The Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Men for 2023

Finding the perfect gift for outdoorsy dads and outdoorsy guys can be a bit of a challenge. Because outdoor gear is pretty durable, my husband rarely has to replace anything. He’s collected all of the basics over the years for fishing, kayaking, cycling, hiking, camping, backpacking, and off-roading. So what do I get him, or any of the other guys in our family, when Father’s Day, birthdays, and the holiday season comes around? These recommendations are for anyone who loves the great outdoors.

I want to make sure I gift any guy in my life like my husband or brothers, something that is going to be useful. I also like to find new and innovative products. Everybody in my life is pretty active when it comes to outdoor adventures, so here are a few things that I think will make great gifts this year. Any of these would also make a great gift for the outdoorsy woman in your life too. The thing about outdoor gear is that any guy or woman would appreciate any of these items. I hope you find the best outdoor gift for the outdoorsy guy in your life with all of these recommended gift ideas.

These are all items that our family has tried and make good gifts for any outdoorsy person. Please note, this post does contain affiliate links, which means I can earn a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommend products that I love and I have tried them myself. I have included gifts for any outdoor adventure including kayaking, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and hiking, just to name a few. I have included only the best outdoor gifts that I have used or tried myself.

A few of these I have recommended in other gift guides. If you don’t find something here, you may want to check out my camping gift guide, fishing gift guide, hiking gift guide, and hunting gift guide.

Please note, this post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on those links, I may earn a small commision at no cost to you.

35+ Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Guys

1. Nomadik Subscription Box

Nomadik Subscription Box – This subscription box is a great way to surprise your favorite guy and have him try new gear. It’s an outdoor adventure delivered to you monthly or you can get a one-time box. This is a family favorite and my husband really enjoys it. You can check out my latest review here. Any of this gear is perfect for the outdoorsy guy. The items in these boxes can be used for camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling, survival or bugout, and other outdoor activities. I haven’t received a box yet, that I haven’t found the items useful. We’ve even used a lot of the gear we have gotten for our road trips too.

2. Technaxx Mini Game Camera

Technaxx Mini Game Camera – This game camera is the best game camera that I have found. It is about the size of a pack of cards and does awesome at 100 yards, day or night. Want to know more? Check out my review here. This gift is awesome for hunters, outdoorsmen, and wildlife lovers. It’s the perfect size to easily camouflage, very sensitive and has excellent pictures.

3. DeWalt Portable Power Station

The DeWalt Portable Power Station is the ideal gift for anyone drives to remote locations for outdoor adventures. Use this for car camping or if you get in a bind when your car battery dies or you need ot air up a tire. Though there are cheaper and lighter versions, this is meant to last because DeWalt is one of the trusted brands for industrial power tools. Ours has saved us many times.

4. Camp Chef Camping Oven/ Stove

Camp Chef Camp Oven – If you are looking for the ultimate gift for the camp cook, this stove stop/ cam oven combo is for the outdoorsy man who loves cooking. This compact camp oven is ideal for multi-day camping, car camping, van life, and hunting camp. It uses propane and can be used as a camp stove and also as a fully functional oven. This is better than some other camp stoves because it includes the gas range on top.

5. Tailgate Awning

Tailgate Awning – I used to use the regular pop up awnings for camping, but my best friend has one of these and I love it. Unlike other awnings that are not the most durable in windy conditions, but this one can withstand the winds. It’s because it is anchored down by your car. I love mine and this would be the ideal gift for anyone who camps or spends time at the lake.

6. Solo Stove Portable Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit – If you love bonfires then you will love this. This is the best portable fire pit and can be used at home or you can take it camping. The best part of it is that you can use it when there isn’t an approved fire ring. Take it car camping, RV camping, and tent camping. When you aren’t camping, you can use it for backyard camping fun instead. This portable fire pit uses wood to burn and is self-contained. The Solo Stove comes in multiple sizes to suit your needs and for your space.

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7. Electronic Ear Protection

Electronic Ear Protection – We have a little shooting range at the bottom of the property and my daughter is also on the clay shooting team. I good pair of earmuffs is essential. I lost part of my hearing when I was in the military because I wasn’t wearing ear protection. These are my favorite. They are thinner and not as bulky as other ear muffs and I can comfortably talk to others while wearing them.

