How NoSweat Makes Life Better for Outdoorsy People

It is so hot and getting sweat in my eyes while being outside is the worst. This last weekend, we spent playing in the mountains in Idaho, and being active in the heat makes me sweat. I only wear a hat or bandanna when I’m spending leisure time outdoors, and usually, my forehead becomes a sweaty mess. I get the sweat dripping down my face and onto my glasses or my hat becomes sticky and damp. Fortunately this time around, I had the NoSweat Hat Liner, which made the heat more tolerable. **Please note, this product was sent to me free of charge in exchange for a review. However, I only review and promote products that I have tried myself and that I love.

Besides trying out the NoSweat Hat Liner this weekend, I also shared a few of them with some of my friends who wear hats and hard hats all day long. My friend’s toddler also tried one, because he is always wearing a trucker hat of some kind. I can only praise this product and how much everyone loved it.

What are NoSweat Hat Liners?

NoSweat Hat Liners are a disposable liner that you insert into the brim of your hat. It is soft and easy to use, just peel off the paper and stick it into your heat. It is so soft and unnoticeable that my friends son, who has sensory issues, didn’t even notice it was in his hat. There was a happy grin on his face instead of a frown because there was no sweat running down his face.

Why Use NoSweat?

There are multiple reasons to use NoSweat. Here are a few:

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  • Promotes healthy skin hygiene – Because it absorbs sweat, it reduces clogging of your pores and the buildup from sweat and dirt on your face.
  • Reduces sweat stains – My husband wears cloth baseball caps for his job and even when he is at home. The sweat stains in some of his hats are really gross.
  • Extends life of headwear – Sweat deteriorates fabric and will make your hat lose shape, smell, and even cause the fabric to lose shape or fall apart. I have thrown away many hats because the inside has gotten too gross or ripped to keep it.
  • Locks in odor and face oils – Because it locks in odors, sweat, and oils, no more smelly hats. When it absorbs, it still feels dry. In fact, one of the kids dunked a liner in the lake and it still felt dry.
  • Keeps sweat out of eyes and face

Who Should Use NoSweat?

Anyone who does any of the following would benefit from NoSweat:

  • anyone who wears a hat during outdoor activities like hunting, camping, hiking, backpacking, frisbee golf
  • anyone who wears a helmet for recreation like snowboarding, off-roading, bike riding and skateboarding
  • anyone who works outside all day like contruction workers

How Do You Use NoSweat

It is so easy. You just peel it and stick it inside your hat or helmet. At the end of the day, just toss it. This is an ingenious product that has saved many hats and faces this summer.

Try NoSweat the next time you wear a hat. This is a wonderful product that outdoor enthusiasts will love. Have any questions? Is this a product you would try? Leave a comment below. Don’t let a sweaty face keep you inside. Be outside with no limits.

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