35+ Books About Camping for Kids

My kids love both reading and camping. It’s their two most favorite things. My youngest lives and breathes camping, but we can’t go every single day. With over 45 nights of camping a year, he just has to settle for reading about camping. Besides camping gear, the thing we have the most of is books. I think our camping and outdoor books for kids are our biggest selections. What is better than camping, than reading about a camping adventure.

I thought that I would share some of our favorite camping books with you for kids of all ages. Some of these include activity books, and others are informative. Some of these camping books are just fun. I know that books can help kids who are hesitant about camping and get excited about outdoor adventure.

If you have some favorite camping books, be sure to share them in the comments at the bottom of this post. Try taking any of these books along on your next camping trip.

Best Camping Books for Younger Kids

This list is great for kids from toddlers to younger readers. Any young camper will have fun reading these great books. With kids camping books, it really enhances the camping experience but also gives littles an idea of camping. Young children (and older ones) will enjoy these books. These titles also make great gifts for kids who love to camp. Many of them can even be found at your local library. These are some of the best children’s books for camping.

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1. “C is for Camping”

“C is for Camping” by Greg Paprocki is a fun alphabet book that any camper will love. Learn about camping and the alphabet at the same time. This is a cute book for littles. For ages baby to 3.

2. “S is for S’mores”

“S is for S’mores” A Camping Alphabet Book” by Helen Foster James is a fun camping book. It has beautiful illustrations with little rhymes. It is also very informative and has educational information on camping and other outdoor adventures. With the little rhymes that are easy to read and longer paragraphs for older readers, it’s the perfect camping book to “grow” with your kids. For ages 6-9.

3. “Brave Little Camper”

“Brave Little Camper Interactive Early Bird Sound Book” by Carmen Crow is a cute book for a baby’s first camping trip. Meet all the little forest animals and explore camping at night with Little Camper. I just love the interactive sounds and it’s an adorable camping book. For ages baby to 5.

4. “The Little Book of Camping”

“The Little Book of Camping” by Zach Bush and Laurie Friedman is a fun and educational book for camping. It is all about how to prepare for camping and what you need and what to expect. This is a great beginner camping book for kids ages 3-8.

5. “Campfire Songs: 11-Button Interactive Children’s Sound Book (Early Bird Song)”

“Campfire Songs: 11-Button Interactive Children’s Sound Book (Early Bird Song)” is a fun book to introduce kids to camping and campfire songs. This book includes the melodies of classic camping songs and the printed lyrics. This is a fun one for families. For ages 3-9.

6. “Llama Llama Loves Camping”

“Llama Llama Loves Camping” by Anna Dewdney is a great book. Everyone loves Llama Llama and his adventures. Read about Llama Llama and his camping adventure. I wonder if he wears his red pajamas… For ages 3-6.

7. Oliver and Hope’s Adventure Under The Stars”

“Oliver and Hope’s Adventure Under The Stars” by Meg Cadets is one of the sweetest camping books I have ever read with my kids. This is my personal favorite. Oliver and Hope go on their first camping trip and the night is a little scary until they discover it really isn’t scary at all. This is a good book for little’s that might be afraid of camping. For ages 4-8.

8. “Curious George Goes Camping”

“Curious George Goes Camping” by Margret and H.A. Rey – This is a funny story and we love Curious George. Find out what’s happens to him and the man in the yellow hat on his camping adventure. For ages 4-7.

9. “Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping”

“Scaredy Squirrel Goes Camping” by Melanie Watt is a good read for younger kids. Scaredy Squirrel is afraid of camping so he has the ultimate plan so he can enjoy it from his own couch. But then he has a problem… Find out how Scaredy Squirrel discovers that camping and being in the great outdoors isn’t so scary after all. For ages 4-8.

10. “A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee”

“A Camping Spree With Mr. Magee” by Chris Van Dusen has funny rhymes and is a fun camping adventure. What happens when a bear that loves marshmallows comes into their camp? It’s definitely an unexpected surprise and a crazy adventure. For ages 3-8.

11. Good Night Campsite”

“Good Night Campsite” by Adam Gamble reminds me of the book “Good Night Moon”. My son loved reading this at bedtime when we were camping. I think it’s a book that can turn bedtime while camping into a family tradition.

