The Best Cast Iron Camping Cookbook For This Year

Camping can be one of the greatest adventures. I love making memories with my family in the great outdoors. But it is even better when we can create food-memories. The majority of my favorite camping trips revolve around food, and I want others to experience that as well. Camping food shouldn’t be just hotdogs and chili. It should be hearty and filling and delicious. And it should be easy to cook outdoors and not intimidating.

That is why I am so excited to share with you my new book, “The Cast Iron Camping Cooking”, now available for pre-order. I’ve heard from many of you that some people are so afraid to go camping because they don’t know what to eat. This cookbook should make it much easier. With this wonderful camping cookbook and only a cast-iron skillet and fire needed, this should be the next “gear item” that you buy for your camping box. There is a little bit of everything for everybody.

“Cast-iron Camping Cookbook

This cookbook includes:

  • Tips for setting up a complete camping kitchen, including food storage
  • How to care for your cast-iron skillet and choose the right one
  • Tips on how to start a fire and cook with a skillet on a grill and over a campfire
  • Family-friendly tips to get everyone involved in cooking
  • 70 different recipes inspired by traditional and international cuisine
  • Includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks
  • Many vegetarian and vegan recipes

Every recipe in this book was inspired by a particular person or camping trip. My first memory of camp cooking was making pancakes with my dad. The first time that I made pancake with my dad, I was probabky about nine years old. We went to visit some friends in the mountains, who were living in a incomplete log-home and a teepee. My dad threw a topper on the back of the truck with a mattress inside and off we went to visit his friends.

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It was raining and cold that night. We woke to frost covering everything. My dad pulled down the tailgate, opened up his green Coleman stove, and started mixing up a big bowl of pancake batter while the cast-iron skillet heated up. Out of nowhere, he pulls a bag of huckleberries out of the cooler and adds them to the pancakes. Those pancakes were the best pancakes I have ever had, probably because it was so cold and I just wanted warm food. But also because I know those pancakes were made with love. I will never forget that camping trip. I am hoping that some of these recipes will make your next camping trip memorable, just like that one.

Campfire Paella

Some of the recipes included in this cookbook are:

  • Lemon-Blueberry Pancakes
  • Green Chili Breakfast Burrito
  • Bannock Bread
  • Mediterranean Shawarma Pocket
  • Fry Bread Tacos
  • Campfire Paella
  • Chili and Cornbread Pie
  • Vegetarian Campfire Skillet
  • Campfire Eclair Pizza
Mediterranean Shawarma Pocket
Mediterranean Shawarma Pocket

Food, camping, and family are some of my favorite things. This cookbook brings all three of those together. I hope to inspire you to get outdoors more, to experience campfire cooking at it’s finest, and to eat well under the big sky and starry nights. Let the campfire be the soul of your next camping trip, by creating delicious meals and fun times. May our favorite camping recipes become part of your camping traditions. Be outside with no limits, and make wonderful food-memories.

Cast-iron Camping Cookbook


  • Holly Bird

    1 year agoReply

    Congratulations!! I am so excited for you!! I can’t wait to get my copy!!

  • Charlene

    1 year agoReply

    I love my cast iron skillet!

  • Sara

    1 year agoReply

    We have 4 camping trips coming up and this cookbook looks great.

  • Eva Keller

    1 year agoReply

    Great idea! My husband and I recently did our first camping trip and we weren’t sure how much access we would have to getting groceries along the way or keeping things refrigerated, so we went really simple and just bought pre-packaged food that just needed water or butter. We mostly ate mac and cheese, baked beans, and those Knorr pasta and rice sides to play it safe. It would be nice to make some healthier and yummier meals next time.

    • admin

      1 year agoReply

      This book has a complete guide for meal planning, setting up a camp kitchen and food storage.

  • Beth Shields

    1 year agoReply

    These make me want to go camping (which I do enjoy) or at the last, get a cast iron skillet. But there is something so delicious about cooking a meal over a campfire – not just a stove. Thanks for your information and recipes. Enjoyed it.

  • Erin

    1 year agoReply

    Wow! You’ve put so much time and effort into this beautiful cookbook! Well done. When my kids were younger, we used to camp a lot. Now that they’re growing up, they prefer the Grand Hyatt!! HaHa! This cookbook is such a great resource and so many people are camping now – especially during this season. Blessings.

    • admin

      1 year agoReply

      Thank you!!!!

  • Adrienne

    1 year agoReply

    Perfect timing, we leave on Friday for a family trip out west where we are camping all week. These recipes all look amazing!

  • Eva Keller

    1 year agoReply

    This looks great! We have started camping this year and have a little stove we cook on, but we don’t deal with the hassle of needed things that are refrigerated and we surprisingly are able to cook so many dinners. It saves so much money.

  • Beth

    1 year agoReply

    Looks like a lot of great cast-iron skillet ideas here even if you’ve not camping. So creative!

  • Carol

    11 months agoReply

    We’ve been spending time at our property in Oklahoma and doing a lot of campfire cooking. Just placed my order and can’t wait to get the book. Congrats!

    • admin

      11 months agoReply

      That is so awesome. Thank you!!

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