The 8 Best Camping Journals and Logbooks for 2021

One of the best ways to keep track of your camping adventures is by using a camping journal and logbook. It is a great way to remember adventures, remind yourself of important things like forgotten equipment and details of camp sites for future reference. Just like a hiking journal, a camping journal and logbook can not only be a helpful tool, but also a keepsake. Camping journals are also a great gift idea for campers.

Why should I keep a camping journal?

A camping journal and log book can be a great tool for camping, but also the perfect way to record the good (and bad) memories of all your camping exploits. With averaging over 40 nights of camping a year, I have filled up quite a few log books and journals over the years. Here are some reasons of why you should keep a camping journal:

  • Most log books and journals contain practical checklists so that you don’t forget anything.
  • It’s a way to keep track of what you did or did not like about a trip so you can adjust for your next one.
  • You can journal about the precious moments so that you don’t forget them.
  • Camping journals are an easy way to scrap book your camping adventures.
  • Many camping journals have to space to keep track of contact information for campgrounds, amenities, tips for the next camping trip etc.

What should I look for in a camping and RV journal and logbook?

Every camper has different needs, and some logbooks or journals might be a better fit than others. We tent camp, RV camp and backpack. So, I like a journal that is compact, and I can use for any trip. Here are some things you should consider when purchasing a journal or camping logbook:

  • What type of camping is it for?
  • Does it include checklists?
  • Is there enough blank pages and space to write down thoughts or tips?
  • What type of checklists are including?
  • How detailed do you want the journal to be?
  • Are there writing prompts?

The Best Camping Journals and Camping Logbooks

There are so many different camping journals on the market, but I have chosen the ones that are the best. So hopefully you can find the right camp journal or camping memory book for you, so that you can enjoy the great outdoors better.

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1. “Camping Journal and Logbook: Track Adventures and Make Memories”

This is the newest and best camping journal out there. It is the most inclusive and has all of the things you would want in the perfect camping journal. It has gear and packing lists, adventure bucket lists, tips for camping, a place for recording campground details and plenty of space to record your memories. The checklists have room for you to add additional items. This camping journal and log book is great for any type of camping. It also has beautiful graphics and the cover is really pretty. (now available for pre-order)

2. “The Ultimate RV Logbook”

If you are a RV camper only, then this is the best one specific to RV campers. Easily record mileage, amenities at camp sites, important things to remember, and a spot to record your favorite vacation memories. One of the things that makes this the best log book for RV campers, is that there are pages in the back to keep track of RV maintenance. It’s the perfect fit for any RV trip. This journal was recently updated in 2021.

3. “The Camping Log Book (Camping Journal): Record Your Adventures”

Though this camping journal is a simple, is hard cover and inside pocket makes it very appealing. It has very basic log pages but plenty of extra space to write in. I love that it has the inside packet for savings receipts or card or photos. And the elastic band can be used to keep it shut or keep track or your spot in the book. There’s enough space to add notes and tips for the next time you go camping.

4. “Family Camping Journal”

For families, this is a great camping journal. The writing prompts are simple enough that kids can help fill out the pages. There is plenty of room for journal entries, and space for drawings or a daily photograph. I would easily recommend this for families that do all types of camping. You can easily journal daily adventures by completing pages daily or complete a few pages per multi-day trip. Completing the journal together can also be a great activity for the whole family.

5. The Mini “Camping, Camper’s Journal”

Because of it’s compact size, this journal would be great for campers who don’t have a lot of space like backpackers or car campers. If you are looking for a stocking stuffer, this journal is perfect. This journal is also made of recycled paper with soy-based ink.

6. “Camping Journal: Family RV Travel Logbook”

Written with families in mind, I would recommend this for families that RV travel. There’s room for keeping track of campsite information, favorite RV parks, and space to journal about the day’s adventures. There’s also space to write reminders for a future stay at your favorite campgrounds. It’s easy for both kids and adults to write in this book.

7. “Camping, Camper’s Journal”

Even though the pages are very simple, there are prompts for what you did, who you went with, the campground name, site number and other important details. There is plenty of space to write and this book is a hard cover with a spiral binding.

8. “Interactive Kids Camping Journal”

I discovered this journal for my kids and they love it. It has large print and is easy to read. Kids can write about new friends, fellow campers that they meta nd new experiences. This journal also has lots of activities, and prompts for writing and drawing. Some of the activities include camping BINGO and suggesting a nature walk. This is one of my kids’ favorite camping books.

Having a camping journal is a really great idea. I hope you can find the perfect camping journal to record the day’s adventures with these recommendations. If you have a favorite camping journal that is not listed here, feel free to recommend it below in the comments. If you do have one of these journals or purchase one of these journals, comment below what your favorite features are.

Best Camping journals and logbooks 2021
Best camping journals and logbooks 2021

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