Light the Night: Nomadik Box Review 10/2020

It is already October and time to think about the upcoming holiday season. With so many outdoor lovers in our family, I really appreciate getting my Nomadik subscription box every month. What I don’t use, I gift. And at Christmas time, it’s great for unique stocking stuffers.

My daughters’ birthdays are in September and December, so many of the items go to them if I don’t already need to replace them or find a gadget that I absolutely have to keep. Out of this box, my ten-year-old got the headlamp, my son got the bug light, and I kept the bag and paracord.

What is the Nomadik Subscription Box?

The Nomadik Subscription box is a monthly outdoor subscription box that contains small outdoor gear. There is usually one big piece of gear and then between 2-4 other items. The subscription is as low as $29.99 per month, depending on if you purchase it monthly, for six months, or a year. Each month has a different theme and a monthly challenge. You can also purchase previous boxes separately or purchase one-time-only as a gift box. Each box is valued between $40.00 to $70.00 dollars, sometimes more.

Subscribers can earn points towards other purchases or towards a free box. If you are unhappy with any time, Nomadik will exchange or replace that item, no questions asked. I have found that their customer service exceeds expectations and is one of the reasons why I continue as a loyal customer.

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The theme for the October 2020 Nomadik outdoor subscription box is “Light the Night”. It has four items this month, includes coupon codes for Sun Company and One80Light. The monthly challenge to win gear is to post or take a creative photo with the gear by 11/28/20.

October 2020: Light the Night

Sun Company Versa 360 Rechargeable Headlamp – This headlamp is very easy to adjust and the headband is extremely comfortable. It is affordable and durable, as well as rechargeable. You can easily remove the strap and clip it onto a bag, tent flap or anything else to be used as a regular light. It has three levels of brightness and flashing or red mode for emergencies. Headlamps for some reason are something that we go through a lot with the kids because they get lost and so we usually buy the really cheap ones you can find at Costco. This is the one I am buying moving forward because it is quality without sacrificing the budget. This lamp ranges anywhere from $20.00 to $35.00 online or from local stores.

One80Light Light Diffusing Bag – This multi-purpose draw-string bag is included with every One80Light light and can be used to diffuse the light, making any headlamp into a lantern. One80Light makes the H2 Headlamp that is illuminates at a 180 range.

Nite Ize BugIt LED Micro Flashlight – Even though it is small, this is the perfect micro-flashlight for any outdoor adventures. It’s extremely bright and can illuminate up to fifty feet, has four modes, and can be visible up to a mile. The BugLit has bendable “legs” or an S-clip that can attach it to almost anything, like gear, inside a tent, or even a zipper. My son attached it to his zipper so he wouldn’t lose it and he had easy access to it. This light ranges anywhere from $10.00 – $20.00 online or at local retailers.

Coughlan’s Reflective Guy Line – This 25′ reflective paracord is visible in low light and is perfect for camping or backpacking use. Use it to tie down your tent, hang gear or a bear bag, or even a clothesline. Retails between $4.99 to $8.99 online or at local retailers.

I am so excited each month when I get my box. My friends that have been gifted items from the box are always curious if I have gotten something new or exciting. It is absolutely a purchase that I continue to use, is practical and worth the value. You can check out previous boxes, such as the September 2020 Nomadik Box or the May 2020 Nomadik Box.

Is this something you would purchase as a gift for yourself or for others? Do you have any questions that can answer? Comment with your questions below. And as always, be outside with no limits.

Nomadik October Subscription Box
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  • Esther

    2 years agoReply

    I hate to disagree but the items get cheaper, I have had duplicates already after only three months. Customer service is horrible!! You can only contact them they email and it takes days for a response. They will not let you cancel on time. They carry on the conversation until after the new bill date then tell you it’s too late to cancel this month. And shipping went from 1.99- 4.99 then up to 9.99!!!
    Not very reputable

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