thank my husband, you lets me peck away late at night on my computer, with minimal grumbling. I also want to thank my kids that have come up with some of the best ideas, and love opening my business packages. All of my family, have been so supportive and have no problem commenting, liking and sharing my stuff. I love all of you, even Bratface. 🙂

Thank you again, to all of you that inspire me every day to keep doing this. This last year has had lots of bumps in the road and a few new, gray hairs. Life has been rough, but this has been my constant. You are all awesome and I am grateful to have all of you in my life. To new projects, more exciting adventures and inspiring more people. Hopefully, I’ll be launching The Adventure More Podcast in September (only two months late). I’m ready for another year and I’ll be taking it by storm with even more passion. Be outside with no limits. Love, Pauline


  • Judean

    2 years agoReply

    This is a great post and helpful for those that may be toying with giving up. I have thought about giving up on many occasions while working on my blog for the past 2 years. I think what I have learned is that everything is a process and so far you definitely get what you put in. You have been very persistent and have worked very hard to keep it going! Good luck and cheers to many even more successful years!

  • Kathy Walker

    2 years agoReply

    Thanks for writing this cause as you know blogging can be discouraging at times but we just need to forge ahead. I love reading your stories, we have a similar blog topic but I’m mostly on the east coast and you’re on the west. You make me want to get out west more. Continue writing and I will surely continue reading, xoxo Kathy

  • Tricia Snow

    2 years agoReply

    Thank you for the mention, Pauline! I am so glad you are in my circle! I can’t wait to get to Montana to spend time outside with a real outdoor expert and of course, have a cocktail! Love ya girl!

    • admin

      2 years agoReply

      I am glad to have you in my circle too! I am so glad for the friendship we share. Le’chaim!

  • Carol Kasten

    2 years agoReply

    Hi Pauline, I really enjoyed your article! I am just starting my blog and am having fun, just like you described. I love to learn new things and it’s great to hear that you do too!

    • admin

      2 years agoReply

      Yay!! Blogging is a challenge, but such a great outlet. It is an ongoing journey. Good luck on yours.

  • Julie Gazdecki

    2 years agoReply

    Been blogging just over a year, and I love the self reflection too. And the community! It’s great to meet others you have so much in common with.

  • Melissa Jones

    2 years agoReply

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Cathy

    2 years agoReply

    Great article! Thanks for keeping me inspired! I am only 2 months into blogging.

  • Nikki

    2 years agoReply

    Loved reading your first year overview. It’s so interesting how we change in just a short amount of time! Best of luck in year #2!

  • Jordan

    2 years agoReply

    Thanks for sharing what you’ve learned. I’ve noticed the funny looks or “judgy” comments some too, but I don’t think people realize how much work goes into blogging! I know I sure didn’t. Congrats on 1 year!

  • Anne

    2 years agoReply

    Great post, so sincere! Thanks for sharing. I have just started a blog a few months ago myself and am impressed with the learning opportunities. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up and once I begin to understand then around another corner is more to be learned. It’s wonderful! Glad to hear that you have stuck to it and have been at it for a year, congrats!

  • Miranda

    2 years agoReply

    Thanks for sharing! I am a few months into blogging and find all you say to be true! It’s so amazing connecting with new people over commonalities, stories and sharing your experiences.

  • Melissa

    2 years agoReply

    You have absolutely beautiful pictures and great i fo

  • Jane

    2 years agoReply

    I’m new to blogging as well. Just started January of this year so I’m pretty much on a learning curve. It’s my passion as I have a full time job. And so far I’m loving it and people like and the blogging community makes it worthwhile.

  • karrythatcher45

    2 years agoReply

    It is really a nice and useful piece of info. I am glad that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  • karrythatcher45

    2 years agoReply

    Awesome post.

  • lateshamunro3

    2 years agoReply

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  • Molly

    2 years agoReply

    Thank you for your words of inspiration. As a fresh travel blogger, I have so much to learn. I truly look forward to following you.

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