12. “The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse”

“The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse” by Adam Gamble is a perfect book for any kid who loves camping. Both RV camping and tent camping are fun but different. This is a well-loved classic with a camping twist, that will be sure to become a favorite. For ages 3-8.

13. “Maisy Goes Camping”

“Maisy Goes Camping” by Lucy Cousins is a fantastic book for younger children, especially because everyone is friends with Maisy. Maisy and her friends go camping but what happens when they try to set up a tent? And then what happens when they all try to squish inside? For ages 2-5.

14. “Just Me and My Dad”

“Just Me and My Dad” by Mercer Mayer is a fun little book for younger campers. Join Little Critter and his dad for a special camping trip. Not only is this a great camping book, but I love how it celebrates the bond of camping families. For ages 3-7.

Best Camping Books for Early Readers

For children just learning to read, these books are really good. Each of them is a fun read, and your little learners can mix camping and learning. Some of these have been the best books for our early readers. Keep your child busy on your upcoming camping trip with these fun books and their familiar characters.

15. “Fred and Ted Go Camping”

“Fred and Ted Go Camping” by Peter Eastman is an easy reader for small children. it’s an easy and fun book to read, as well as a good story. Join these two familiar dogs on their fun camping adventure.

16. “Biscuit Goes Camping”

“Biscuit Goes Camping” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli is about your favorite golden puppy Biscuit. Go on this great camping adventure and explore the fun of camping. Ages 4-8.

17. “Pete the Cat Goes Camping”

“Pete the Cat Goes Camping” by James Dean takes you on a camping adventure, that is very easy to read and with one of any young reader’s favorite characters. Who better than Pete the Cat, to take with you to read? Ages 4-8.

18. “Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping”

“Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping” by Peggy Parish brings nostalgia to camping, with this fun and quirky lady that most people my age read about when they were kids. She’s funny and exciting and makes this camping adventure one not easily forgotten. Ages 4-8.

19. “PJ Funny Bunny Camps Out”

“PJ Funny Bunny Camps Out” by Marilyn Sadler is another good camping book for young readers. Is camping just for boys? That’s what PJ Funny and his friends think… at first. Ages 4-8.

Camping Books Celerating Diversity

I wish this section was longer, I really do. I am hoping that sooner rather than later, I can expand this section with wonderful books. If you are aware of any other camping books that belong in this section, please leave them in the comments at the bottom so I can add them. It’s really unfortunate that this section is so short because everyone enjoys the outdoors.

20. “Fatima’s Great Outdoors”

“Fatima’s Great Outdoors” by Ambreen Tariq is a wonderful book reminding us that the outdoors belongs. Fatima and her family go camping and experience many things, including building a tent and a scary spider. But nothing stops them from having an exciting outdoor adventure. For ages 4-8.

21. “Kiluna Goes Camping”

“Kiluna Goes Camping” by Dr. Blair Rose Zaid celebrates Kiluna’s camping adventure with her two cousins. Join them on their fun camping trip. For ages 3-5.

22. “S is for S’mores”

“S is for S’mores” A Camping Alphabet Book” by Helen Foster James was included above in another section. However, I strongly feel that it belongs in this section too. The illustrations in this book show children of every race and every color and from every background. A huge shout-out to the illustrator Lita Judge for the beautiful and inclusive illustrations.

Activity Books for Camping

There are many books that would fit into this category. Camping is a way to discover new camping activities and build outdoor skills. I’ve also included some camping-themed activities and games for even more entertainment or for rainy camping days. Also, I’ve added a few outdoor skill books that older kids can enjoy, by practicing and learning their own camping and bushcraft skills.

23. “Camping Activity Book for Kids”

“Camping Activity Book for Kids – 35 Fun Projects for Your Next Outdoor Adventure” by Amelia Mayer – This book has been a big hit in our house. There are so many fun things to do and it has become one of our must-haves on any camping trip. There as so many great ideas for camping activities. It is a really fun book and my kids have enjoyed learning and playing in the outdoors with these fun ideas. It’s turned the woods into their great big backyard.

24. “Camping Activity and Puzzle Book for Kids”

The “Camping Activity and Puzzle Book for Kids” is a fun puzzle, coloring and activity book that kids can enjoy in the car on the way to the campsite or inside the tent on a rainy day.

