Why Lifestraw Go is Family, Traveler and Outdoor Friendly

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My toddler son is obsessed with water. He really loves the stuff!! He wants “mimi” all of the time and gets a little distressed and angry even, when it is not right there right when he wants it, in true toddler fashion.  I have to keep his water bottle filled all of the time. At home, there is water in the tap, water in the fridge, water outside, water bottles in the closet and water in his sippy cup. However, when we’re camping, backpacking or hiking, we have to pack all of that water with us and then it gets tricky with the whole water obsession thing.

Water is so important when you are outside and isn’t necessarily available wherever you may go on your outdoor adventures. It is very important to stay hydrated because dehydration can lead to illness and even death. We are so active with all of our outdoor adventures that we needed something that would work for us when water wasn’t easily available as well as something that would work for all of our adventures. You can take a water bladder or jugs of water or cases of water bottles, but who wants to pack gallon jugs three miles into the wilderness with a heavy backpack or four miles hiking? Last year, after our annual backpacking trip, I was thoroughly frustrated and looking for an alternative. The two systems I had as a primary and a secondary (UV light and pump filter) had problems the whole time we were there. I did not want to have to have backups for my backup filter plus have to carry extra wait.

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We always boil water for cooking which works. But, it doesn’t make sense to boil water for our water bottles because it is so time consuming. You can get purifier drops but I don’t trust those. We’ve used pumps and the UV light pens and the squeeze filters, but found them to take up too much time as well as super expensive and half the time they do not work. Either a filter would get clogged up or something would break. A lot of the time the gadgets weren’t user-friendly. And the prices were not cost effective, some of the systems cost between $60.00 to $200.00 and the replacement filters were hard to find or would cost at least $40.00. I had one filter that I can’t even find the actual filters for it anywhere online because it was discontinued for an even more expensive product.

So I decided to find an alternative. I needed something light-weight, easy to use for me and for my kids, affordable starting cost and affordable maintenance cost as well as durable.  I did so much research and I finally found the Lifestraw Go Water Bottle (LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle With 2-Stage Integrated Filter).  I read all of the reviews and got a little anxious before I bought them because I purchased them online, but after using them I do not regret it! It was a great investment financially and it was the perfect product for what we needed. Not only can you use it for your outdoor adventures but also for everyday use.  Maybe the water from the drinking fountain or tap isn’t safe and you just don’t know it or maybe you are looking for something affordable for your home emergency kit. It not only purifies the water but it also reduces bad odors and improves taste.

I like quality and affordable products as well as buying products that make a positive impact. These are some of the reasons why we like  LifeStraw Go Water Bottle :

Affordable– Looking at individual water filter systems, the price of five was about the same price as one of the other water filtration systems. The price of a good, BPA-free water bottle is pretty comparable to the price of the LifeStraw  Go Water Bottle. You’re not only getting a water bottle, but it includes the cost of a separate filtration system so it’s almost like you are getting two for one, price wise. The filter can be used for up to 100 liters.

Easy to use– All you have to do is fill up the bottle, screw on the cap and drink. It’s easy enough that my two-year old could use it. Just make sure that the filter is properly screwed on and the mouth piece is fully opened. Also make sure that all pieces of packaging plastic on the filter and on the lid are removed before use as well, otherwise you won’t get good suction.

Durable– This bottle and the lid are super durable. No cracks and nothing broke despite being dropped down a 50 foot drop onto rocks and a toddler who likes to throw things. When we used these on our five day backpacking trip, it was the first time we had gone out and did not malfunctions with a water filtration system.

Great Design– It easily attaches to your belt or pack with an included carabiner. The bottle it not too wide and narrow and the mouth piece is soft. It’s easy to put together and we loves that it comes in all different colors because that way, it was easy to keep track of who’s water bottle belonged to whom. And you can remove the filter and use it as a regular water bottle. The bottle consist of the lid, the bottle, the filter and a carabiner, there are no little parts to get lost. The bottle is BPA free and the  mouth piece is silicone. It also is a good size, so it can hold up to 22 oz. The filter has a two-step system so that it filters the water correctly and eliminates 99.99% of parasites.

Low maintenance– There really isn’t a lot of maintenance to this system. You switch out the filters when needed. For storage, you rinse and dry the bottle, lid and filter. Replacement filters are easily switched out.

Reusable and reduces waste– Because it’s reusable, the LifeStraw Go Water Bottle reduces wastes. You don’t need to take cases of water bottles with you. The filter lasts for quite awhile.

LifeStraw Gives Back–  What is also really great about LifeStraw,  is that with every purchase from them, Lifestraw helps others. Your purchase makes  a positive impact. For every purchase  of a Lifestraw product, one child receives safe drinking water for an entire year. Who doesn’t like Giving back?

LifeStraw has multiple filtration products. I love the LifeStraw Water Bottle Go. It’s just a  great product that really fits what we need for the adventures we take. I did get the regular size for the kids but LifeStraw also has a kid-size version and then they also have their individual water filters. Anyone who travels or gets outdoors would utilize this water bottle. For a fun review and a great laugh, check out this review Kristen Hampton WBTV Good News Lifestraw. For more information on LifeStraw and the work that they do as well as additional products, you can find out more at LifeStraw.com.


  • Holly Bird

    5 years agoReply

    My grandson loves water too..this us a great idea!

  • Olivia

    5 years agoReply

    Great post! That water bottle seems very interesting I’ve never used one with a filter before!

    • admin

      5 years agoReply

      I didn’t know either until after I started doing research because we got stuck boiling water in the Backcountry for 2 adults and 3 kids after our pen and the other filters stopped working. This is one of the best things I have bought for camping.

    • admin

      5 years agoReply

      it’s worth it. I also use mine at work because the water is so clorinated

  • The Journal Folks

    5 years agoReply

    I have a life straw but somehow had no idea they had a bottle version of it! My friend is a total survival nut so I think I might have something to add to a gift idea list.
    Great review!

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