31 National Park Puzzles and Games for Game Night

Are you a National Park lover that loves games and puzzles? Do you dream of visiting all of the National Parks or have you been to every single one? Last year was a strange year. Either people canceled their trips or they were out in droves at the parks. And this year, the parks are still the perfect place to play.

The National Parks are a bucket list item or a source of pride for some. For others, it’s the adventure and travel along the way. What I do know, is there are so many people who love the parks and have a passion for them. If you are a National Park enthusiast and love games and puzzles, then this is for you. If you can’t go, then play a game or do a puzzle instead. Any of these would make a great gift for the game player, puzzle doer, or National Parks lover in your life. Or, even for a themed family game night. I have included here several puzzles as well as card games, board games, and dice games inspired by the parks. With some purchases, a portion of the proceeds goes towards the parks. (This post was updated on April 1st, 2021).

And to start it off, do you know…

  • How many National Parks are there in the US?
  • What is the only state without a National Park?
  • Which National Park was the first one?
  • Which president established the first National Park?
  • What is the largest National Park in the lower 48?
  • What is the largest U.S. National Park?
  • What is the smallest National Park?
  • What is the newest National Park?

National Parks Puzzles

At work, we spend our breaks and lunches together doing puzzles. Because of social distancing, we currently aren’t doing any puzzles. Instead, I have been doing them at home by myself or with the kids. It can be so relaxing.

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National Parks Puzzles for Kids

Here are a few National Park puzzles to do with kids. They are all 100 piece puzzles. What a great way to teach children about our National Parks.

National Park Puzzles for Teens and Adults

Enjoy the National Parks at home with these 500-1000 piece puzzles. They are so pretty and even more fun to do. If you can’t travel or visit the National Parks, try one of these National Park puzzles. Until March 2020, I used to do puzzles at work with my coworkers and we did some of these. Doing puzzles is so relaxing.

There are currently 63 National Parks. How do you pick just one? All of them are iconic in their own way and have stunning views. I’ve included some of the puzzles that I think are the most unique. I am really inspired by vintage National Park posters, that were created in the WPA style during the Depression. The WPA ( or Works Project Administration) created jobs for the unemployed during the Great Depression, including employing artists to create paintings and promotional products for the National Parks.

National Parks Games

Board games can be enjoyed by the whole family. They are a great way to connect and spend quality time together for all ages. We spend many evenings together at home and while we are camping. As a family, we have fond memories of game night, and what better way to learn about and explore the National Parks, than game night? Since March 2020, we have spent more time as a family together and have really enjoyed playing games together.

National Parks Board Games

Here are a few board games inspired by the National Parks for all ages. A few are a riff from classic board games and others are not, like the award-winning and popular Trekking the National Parks. The newest game is the National Park Adventure Game, which explores 62 of the National Parks and we have had a blast playing it.

Parks Game age 10 and up

National Parks Trivia

What do you know about the National Parks? We posted a few trivia questions at the top of this post. Were you able to answer them all? Have family night and try to answer all of the National Parks trivia questions in these games.

Dice Games

Maybe you are not a board game person and like a little more action instead. Dice games are great for camping and can easily be stashed in any camping box for the afternoon or rainy day fun. Yahtzee was our Christmas morning game when I was a kid and I know my mom would have loved this.

Family Game Night National Parks Games

There are other games that you can play during game night inspired by the National Parks. Imagine what fun you can have by playing games inspired by the parks, right from your dining room table. The newest games in this section are the Parks Memories: Mountaineer and the Parks Memories: Plains Walker, both created by Keymaster Games, creator of the Parks Game.

Are there any more games that you know about that are inspired by the National Parks? I hope you enjoy the National Parks through fun games and puzzles. If you want to learn more about the parks, check out parksexpert.com or the updated Moon National Parks Guide written by my friend Becky Lomax. May you have a great game night the next time, and explore the National Parks.

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