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It’s that time again when the new Nomadik adventure subscription box comes in the mail! This month, it came at the perfect time, a few days before a major camping road trip. It’s the Septemeber 2020 box for a sneak-peek. This year, COVID 19 has made us switch gears for all of our outdoor adventures. There is an influx of out-of-state tourists in Montana trying to enjoy the outdoors with minimal restrictions and the locals trying to find something else to do besides binge-watching Netflix. This has made the trails and camping sites overcrowded. I’ve hiked trails this year that usually you are lucky if you see another car any other time, but this year the trailheads are so overcrowded that there is no parking.

We have had many adventures this year in places we have never gone before which has been fun and exciting. For last week’s trip, we went into Gilmore, Idaho. I have passed it hundreds of times on the way down to Utah, but we have never stopped at the old ghost town. The last time we passed it, I pulled up my onX Offroad app and saw all the amazing trails for hiking and off-roading, camping sites, points of interest, and even discovered a lake and natural hot springs. So Gilmore was where we decided to go for four days and our Nomadik Subscription Box could not have had better timing. **Please note, this was sent to me to review free of charge, however, I am also a current subscriber since 2018. I only recommend products I have tried myself and love.

New gear is always needed for new adventures and you never know when you are missing something until you don’t have it or find it in the camping aisle looking for something else. That is one of my favorite things about the Nomadik, that I can check out new things that I’ve never thought of trying before. Each month besides having new gear, there is a different theme, quick tips, a monthly challenge, and coupon codes. The value of the box is usually $50.00 to $70.00, sometimes more. The theme for September is “Fix It” and this box was perfect for our last adventure because every item in it came in handy. The value of this box was $74.47 when I priced the items separately online (without calculating shipping), and $79.87 when priced at local stores (without tax, there is no sales tax in Montana). Here’s what’s in the September 2020 Nomadik box:

Tactica Gear M250 Standard – This complete screwdriver has 12 different bits including hexagonal, Philips, and flat-head with the most common sizes. It is compact, smaller than a deck of cards. There’s a clip to attach to your belt or a carabiner, and a magnet to adhere to any metal surface. Because we were off-roading, I stuck it under the seat of our ATV onto a metal bar. When we were op top of the mountain and 20 miles from the toolbox, I am glad I had this along to refasten two small bolts that kept the radiator attached after it came loose when we hit a large rock. When we got back from our ride, I stuck it into the fridge door. It was useful later when I had to open a reel on a kid’s fishing pole and fix the line. I liked it because it’s compact, easy to use, and a practical tool to have any time, even at home.

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FixNZip Medium Black Nickel – This is what you need to easily and quickly fix a zipper. I hate replacing zippers and it is almost impossible to find a seamstress who will replace one on clothing, let alone a zipper on a tent, sleeping bag, or backpack. It comes in multiple sizes for both clothing and gear, and easy to use directions on the back of the package. This was useful on our last trip when the zipper broke on one of the tents. In the past, I probably would have tacked it together with duct tape and safety pins, and eventually gotten a new tent when I could find one on sale. But this time, in less than 10 minutes, I had the zipper fixed, and no sewing was required. I ordered a few more on Amazon, one for a sleeping bag and one for a cute hoodie my mom made for my son, so now I don’t have to throw them away or hunt down someone who is willing to put in a new zipper. FixNZip is a permanent fix. Yay!!

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape – Duct tape is awesome, but not when you have to repair outdoor gear. No one wants ugly silver patches on their stuff, with the edges all sticky and peeling up. Tenacious Tape is heavy-duty, durable, easy to use, and can patch holes and tears on tents, jackets, and gear instantly. It adheres to many outdoor fabrics such as nylon, vinyl, and rubber. On our last trip, I used it to patch a tear in the vinyl seat of our ATV, that I think my dog chewed on. Because this Tenacious Tape was clear, you can barely tell that the seat is ripped. At least nobody has noticed, including my husband. Thank goodness, because he babies his machines. You just peel and stick, and it comes in several colors.

Gear Aid Ellipse Cord Locks – You know little fasteners on the ties for your hoodie or on your bag that tighten up the string? I call them string clippy things, but apparently they are called cord locks. The point is, they are always breaking or wearing out. My favorite campfire hoodie has them, and I think one of them got busted in the wash, so I couldn’t tighten my hood when it started to rain. I have no idea why I haven’t seen these before, but it was very easy to fix my hoodie. I didn’t know you could buy these.

RX A.M. Oats Vanilla Almond – It is always nice to have just a few ingredients in your food and that you can pronounce all of them. I love RX Bar and usually keep a few in my desk at work. I had never noticed their oatmeal before in the store. It comes in a single-serve container, made with simple ingredients, and can be made hot by microwaving or adding hot water, or made into overnight oats, by adding cold milk or water the night before. This was really yummy. I ate it all to myself without sharing and I know I’ll be getting more of these for a quick breakfast for our next trip. Common allergen warnings are clearly written on the side and this oatmeal is gluten-free. The container is also recyclable.

Besides having great stuff that is useful, here are a few more things you should know about the Nomadik Subscription Box:

  • Starts a $29.99 depending on if you subscribe for one month, six months or a year at a time plus shipping
  • New gear delivered monthly
  • Skip a month if you need to
  • Earn points towards gear or a free box with each box purchased
  • Makes a great gift for outdoorsy friends or for yourself
  • If there is something you can’t use, gift it or pass it forward because there is at least one person you know who will love it
  • Cancel at any time
  • Ships the last week of the month
  • Will sometimes substitute an item if they have run out with one that is of equal or higher value
  • Excellent customer service, and guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Leftover items make excellent stocking stuffers
  • Great for families that need to gear up

And when I say excellent customer service, I mean it. The Nomadik team is amazing if a box gets lost, something is damaged or you just don’t need something that you got because you already have one, or you just don’t like it. The phenomenal customer service really separates them from some of the other outdoor subscription companies that are out there, as well as the value. Because this is the early release of the September Nomadik box, any orders made between August 15th and September 14th will guarantee you this box. Let me know if you have any questions. And as always, be outside with no limits.

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  • judean

    4 years agoReply

    Wow! They have a subscription box for just about everything nowadays! This is an awesome idea for avid outdoorsy people. A perfect gift!

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