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It is almost officially winter and time for winter adventures. What better way to prepare than to check out the Nomadik November 2020 Subscription Box? The Nomadik Outdoor Subscription Box for November is all about winter travels.

This box was sent to me for review, but I am also a current subscriber since 2018. I have used every item in all of my boxes, between me and everyone in my family or some items have made great gifts for the outdoorsy people in our life. I love sharing the treasures that we get in our monthly Nomadik box.

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What Is The Nomadik Subscription Box

The Nomadik subscription box is a monthly subscription box for hikers, backpackers, campers and anyone else who loves spending time outdoors or even traveling and road tripping. It starts at only $29.99 monthly or you can also purchase a one-time box, gift or previous boxes and gear.

Each box is valued between $40.00-$70.00 and sometimes has a higher value than that. The average value is usually around $50.00. The monthly outdoor subscription box includes 3-5 gear items, usually with one higher value item. I have gotten items such as backpacking gear, gadgets, accessories, clothing, and food items. I have been introduced to products because of Nomadik, that I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

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This monthly subscription box has a different theme each month. Included with the items is a pamphlet that contains information on each item you receive, coupon codes for participating brands that are usually good for a year, helpful tips, and a monthly challenge that gives you an opportunity to earn free gear.

One of the things that I appreciate the most, is the wonderful customer service that Nomadik has as a company. If there is something you don’t like or love, they will work with you to make it right. Not very many companies have such wonderful customer service.

Nomadik Box November 2020

November 2020 Nomadik Box Theme: Winter Travels

The theme this month for the November 2020 box is Winter Travels. Nomadik is known as a subscription box for outdoorsy people, but I think a lot of the items are perfect for road tripping or traveling as well as camping. Because we spent more time this year camping in other states instead of staying in Montana due to crowding, these items all would have been perfect. This month’s box included five items.

Topo Designs Pack Bag 5L

The Top Designs Pack Bag 5l is the perfect packing cube for both travel and camping. It’s the perfect size for easily organizing, compressing, and carrying shirts, socks, and underwear. The U-shaped opening makes it easier for quick and effortless packing. I gave this to my daughter for camping and she has been using it to pack her swimsuit and underwear. Retails online and at stores between $18.00 to $25.00.

Thread Wallets Elastic Card Holder

The Thread Wallets Elastic Card Holder is the perfect space-saving wallet for holding your cards and cash. Because of its design, the stretchy design keeps your cards and cash snug but easily accessible, and the keyring makes it easy to attach to your bag, a lanyard, or your keys to make it the perfect mini wallet. It really saves space can hold 2-8 cards. Retails between $16.00 to $18.00 online and at local stores.

Humangear GoToob+ 3.4 Oz.

The Humangear GoToob+ 3.4 oz. is a reusable, squeezable travel tube. It is made of durable soft and rugged food-grade silicone, so it can hold anything from lotions to creams to applesauce and condiments. This is carry-on approved and smartly designed. The extra-large opening makes for easy filling and cleaning. It features a “no-drip” valve so it doesn’t leak and the Push LoopLock not only locks the lid but can be used as a loop to attach it to your gear or pack. It also has a spot flat on the lid so you can easily label what is inside. This is perfect for camping because you can use it for condiments to save space in the cooler as well as any soaps or liquids so you aren’t carrying around huge bottles. I really appreciated these in our camper this year because the fridge is so small, that anything that saves space is useful. Retails between $8.50 to $12.00 online and at local stores.

Green Goo Dry Skin Salve – Jumbo Stick

This is not the first time I have tried a Green Goo product and I have loved all of the products I have tried, including this Green Goo Dry Skin Salve Stick. Every time I travel by car and plane or go camping and backpacking especially at high altitudes, my skin gets extremely dry. I get patchy dry spots on my face and this has been a life-saver. This salve is so soothing and I have appreciated having it as winter approaches. Wood heat and winter weather are not good for my skin. It is made with calendula flowers and five other herbs to help irritated and dry skin, psoriasis, rashes, and chafing. Retails online and at stores between $10.00 – $12.00.

RxBar Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bar

RxBar makes really great protein bars, amongst other things. The RxBar Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bar is my favorite flavor. These are a handy snack to have on any outdoor adventure and are very filling.

This outdoor subscription box makes the perfect gift for any outdoorsy person or travel lover or even a gift for yourself. I really enjoy my monthly box and have found it an affordable way to get hiking and backpacking gear. So why don’t you try a new adventure delivered monthly?

If you want to check out other previous boxes, you can review the May 2020 and October 2020 posts. Monthly subscription boxes like the Nomadik outdoor subscription box are exciting to get in the mail each month. I have tried other outdoor subscription boxes and by far, this one remains my favorite. My children enjoy this box just as much as I do. Let us know your thoughts or questions below. And don’t forget, be outside with no limits.

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