Why the Nomadik Box Monthly Subscription is the Best

Subscription boxes are a great way to get outdoor or travel items for a low price. I have subscribed to a few over the years, but I have been a subscriber to the Nomadik subscription box for over two years now. I stay subscribed to them for a number of reasons:

  • An affordable way to try out gear – With a family of five, imagine buying a product for each of us just to find out it didn’t work. It would become very expensive, very fast.
  • Many of the products are great for both outdoor adventures and travel – Besides outdoor activities, our family does travel a lot and many of the products I use every day, like my Minaret Mtn thermal mug.
  • Find new gear and accessories – It is the little things that make life easier in the mountains and with the Nomadik box, we have discovered great brands like Coalatree and 1Tac. We have also discovered amazing products like the solar, inflatable Luci Light, or the UCO headlamp. I would never have purchased any of these at the stores because I hadn’t heard of them before, but they are so useful.
  • A great source for gifts – What we haven’t used, we’ve used as gifts. Most of our friends and family like practical and useful gifts and they love the outdoors, so it has been a win. (A lot of my husband’s gifts have come in my Nomadik box).
  • Support small and American-made businesses – Many of the products are made by businesses that are a start-up and American made. I love supporting small businesses.
  • Excellent customer service – If you don’t like something, let them know. They work hard to make sure you are happy with your box, and I know this from experience.

The Nomadik subscription box is a themed box that starts out at $29.99 and the value is between $50.00 – $70.00. You can also purchase a box as a gift. The box has 3-5 items (sometimes 7) including 1 larger and more expensive items than the others and can include gear, accessories, and even clothing. Each box also contains a pamphlet with tips, coupon codes, and the monthly Nomadik challenge. The monthly challenge gives you a chance to win gear or even free boxes. If you are a new subscriber, order by the 15th and all boxes ship and are received the last week of the month. **Please note, this product was sent to me to review free of charge. I only promote and review items that I love. I am a current subscriber. 🙂

What is the theme for May 2020? The theme for this month is Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. Order by May 15th to get this month’s box. This would make a great Mother’s Day gift. The items in this month’s box are:

May 2020 Nomadik Box

Leus Eco Wash Bag – (retails at $24.99) I try to use several products to reduce my impact on the environment. I didn’t realize that micro-plastics are a thing until I got this wash bag. When you wash your clothes, little particles called micro-plastics end up in your greywater and ultimately in your water supply and soil. This wash bag catches the particles that break off from micro and synthetic fibers while washing your clothes, and also reduces wear and tear on your clothes. This is going to right on top of the washer but would make an excellent laundry bag for our camper. Learn more about Leus here.

Please note, this post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on those links, I may earn a small commision at no cost to you.

Coalatree Java Hiking Socks – (retails at $20.00) I take my coffee grounds and throw them in the composter or on my blueberry plants. But, Coaltree recycles them with plastic bottles to create these awesome socks. They dry quickly, neutralize odors, are made of recycled materials, and are super-soft. I may have mentioned it a few times on here, but I have really sweaty feet and after our last hike, I could tell the difference with these socks. Learn more about Coalatree here.

United By Blue Ravine Packable Tote – (retails at $12.00) This reusable tote is so amazing! Not only is it beautiful and unique but it is also light-weight and durable. It has two side pockets and packs up into a little built-in bag for easy storage that hooks onto anything like your purse or backpack. Use it as a reusable shopping bag, storage, or even as a snack bag for your next trip. We used ours this last weekend for carrying snacks while off-roading. United By Blue removes 1 lb. of trash from the oceans for every item purchased and is dedicated to providing sustainable and ethically-manufactured products. You can learn more about United By Blue here.

The challenge from the May box is to email or upload to Instagram a picture of the last time you reduced, reused, or recycled on the trail or a picture of how you one of the items from the May box at home. Five winners from the May box challenge will win a free $50 product bundle. Which of these products would you love to try? If you are interested in subscribing to the Nomadik subscription box, be sure sure to order by May 15th.

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  • Crystal

    4 years agoReply

    What a cool way to try new gear! I love camping but it can get so expensive! Will definitely have to look into this!

  • Diane Kurzava

    4 years agoReply

    What a fun box! I didn’t know there was one with this type of products. Thanks for sharing!

  • Karie

    4 years agoReply

    I didn’t even know there was this type of subscription box. I guess there is one for almost everything. This looks like a fun idea to give as a gift.

  • Debbie

    4 years agoReply

    Box subscriptions are so fun!

  • Tricia Snow

    4 years agoReply

    What a great challenge! I love that it is around reusing stuff!

  • TIffany

    4 years agoReply

    This seems appealing – sometimes I don’t even know what is out there to try and this would give a few things I might not otherwise think of using!

  • Hillari

    4 years agoReply

    This looks like a really unique subscription box! I have thought a bunch of times about signing up for one, but I always wonder about the cancellation part.

    • admin

      4 years agoReply

      You can cancel at any time.

  • Barbara

    4 years agoReply

    Cool idea!

  • Jen

    4 years agoReply

    This is a really well thought out, environmentally conscious subscription box. Great review and insight!

  • Lisa

    4 years agoReply

    I’ve been wanting to try this! Glad to read the details on it.

  • Sara Wilson

    4 years agoReply

    This looks like a great subscription box for the outdoorsy person or hike lover in your life.

  • Sydney

    4 years agoReply

    Looks like a great box this month! I would also probably use that bag for laundry on camping trips!

  • Sandi

    4 years agoReply

    Looks like a fun package to open! Thanks for sharing.

  • Tonya | the Writer Mom

    4 years agoReply

    Subscription boxes are so much fun! My husband gets Bespoke Post, and I get Stitch Fix. 🙂

  • Kendra

    4 years agoReply

    What a great subscription box. I would totally dig that!

  • Melissa Jones

    4 years agoReply

    What a great idea!

  • Stephanie

    4 years agoReply

    I am inclined to try this one. Do you get to choose what is in your box?

    • admin

      4 years agoReply

      No, but if you are not satisfied they will make sure you are!!

  • Ruth Iaela-Pukahi

    4 years agoReply

    I’ve been wanting to try a box subscription but haven’t decided which one yet. This one does look very interesting!

  • Lisa Manderino

    4 years agoReply

    This is a perfect subscription box for those full time RVers or avid campers!

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