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Let’s talk about cheese. I love cheese. My husband loves cheese. My kids love cheese. My toddler, if you let him, would eat a whole block of cheese at once (i keep the cheese on the top shelf of the fridge behind the milk just in case). I think he’s going to be Green Bay fan, just so he can wear a cheese hat! Almost everyone I know loves cheese. We have cheese platters during the holidays and string cheese in the fridge. But, I normally do not take cheese with me on my outdoor adventures because I like to have the least amount of things in my cooler. Cheese is a healthy snack, but it really should be kept cold.

Snacking at our house usually means fruit and yogurt. But who wants to eat that every day? When I am looking for new snacks for my kids, there are a couple different things I focus on. Is it healthy? Will my kids love it? Can we take it camping or hiking? We still like donuts and brownies, but that is usually a rare treat and not very often. So when I saw these cheese snacks from Just The Cheese, I was very excited because I was hoping that they would be a great snack for the trail. Just The Cheese did not disappoint.* *Please note, this post contains affiliate links at no cost to you, but when you click on them we may earn a small commission. This product was sent to me to review free of charge and I only recommend products that I love.

Are you looking for a low-carb, crunchy snack? These are made out of 100% Wisconsin cheese and only cheese. I think everybody knows how good Wisconsin cheese is. These snacks do not contain any wheat, gluten, or MSG. These are vegetarian and keto too. We loved the crunchy texture and it tastes like the toasty cheese that accidentally melts on the pan when you are making grilled cheese sandwiches. After tasting these, who needs potato chips?

These snacks are kid approved! We took these snacks out on the trail with us and my daughter also packed them for her after school snack because she doesn’t get home from school until five. She said it was the best snack and she was excited that she did not have to take her insulated bag with her. Just The Cheese comes in 0.8 oz. packages in either bars or little minis. And like potatoes, but witout the carbs and artificial junk, these come in many flavors. You can try Mild Cheddar, Aged Cheddar, Wisconsin Cheddar, Jalapeno, Grilled Cheese, Garlic and Chive and White Cheddar. Yummy! I even threw some of the minis on a salad instead of croutons and it was tasty! None of us really had favorite, we thought they were all good. When I asked the kids which ones they liked, all I heard was “I love cheese”.

Please note, this post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on those links, I may earn a small commision at no cost to you.

What is Just The Cheese‘s message? Per the package, “Compassion works and feelings matter at Just The Cheese. These beliefs have given us over 25 years of making the best cheeses in the heart of Wisconsin. There, we bake our cheeses until they are toasted to a golden brown, crunchy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Our passion for good gives us more satisfied teammates, customers and -delightfully- a more satisfying crunchy cheese!

Where can you get these delicious cheese snacks? You can get them online at Amazon.com or click here to search for a store near you. If you are a cheese lover, you can visit Just The Cheese at their website, and follow on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. If you could pick any flavor, what would it be? Let us know in the comments. Besides adding these to the pantry, we will be sure to take them on our next hiking or backpacking trip. Don’t forget, be outside without limits, and don’t forget the cheese! Love, Pauline


  • Kyndall Bennett

    5 years agoReply

    If I had kids, they would be angry at me all the time for eating all the snacks…

    • admin

      5 years agoReply

      Yep!! So yummy.

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