How To Create The Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Bucket List

Do you have the ultimate bucket list of places that you want to go to or things that you want to do before you die? I have two bucket lists, one for experiences that I want to have, even if they might even be almost ridiculous and may never happen. And then I have another bucket list for our family’s yearly adventures. Both of them are always evolving and changing and involve the outdoors and travel, but those are the only thing that my lists have in common. The process and thoughts behind each list are completely different from each other.

I created my personal bucket list just for me. It is all of the crazy and insane adventures that I would love to go on. It started a few years ago when I started thinking “what do I want to do before I die or after my kids are grown?”. I hope to accomplish all of them someday, but who knows? It is all about what I would do in my wildest dreams if I had all of the time and the money in the world. I do believe I will accomplish some of these, but I didn’t want to have any limits at all to what I hope to achieve and experience, even though it just might be a dream. But I always dream big, and I have already accomplished so much, that I know the adventures on this list are attainable.

And what better time to create or update your bucket list like the present, when you can’t travel at all? I know so many people that have canceled trips of a lifetime because of Covid-19. It is so sad and I hope that people can reschedule or have other amazing opportunities instead. So if you can’t do it, at least you can dream and plan instead. A bucket list is basically experiences and adventures that you want to have, even if they might be sometimes unrealistic and even unachievable. I would love to start on this list at age 40, which isn’t too far away.

How do I get inspired? In this day and age, the world is literally at anyone’s fingertips by what is around us. I have been inspired by movies, books, and many, many websites. Some of the websites that have inspired me are:

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Some books and movies that have inspired me are:

Competing on the TV Show “Survivor”– This would be the ultimate extreme, outdoor adventure. Can you imagine living on an island and having to use all the outdoor survival skills in your arsenal? Ever since it started airing back in 2000, this has been a dream of mine. It’s pretty easy to apply, but almost impossible to get cast. However, it’s a fun idea and you can apply here. If you don’t try, how will you ever know? It’s like buying a lottery ticket, you cant say never unless you do it.

Trek to Base Camp on Everest– I have been obsessed with Everest for years, but not necessarily to climb it. I admire the people that do because those people are risking life and limb literally. I just want to see the mountain and experience a glimpse of mountaineering life. I recently met two young kids that trekked part of the way. If they could do it, so can I.

Visit Antarctica: This would be the most extreme adventure of all. I can handle cold and ice, but oh my gosh the cost!!! I like to dream big and this is dreaming big. I can just imagine how amazing it would be.

Hiking the Entire Continental Divide– If I am going to through-hike, I want it to be epic. I have driven parts of the Continental Divide Trail (like Chief Joseph Pass), but ultimately I would love to backpack it. This trail is different than some of the other through-hiking trails because much of it isn’t groomed and a lot of it is hiking alongside roads. About 200 people complete it every year.

Climb a Volcano- This is still in the baby stage. I mean, do I check out volcanos in Iceland, Hawaii or Japan? Too many choices and I really need to narrow it down.

Through-hiking the Israel National Trail– I have done lots of little parts on this trip as a high schooler and in the military, but I would love to do all of it at once. It takes about 6-8 weeks and is 636.9 miles long. From lush mountains to desert landscapes, and from the banks of the Sea of Galilee to the Mediterranean coast, this is my kind of adventure. I would love to explore it during the early Spring.

Fishing in Alaska– There is something about fishing and Alaska that is magical. I dream of fishing in Sitka and enjoying the wild and primitive landscape.

There are so many other things that I am thinking of adding like a trip to Patagonia or checking out the Northern Lights somewhere up North. Do you have the ultimate outdoor bucket list? What would be your ultimate outdoor adventure? Do you have a vision board or a notebook that you write all over your ideas in? I find that the first step towards any goal is to write it down. So whether you’re updating an old list or creating a new one or finally making a poster or scrapbook of your adventure wish list, enjoy dreaming or planning your next outdoor adventure.

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