8. Survival Hatchet

Survival Hatchet – A good hatchet is not only a must-have for camping, but it’s even essential. This survival hatchet is perfect for anyone who camps or off-roads. It has many of the essentials tools that you may need for camping and my husband uses his constantly. It’s an awesome gift for any guy that is constantly outdoors. This has been the most popular purchase by our readers for the last 3 years.

9. Coleman Steel-belted Portable Cooler

Coleman Cooler – I can’t afford a Yeti cooler even though it’s on my wish list. But then again, I really love my steel-belted Coleman. I’ve had it for years and it is very durable and keeps everything cool, even after 20 years. My plastic coolers haven’t even lasted half as long. This is the perfect cooler for car camping. It works just as good as a Yeti and more than half the cost. I just bought a brand new red one.

10. Portable Camp Kitchen

Camping Kitchen – With the amount of car and RV camping we do, I want to get my husband a camp kitchen. It’s nice to keep everything together and organized. Even though there is a kitchen in the camper, it gets to be too much sometimes trying to cook when everyone is in and out. It’s an ideal way for easy storage of your camp kitchen while you are camping.


11. Bear Spray

Bear Spray – Bear spray is one of the things that people should take with them when they are in the backcountry, but often do not. Bear spray is sometimes your only defense against bears and can save your life. This would make an excellent gift for anyone who spends time in bear country.

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11. Backpack Cooler Stool

Camping Cooler Stool and Backpack – I sure love multi-use gear and this is a winner. It’s a portable cooler/ stool/ backpack. My husband loves his because he can throw a couple of drinks in it and his fishing tackle and move along the river bank. This is one of my favorite pieces of fishing gear. And this has been another reader favorite.

13. National Park Scratch Off Poster

Scratch Off National Park Adventure Poster – What better way to commemorate outdoor adventure than with a scratch off map? These are so cool and when they are done, you can frame them. There are many different kinds, for many outdoor adventures. They have posters for all of your favorite National Parks, the highest peak in each state, and hiking in each state to name a few. This one is my favorite National Park scratch off poster, because the art is stunning.

14. Dutch Oven Tool Set

Dutch Oven Tool Set – This is a great set for the camp cook. It does not include the cast-iron Dutch oven, but everything that you need to cook with one. Dutch ovens are a great way to make one-pot meals for camping. My favorite Dutch oven is the own made by Lodge, it’s the perfect size for us and has legs. I do have a friend that when we are camping together, does everybody’s cooking and I swear his Dutch oven could hold at least 3 gallons.

15. Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven – Any outdoorsy man would appreciate a Dutch Oven. This is something that will last him forever, because if cast-iron is taken care, it will last. I have cast-iron pans that are over a hundred years old. This would be a great investment in a gift for any outdoorsman. This is an awesome gift for anyone who grills, cooks outside, camp or hunt.

16. onX Offroad App

onX Offroad Mobile App – This app has changed how we do the outdoors. You may have heard about the onX hunting app. But this is the only app that has it all for the outdoor enthusiast. This app has all of the hiking, off-roading, biking, 4x4ing, and horse trails all marked. It shows any trail in any state and indicates what type of trail, length, open dates, and where it’s at. Initially created for off-roading, I use it for most of our adventures. You can even find fishing accesses, camping sites, and forest service sites. Maps are downloadable offline and easy to read. You can view maps with either a satellite or topographic view, or a mix of both.

My favorite new feature from onX offroad is that it now shows points of interest, campgrounds, fishing access, restrooms, and much more. You can click on each campground and get information about when it’s open, how to reserve if applicable, and any other information. I love this app. I got rid of all my other maps and camping apps for this one. This app is also updated on a regular basis and they are always adding new features. This last year they added a snowmobile trail feature. This is a practical gift that any outdoorsy guy will use year-round.

17. Camping Cookbooks

“Cast-iron Camping Cookbook” – My dad used to cook a lot in a cast-iron skillet when we camped. This a great book for any guy who loves cast-iron, and loves cooking over a fire or grill. It includes tips on picking and caring for a cast-iron skillet, how to set up a camp kitchen, and has many more tips and 70 recipes. Want to learn more? Check out this previous post about the Castiron Camping Cookbook. I had such a great time writing this cookbook.

“5-Ingredient Camping Cookbook” – Now available for pre-order, my newest cookbook makes camp cooking easy and simple. 75 different recipes are using different techniques, all with just five ingredients. You can get a sneak peek and more info by going to my most recent post about the “5-Ingredient Camping Cookbook”.

