The Best Camping Mugs and Coffee Cups for 2021

The most important thing when you go camping is to have enough coffee to last the whole trip. Cranky and caffeine-deprived people do not make camping fun. There was one time that I forgot to pack it and I will never forget it again. So as long as I have my coffee cup and a way to brew my coffee, I am a happy camper.

Whether you are car camping, backpacking, or RV camping, I’m sure the coffee is started as soon as you open your eyes. My favorite thing is to sit outside, watching the sunrise, and drinking a nice, hot cup of Joe. When car camping, I have an enamel percolator that I heat up over the fire or over the camp stove. For backpacking, it is either instant or french press. Either way, I prefer an enamel camping cup while my husband prefers a stainless steel mug.

Coffee is coffee wherever you go. I thought I would put together this fun collection of camping mugs and coffee pots for camping. Enamel camping mugs are so pretty, but stainless steel keeps your coffee hotter longer. May the caffeine be with you on your next camping trip or be with your favorite camper on theirs.

French Press and Percolators for Camping

I know there are lots of ways to make coffee camping, but I prefer a percolator or French press. There has been a revolution in easy-to-make coffee lately like Steeped Coffee (coffee in a teabag, so awesome and delicious) and Alpine Start (instant coffee), but I still prefer freshly ground. I really love my enamel coffee pot for car camping, but it is too heavy for backpacking. So I was really happy when I discovered Planetary Design, a Montana-based company that is truly revolutionary in how to make camp coffee.

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Planetary Design has a lot of camp coffee solutions. I love their French presses. I have the Big Sky Bistro, which is 16 fl. oz. and weights 5 oz, the perfect French Press for backpacking. It’s really light, easy to use, and BPA free. For when I am just making one cup when car camping (which rarely happens) or at home, I love the BruTrek. There is the BruTrek Steel Toe or for a crowd the BruTrek French Press Table Top which is a little bit heavier but just as awesome and easy to make.

If you need a big pot of coffee like we always do, the Coleman Camping Coffee Maker makes enough for the big boys. It is so easy to use and works with most one or two-burner camp stoves. You wouldn’t even notice that it’s not electric. Another advantage is that if your electricity is out, you still have a way to make coffee if you have a camping stove for emergencies at home.

Enamel Camping Coffee Cups

I love the look of enamel, it is nostalgic. When I was a kid, we had blue enamel coffee mugs, so I was really excited when I finally bought our family a set. We went camping with other people and it turns out, everyone has blue enamel coffee cups, so I think I only have one left now. Now I buy unique ones and no one can say that they have them too. Enamel cups not only are easy to wash and keep your coffee hot, but they are also so pretty, and fun too! Here are just a few that I thought were very special.

If you liked these suggestion for enamel coffee cups, just know there is such a selection out there. Enamel coffee mugs and cups have become really unique, with multiple colors and designs. These also make great gifts for any occasion. In fact I just bought a set for my nephew who is getting married, to add to their camping gear.

There is just something about enamel coffee mugs that I just love. I think it’s a combination of tradition and how nice the feel in my hands on a really cold morning. The only thing about enamel coffee mugs that I dislike, is that sometimes they chip. As long as the chip is not on the rim or on the inside and getting rusty, you should be good to go.

Because I have family, I usually buy sets of enamel cups. The problem with coffee cups and camping with others, is chances are a few of them will disappear over time. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t buy the traditional blue, green, red or black, because everybody has those colors. The unique ones seem to be less likely to disappear, unless

Steel Camping Coffee Cups

My husband and sister-in-law prefer stainless steel mugs. These are also durable, washable, and can be really fun. They also keep beverages hotter longer, but I still love the enamel.

Is just depends on how you like to drink your coffee, as well as how you plan to make your coffee. Every person has a different preference for what type of coffee they like, how to prepare it, and what to drink it in. Brewing coffee while camping can sometimes be challenging but coffee really is a camping essential.

If I can have real coffee when I am out in the woods, I am going to do my best to get it. It is almost impossible to start an adventure without being caffeinated. How do you do coffee while camping? Be sure to let us know in the comments below. Don’t let lack of coffee stop you from enjoying the outdoors. And don’t forget, be outside with no limits.

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