All About Everest Podcast for Everest Enthusiasts

I find Everest intriguing and interesting. There are so many interesting things about Mount Everest. Why do people climb Everest? Who all has climbed Everest? How many climbers have climbed Everest? Join us weekly for the All About Everest podcast.

Mount Everest has triumphs and tragedies. It has all the thrills of true crime, but the stories always continue to unfold. Climbing Everest Mountain is not easy. It took a long time before the first summit of Everest. And now, more and more people summit it every year. So here’s to learning more about the highest mountain in the world, wherever you are.

What is the All About Everest Podcast?

This podcast is for anyone who has any interest in Mt. Everest. You can be a dreamer or a thrill-seeker, it’s up to you. Some of the episodes of this podcast will include:

  • Facts on Mount Everest
  • Interviews
  • Books about Everest
  • Climbers of Everest
  • Everest expedition and season updates
  • Interteresting stories about Mt. Everest
  • Special episodes about Everest for Kids

Check out new episodes every Wednesday.

Episode 1: Facts About Mt. Everest 1/12/2022

Episode 2: Dead Bodies on Everest 1/19/2022

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