If you are looking for other camping recipe ideas, Amanda Mayer from Tales of a Mountain Mama, just released another camping cookbook, called the “Easy Camp Cookbook”. This was a great coobook.

18. Opinel Pocket Knife

Opinel Pocket Knife – A good pocket knife is a great gift idea for hikers, campers, fishermen, and anyone who spends a lot of time outside. It might be a Montana thing, but everyone I know carries one. My dad was always pulling his out to cut up apples or candy bars to share. I like the Opinel because it keeps its edge, is lightweight, and easy to sharpen. It does come in multiple sizes and colors. I prefer a pocket knife to a multi-tool for most things and I can keep it in my pocket, but I do like a good multi-tool to have around if a pocket knife can’t do the job (like tightening a screw or opening a bottle).

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19. MoraKnive

The best knife for any camping kitchen (or even as a good outdoor knife) is the Morakniv. These are amazing and ours have lasted forever. My favorite multipurpose Morakniv is the Morakniv Kansbol.

20. Solar Camping Lantern/ Phone Charger

Solar Lantern/ Phone Charger – Amazing what technology can come up with nowadays. I like multi-purpose gear that is preferably lightweight. Both the Luminaid and MPowered Luci Light are inflatable, water-proof, and floatable lanterns that are solar-powered and can also charge your cell phone. I have both of these, and I do not think that one is better than the other. They fold down really small so that they sit flat and you can easily slide them into a pocket. It’s my favorite camp light.

I also have regular Luminaid Lantern and Luci Light without the phone chargers and they have both lasted forever. Durability is important when you have kids. Also, great gear to have for emergencies like when the lights go out. No batteries are required and these can be recharged via USB or solar and are long-lasting, up to several days, once charged. For other camping lanterns and lights, check out this ultimate guide for choosing a camping lantern.

21. UCO Mini Flatpack Portable Grill and Firepit

UCO Mini Flatpack Portable Grill and Firepit – For any guy who loves grilling in the outdoors, this is the lightest and most affordable grill on the market. It folds right up so you can easily stow it into a backpack. It weighs less than 2 pounds. I didn’t believe it when I first saw it, but it really is the best. When you aren’t using it as a grill, you can use it as a portable fire-pit. This is perfect for disbursed camping.

22. Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro

Kodak Mini Shot 3 Retro – Everyone has a cell phone that has a camera. The only thing is, how often do you print the photos? And what happens when your battery dies or you drop your phone in the creek? There are so many instant cameras on the market, but this is our choice. It’s really fun to be able to instantly print photos when you are camping or hiking. I stick mine straight into my hiking journal. I love how the photos are water-resistant, sun-resistant, and fingerprint-resistant. It also saves me time to be able to instantly print, because then they go straight into the scrapbook when we get home. I think this is an especially great gift for dads.

23. Crazy Creek Camp Chair

Crazy Creek Camp Chair – If I haven’t mentioned before (and I know I have), I like items that have multiple uses and purposes. One of those items is the Crazy Creek Camp Chair. This chair is lightweight and packable, so you can take it camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, and even use it for sporting events. It rolls up so it is packable and can also be used for extra padding and a moisture barrier under your sleeping bag. There are different designs and Crazy Creek does make this chair with a higher back and also a packable lounger. We use our chairs constantly and not just for outdoor adventures. **This is a Montana-based company.

24. GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker

GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker – This is one of those things that you didn’t know you needed for camping until you tried it. The GCI Outdoor FirePit Rocker is the best camping rocker and even the best camp chair. I was surprised by the back support and how comfortable the whole chair was. I got to try this chair a few weeks ago and when I got home, I bought three: one for tent camping, one for the camper and one for my fire pit. I don’t usually run out and buy new gear like that. With my back and tailbone issues, I was surprised at how long I could sit in this chair.

25. Flannel Sherpa-Lined Hoody

Flannel Sherpa-lined Hoody – I know that people love puffer jackets like the Nano Puff Jacket, but I personally prefer the lumberjack/ construction worker chic look. Besides, I also want something that is easy to wash, warm, and durable. With flannel, you don’t have to worry about sparks burning holes in it everywhere like some of my other jackets. If your outdoorsy friend or family member doesn’t like flannel hoodies, flannel shirts are a great idea too. They are soft and warm and practical for any outdoor adventure.