25. “Camping Activity Book for Kids”

This “Camping and Activity Book” is a good one for younger kids. When our children were younger, they loved to color while breakfast was being made.

25. “Happy Campers Coloring Book”

This “Happy Campers Coloring Book” is perfect for older kid. My older kids have always enjoyed the adult coloring books when they were older, so that they could hang up their finished pages in their rooms.

26. “Going Camping Coloring Book”

The “Going Camping” coloring book from Dover is easy and fun to color. Don’t forget to grab the crayons or colored pencils for this one.

27. “Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival”

“Survivor Kid: A Practical Guide to Wilderness Survival” by Denise Long is an excellent book for kids to learn about camping and basic survival skills. Our camping is very worn, because it is used often. I am so glad that my kids have been able to learn so much about outdoor skills from this book.

28. “Camp Out: the Ultimate Kids Guide”

“Camp Out: The Ultimate Kids’ Guide” by Lynn Brunelle is the book that I personally think is the ultimate kids’ guide for camping. This was one of the first camping books I got for our kids. With so many activities, your kids will have loads of fun and learn lots of camping skills too.

Camping Cookbooks for Kids

One of the hardest things for any family camping trip is figuring out what to eat. These cookbooks are the perfect way to not only find great camping recipes but to get the kids involved too. Getting kids cooking in the great outdoors is a fun way to create the best camping memories. Camp cooking is an excellent way to get kids involved in camping chores.

29. “Camping With Kids Cookbook”

“Camping With Kids Cookbook: Fun and Easy Recipes for the Whole Family” by Amelia Mayer is a brand-new cookbook for families who love to camp. This cookbook is has so many recipes that kids can cook while camping. We have enjoyed trying out this cookbook this summer.

30. “Wild Child Adventure Cooking With Kids”

“Wild Child Adventure Cooking With Kids” by Sarah Glover is another kids camping cookbook that was released this year. The recipes in this cookbook are more suited for glamping, however my ten-year-old thinks this one is the best cookbook for camping. She really enjoyed the desserts. This cookbook is fine-dining meets camping.

Other Camping Books for Kids

These are some great camping books that will really make your camping trip better. If you have lots of time while you are camping, there are many ideas here. We keep a few of these in our camping box.

31. “The Kids Campfire Book”

“The Kids Campfire Book” by Jane Drake might be a book that you or your parents owned when you were a kid. In fact, I have the same exact copy that my mom bought when it first came out. What I love most about this book, is that I can experience the same fun with my children that my parents experienced with me.

32. Campfire stories

“Campfire Stories” by Drake Quinn is full of campfire stories that families can enjoy together. Telling ghost stories around the fire is one of our family’s favorite camping traditions.

33. “The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping With Kids”

“The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping With Kids: How to Plan Memorable Family Adventures and Connect Kids to Nature” by Helen Olsson is full of family camping hacks, tips, and tricks to make any family camping trip a success. There are many suggestions for fun camping activities too.

34. “How to Play in the Woods”

“How to Play in the Woods” by Robin Blankenship is another great book for camping families. Some of our favorite camping games and activities have come from this book. I was gifted this one a few years ago and really loved it.

35. “Try Not to Laugh Challenge Camping Joke Book”

“Try Not to Laugh Challenge Camping Joke Book” by C. S. Adams is full of camping jokes. They can be told all by themselves or turned into the “try not to laugh game”. Every kid has a joke book phase.

36. “Would You Rather Campfire Edition”

“Would You Rather Campfire Edition” by C. S. Adams is the camping edition of the well-known game “would you rather”. It can get quite silly and there are some really funny questions.

Kids Camping Journals

Last but not least, journaling and drawing for kids about their camping experience is a great way that they can record their memories. It can also give them something to do when they say they are bored.

37. Camping Journals for Kids

There are many camping journals and logbooks out there for kids. Here are just a few that I like:

Be sure to put a couple of these into your camping box for your next camping trip. If your kids love nature and being outdoors, there really are many books for outdoorsy kids on this list. Many of them make great holiday gifts for outdoorsy kids and could even be considered part of your family’s essential camping gear. Let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestions of books to add to this list.

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