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When my husband and I got married, we bought all of our groomsmen flasks. We wanted them to have something to remember the occasion, but we also wanted them to have something they would use. They all enjoy a drink here and there, mainly when they are outdoors camping and backpacking. Oh, how I wish that the Uncommon Green Flasks existed back then. These would have been an even better and memorable gift.

My husband and I really like this flask. We enjoy imbibing here and there when we are camping. It is nice having something convenient as well as durable. We both really loved this product and here is why… **Please note, this product was sent to us free of charge by Uncommon Green to review. We only post reviews of products that we love.

The Uncommon Green 6 oz. Flask in black matte finish with
the State of Montana engraved

Design– This gorgeous flask comes in stainless steel in a matte black or stainless steel finish. I prefer stainless steel or glass than plastic for my beverages. It also has rounded edges and a flat bottom, so it stands up. The top is also stainless steel and screws off and on easily. What is really neat about it, is that you can get a state map or topographical map engraved on it. There are a variety of maps to choose from. The State maps are artfully designed, making a unique keepsake. Most of groosmen at our wedding are from Montana, but live far away, so it would have been a great memento of home. For those who were from another state, it would have been a really cool and practical keepsake. My husband mentioned that he would have loved to have had it when we lived in New Mexico and he was so home-sick for Montana. The flask that was sent to me, is matte black and has the map of Montana on it! Initially they were out of Montana flasks, so I also chose the Everest or Denali Peak topographic maps as additional choices.

Size– This is the perfect size at 6 oz. and is light enough small enough that it can even fit into your pocket. Because of it’s size, you can take it backpacking without worrying about size or weight or it is just big enough to take car camping without lugging a whole big bottle. It also fits nicely in your hand and is easy to pour from. My husband was very excited, because a flask is his one “luxury” item when he goes backpacking into the back country.

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Packaging– The box is very nice and stylish. It makes a gorgeous gift box. You can also use the box to store your flask when you are not using it, and the flask and the funnel fit snugly into it. Most often when you order a flask, it does not come in a box. The box is also well made and sturdy.

The Company– Uncommon Green is a Boston-based company that believes in helping others share their stories through unique products. Their products are well-made and they make every effort in providing products that are made and sourced here in the US. They also believe in creating products responsibly and that have the least amount of impact to our Earth, by using Earth friendly materials and practices. Besides producing wonderful and practical products, they also work with small businesses and start-ups to create special designs. Uncommon Green also strives to strengthen communities through charitable giving and service.

This flask would make a great gift for Father’s Day and birthdays. It would also be great as a keepsake from a state you have visited or as a bridesmaid/groomsman gift, especially if you have your wedding in a different state or country. Uncommon Green also has some other very beautiful and special items, with choices of maps from all over the world. I really like their City Map bar ware, such as stem-less wine, rocks and pint glasses of cities around the world. I have added to my wish list their custom Hometown Maps Mason Jar, because I drink everything out of mason jars and you can get just about any town, even mine that has less than 1,000 people in it. They also have mugs, carafs, coasters and more, so check it out if you are looking for a fun addition to your kitchen, bar or home, or just looking for a unique gift to share someone’s story. Some items can even be personalized.

You can visit them online at theuncommongreen.com, or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This company checks all of our boxes for practicality, uniqueness, community building, eco-friendly and fun. Let me know if you check them out and fall in love with their products like I did. Love, Pauline

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