Mama Bear Gear Review: Love Bottle

I try to be as sustainable as possible and reduce my carbon footprint with the little things. One of those ways is to use less plastic and carry a reusable water bottle. I have water bottles from silicone and stainless steel, but I personally prefer to drink out of glassware. I just think that it tastes better.

The hand-crafted leak proof ceramic lid

There are lots of different brands out there for sustainable water bottles, but I love the Love Bottle. It has become my favorite daily water bottle at work and at home. This unique product is just a great way to either remind yourself that you are loved or a way to show someone else you love them. Let’s face it, we all need a little reminder and affirmation that we are loved. So remind yourself of that every time you take a drink of water. **This product was sent to me free of charge. I only review items that I love and have tried myself.

U R loved message on the bottom

So why do I love the Love Bottle so much? Besides the fact that its glass and reusable, I love all the little reminders of love and cute details on the bottle like the message on the bottom and the painted heart on the lid. Here are just a few other reasons why:

  • Handcrafted ceramic leak proof lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sustainable
  • Made with 40% recycled glass
  • Zero plastic
  • Heart emblem on the outside
  • 5% of profits donated to clean water charities
  • UR loved message on the bottom of the bottle
  • Fun designs
  • Made in the USA
  • Woman-owned business
  • Small business
Raised heart on the side

If you are thinking treating yourself or a loved one this season, try this amazing bottle. It’s the little things, right? Check them out on their website or purchase on Amazon. Their motto is “Change the world with love, one sip at a time”. Words are powerful. Love yourself by drinking water and remember, you are loved!

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