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26. Yard Games

Yard Games – It doesn’t matter if we are playing in our yard or camping, we sure like yard games. Sometimes it’s the dads and the little, and other times it’s just the guys. We go through croquet sets like crazy, so I’m glad we have a few other games as well. SOme of our favorite caming/ backyard games are:

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27. Quiksilver’s Straw Lifeguard Hat

Quiksilver’s Straw Lifeguard Hat – I love boonie hats for hiking, but this hat is the ultimate for camping, horseback riding, canoeing and especially fishing. A fisherman should always wear a wide brimmed hat to protect the eyes and face when a stray hook is cast. My husband wears his when he is doing yard work, kayaking or hanging out by the creek.

28. Unique Outdoor Gifts That Mean Something

Gift Cards and Unique Gifts – Sometimes a gift card is the best gift to get. Many online stores have unique and practical items that you wouldn’t know you needed or wouldn’t think of unless you browse. I believe in supporting businesses that give back. United by Blue removes one lb. of plastic from the ocean for every purchase. Garage Grown Gear supports small businesses and startups in the outdoor industry. Coalatree uses recycled plastics and coffee and believes in providing ethically made products. Each of these stores has great travel and outdoor gear and products.

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29. Novelty Socks

Lavely Novelty Socks – If you are looking for a stocking stuffer or a fun gift for your outdoorsy guy, Lavely’s Novelty socks are perfect. They are super soft and fit well, compared to some of the other brands out there. They have novelty socks for cyclists, campers, fisherman, skiers, hunters, etc. (the fishing ones can be found in our fishing gift guide). I think the hunting ones are pretty cool and so does my husband.

30. Jerky or Salami Subscription Box or Sampler

Beef Jerky Subscription Box or Sampler – The men in our family are carnivores, so we eat a lot of meat. And jerky is an excellent hiking and backpacking snack. What about a beef jerky subscription box or gift box? Some of the ones we have tried are:

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31. Magazine Subscription

Magazine Subscription – This is always a great gift for birthdays and holidays. I love magazine subscriptions, and my husband likes to chill and read them while camping or while hanging out at home. My favorites are “Backpacker”, “Outside”, “Mother Earth News”, “Field and Stream”, and “Outdoor Life”.

32. myCharge Portable Charger

Portable Charger/ Power Cell – When we are in the back-country for days and the car is parked miles away, it’s great to have a portable charger or power cell. I love myCharge, they are my favorite brand when it comes to portable charges. They pack a lot of power. I have tried the myCharge Adventure Max and the myCharge Adventure H2O and was very impressed. These things last longer than any other ones I have tried and are really durable. You don’t have to worry anymore about the battery life of your phone or other electronic outdoor gear.

33. Binoculars

Binoculars – A thoughtful gift for outdoorsy guys is a nice pair of binoculars. With the kids, we have always had cheaper pairs in case they break or get last. We take our binoculars off-roading, camping, hiking and backpacking. We even keep a pair on the fridge for watching wildlife or birds in the yard. A really good pair of binoculars (binos) would be an excellent and useful gift. Two quality and affordable brands are Bushnell and Nikon.

34. Waterproof Speaker

Waterproof Speaker – My husband takes his bluetooth speaker everywhere. When it’s not in the car, he also uses it in the shop or in the house or on a camping trip. His favorite is the JBL clip because of it’s size and durability. But he also has a JBL Xtreme.

35. Insulated Stainless Steel Growler

Steel Growler – For your favorite outdoorsman who loves beer, this might be the perfect gift. Your guy’s favorite brews can be brought along on any outdoor adventure with this awesome growler filled up at your local microbrewery.

36. Survival Shovel

ANy person whos spends time in the outdoors should have a shovel in their car. It’s one of the basic camping items we have and recently I upgraded to this survival shovel.

37. Foraging Bag

Since 2020, foraging has become popular. I spend several evenings in the summer foraging for edibles on the property that we live on. Its something that my children and I do together as a family. A foraging bag is very practical, and I use mine for gathering produce in the garden too. My favorite is the Barebones Harvesting Bag.

38. Gift Cards

Gift Cards – And if you still can’t find something amazing, you can always get a gift card. Here are a few of our favorite online stores:

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If dad likes books, be sure to browse the previous post for outdoor and adventure books. There is also a gift guide from 2019 that has some cool items in it. What do you think the outdoorsy dad or guy in your life would love as a gift? 

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