Pull Start Fire- Fire Starter Review

Are you looking for a quick way to start a campfire or your fireplace during the winter or rainy season? Wet and frozen wood can be hard to start or even nearly impossible. We usually go camping on Memorial Day weekend, even when the mountains are still covered in snow. Not only do we need a fire to stay warm because the temperatures still get to below freezing, but campfires are part of the tradition and enjoyment of camping. In May, it is almost impossible to find dry wood because it hasn’t warmed up. I normally will bring wood and kindling from my wood pile at home or even grab a bundle at the local gas station.

Pull Start Fire

I have used plenty of different fire starters before and even made my own with lint and was. But, when wood is that wet and cold, it just makes the fire smolder. And, I like to stock fire starters not only in my outdoor gear, bit also in mu emergency or bug out back. That’s why I was excited to try Pull Start Fire,  a fire starter that rules them all. **Please note, this product was sent to me to review, free of charge. All opinions are my own and I only review products that I love.

I will be the first to say that I did not know what to expect. I am very glad that I read the warnings and directions on the label, because this product works. What is does, is that there is the box of fuel and a two strings. It is important to fasten securely the green string to your wood so that it is not moving. You then pull the read string which causes the fuel to ignite from within, very hotly. Because it burns quick and hot, it can quickly dry and ignite the wood around it. Do not use your hands to steady the fuel, because of how quickly it starts on fire. I was a little startled when I pulled the string to start it, because it made a little pop and burst into flames.

I tested this product on two occasions with frozen wood on Memorial Day, and wet wood in June after a week of down-pouring rain. It worked like a charm both times and we had a roaring fire in no time. If there is one thing I really don’t like about the outdoors, it is being very damp and wet. In Montana, it can even snow in August, so this was a great tool to have. No kindling, matches or lighter required. Essentially, it eliminates needing any type of other fire starters that don’t easily light or only last a few minutes. The Pull Start Fire burns fast and long enough, that it essentially dries out with the wood while burning.

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Pull Start Fire in Action

There are a few quick things you should know about Pull Start Fire. There are a few safety features, like it will only ignite when you pull the string. When you trigger it to light, there will be a popping sound and smoke to let you know it is activated. Also, it takes over three pounds of pressure to pull the starter. Always make sure it is securely fastened and be sure to read the warning labels and directions before use. It can’t com-bust on its own, but if you let it get hot, it will melt the wax inside so it won’t work. Pull Start Fire weighs only 4 ounces and is made from 89% recyclable material. It is rain proof and wind proof up to 200 mph. Pull Start Fire is made to light wet wood. Also, it is safe to cook over. If you have additional questions, you can read more at Pull Start Fire’s FAQ page.

I would not use this for dry wood because essentially it wouldn’t be needed. It would be an essential for Spring and Winter camping, and when the weather has been wet. Pull Start Fire should absolutely be an essential for emergencies and for those with wood heat. I can’t tell you how often in the winter, even though we tarp our firewood, we must use wet and snowy logs for lighting our fireplace. And not only do we use our fireplace for heat, we also use it for emergencies when the power goes out for cooking. Our family also enjoy big bonfires on holidays and special occasions, especially during the winter, for New Years and Christmas. I’m talking about the type of bonfires that you can see from miles around, but if the wood is wet, we have a rough time getting our fires going. The Pull Start Fire is much safer than using gasoline or lighter fluid to get a campfire going.

Essentially, this would be a great item to take camping, backpacking, RV camping or to keep in your emergency or natural disaster preparedness box. Fire can be an essential tool, especially when in nature or during an emergency. This is not something though I would use on every trip. To learn more, check out their website at Pullstartfire.com, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Following a company on social media can be great for getting your questions answered quickly and finding great deals. You can purchase this directly from Pull Start Fire or from Amazon. Pull Start Fire is a small business and locally owned. They are always working to improve this product and make it better, and are very open to feedback from consumers.

Have you ever been in a situation when you needed to light a fire and couldn’t? How would this fire starter be helpful for you? Don’t let the cold ruin your adventure when you can’t start a fire.  Be outside with no limits.

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