The Best Camping Journal and Log Book for 2021

Camping journals and logbooks have become a part of everyday camping. You might even consider them one of the essentials for camping. It’s because keeping a camping journal or logbook is a great way to record memories, keep track of things you need, and remember things about campsites that may be important. That’s why you should really have one. The newly-released “Camping Journal and Logbook: Track Adventures and Record Memories” is the best camping journal available.

I have used other camping journals in the past, but this one has everything that I need. It was written to be a useful tool and something that any camper can use.

Why Should I Use a Camp Journal?

A camping journal is a convenient and easy way to:

  • record memories
  • keep track of gear
  • remember important things from a camping trip like things that were good and things that were bad
  • notes and important reminders
  • a convenient place to jot down things that are important
  • campground name and details
  • keep track of important phone numbers, campground addresses and receipt information

What Should I look for in a Camping Journal?

A camping logbook is a great way to remember all of the amazing things or not-so-great things from your camping trip. It should have all of the important information that you need to remember. And, it should be the perfect way to record your memories. A good camping journal should have:

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  • camping checklists and packing lists
  • plenty of room to record precious moments, important details and the day’s adventures
  • space to record campsite information, campground details, RV parks information, weather, important contact information and fee information
  • bucket lists
  • writing prompts
  • a place to write down important information that you don’t want to forget for the next time

What is in Included in This Camping Journal?

Some camping logbooks and journals don’t have everything that you need. But this one does. It was written with actual campers in mind, and from someone who has plenty of camping experience. Not only is it practical for camping, but it is a great gift idea for any camper. This camping memory book and the journal is in full color with large print so it makes a great keepsake, and it is practical as well. This is a paperback book and the perfect size to put in a pack or glove box. This camping log book includes:

  • table of contents
  • camping checklists with space to add more items
  • bucket lists
  • plenty of space for journal entries
  • space to record campsite names, activities, and weather
  • pages to create your own lists
  • room to jot things for future reference

It’s so nice having something to write in when I am camping. I have kept a camping journal for a very long time. I love being able to go back and read about our favorite vacation memories while camping. I also like to write about meeting new friends, fellow campers, and fun activities. It’s also the perfect place to write about the many camping incidents and accidents, so I can plan better for next time. Or, laugh about it later.

Unlike other camping journals, this camping journal is perfect for any RV trip, backpacking trip, or car camping trip. It has it all. This is an awesome tool to better enjoy the great outdoors. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do now if I didn’t keep a camping journal.

Have you ever used a camping journal? A camping journal is a great idea to have for any camping adventure. Have you tried other camping journals? Is there something you didn’t like about them or something you really loved?

Other Camping Books

If you are a camping enthusiast, you might like the other two camping books that I wrote. Our family camps over 40 nights a year and I love to write books that will help others enjoy the great outdoors.

  1. “The Castiron Camping Cookbook” – This is a wonderful cookbook for anyone who loves campfire cooking. There are over 70 recipes that you can cook in a cast-iron skillet. Most of these recipes can also be made on a camp stove. Most of these recipes are family-friendly. This cookbook also includes great tips on castiron care, and tips for camp cooking and kitchen setup.
  2. “The 5 Ingredient Camping Cookbook” – There are over 70 recpes in this cookbook, made with only five ingredients. Many of these recipes are tailored for backpacking too. There are many camping recipes that are vegan, vegeterian and gluten-free.

Let us know what you think of this log book and journal in the comments if you purchased it. I hope you find it helpful and useful for all your camping trips. If this camping journal isn’t the right fit for you, you can also check out this great list of other camping journals.

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