40 of the Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women 2021

As an outdoorsy woman who has many outdoor hobbies, I always appreciate useful and practical gifts for my outdoor adventures. I hike, camp, backpack, fish, and enjoy almost every outdoor activity you can think of. Any woman who loves the outdoors as much as I do would want gifts that she can use to enjoy being outside more. Most of the gift recommendations on this list also make great gifts for outdoorsy guys.

I have put together a list of recommendations for some of my favorite outdoor gear. I’ve included here products that I love and use myself. Because I do a little bit of everything, there are suggestions for pretty much every type of outdoor activity you can think of. This outdoor gift guide for outdoorsy women includes gift suggestions for almost any outdoor adventure. I have also included tips for choosing a gift for the outdoorsy woman.

How to Choose a Gift for the Outdoorsy Woman

If she loves sleeping under the stars or hiking up mountains, then this outdoorsy girl would prefer a gift that:

  • is practical and useful.
  • is durable and will last.
  • is sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • helps her get outdoors more
  • makes outdoor adventures less stressful

I know a lot of other bloggers recommend expensive clothes and coats and apparel, I’m not going to do that. As a woman, I am really picky about what I wear. And it is almost impossible to find things that fit right. So if you are going to buy them that awesome down-jacket, get them a gift card or take them to purchase it. I have included some select activewear that fits most body types. This guide has been split up into the following categories, so you can find exactly what you are looking for:

Please note, this post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on those links, I may earn a small commision at no cost to you.
  1. Gifts Under $25.00 for Outdoorsy Women
  2. Hiking and Backpacking Gifts for Her
  3. Camping Gifts for Her
  4. Active Wear for her
  5. Fishing and Hunting Gifts for her
  6. Women’s Hygiene for the Outdoors
  7. Useful and Practical Gear for an Outdoor Adventure for her
  8. Books and Magazines for Outdoorsy Women

Gifts Under $25.00 for Outdoorsy Women

Gifts for outdoorsy women do not have to be expensive. If you are looking for gifts she will love that are under $25.00, then these are perfect. I haven’t included a lot of ideas because I already have lists for stocking stuffers for outdoorsy people, so be sure to check there if you are looking for more affordable outdoor gifts and gear. There are other gifts on this list that are under $25.00 as well.

1. Hydrapack Collapsible Water Bottle

I am a huge fan of collapsible water bottles because they are affordable, light-weight and save space. The hydrapack comes in multiple sizes, and I was surprised with it’s durability, but it is now my water bottle of choice.

2. Neck Gaiter

It doesn’t matter what type of adventure you go on, neck gaiters are amazing. They are so versatile and can be used as a headband, ear warmer, face covering, tourniquet, etc. Neck gaiters come in so many fun designs and were popular and practical before everyone started wearing them during the pandemic.

3. Reusable Silicone Straws

Using reusable straws is one of the easiest ways to reduce single-use plastics. Even though I have stainless-steel ones, I find it more practical if I am not camping, to carry a silicone straw instead. I love the silicone straws from GoSili, because they have multiples sizes and cute little travel cases. Silicone straws are also more affordable.

4. Bluetooth Earbuds

Whether I am hiking, fishing or camping, I do love my podcasts and my music. I have ear buds without the wire like Apple AirPods, but I kept losing them so instead I got the ones that are connected. They are so much more practical for someone who has an active lifestyle. Can you imagine having to chase an earbud down a mountain? These ear buds by Letscom are affordable and just as high of a quality.

5. Reusable Silicone Sandwich and Snack Bags

I have used Ziplock for packing lunch, hygiene products, odds and ends and even to hold a first aid kit. Reusable silicone bags are even better. I like that you can get different sizes and even colors, but any outdoorsy person would like these for any outdoor adventure.

6. Green Goo Skin Salve Set

Being outside can be rough on your skin. I was introduced to the Green Goo brand many ages ago through my Nomadik outdoor subscription box. There’s is always at least one kind of salve in my glove box or with my outdoor gear. And to be honest, because of my super dry skin this winter, I’ve even carried a tube in my coat pocket of their Dry Skin Salve. It’s been especially nice for the really patchy spots I get on my face and the backs of my hands, spots that normally get so dry that they bleed. This multi-pack includes the dry skin salve, pain relief salve, skin repair salve, and first aid salve.

7. humangear Gotoob Silicone Travel Bottles

These travel bottles are amazing. Because they are food-grade silicone, you can literally put anything from ketchup to lotion in them. They come in multiple sizes and the best thing about them is that they do not leak or drip. There are multiple sizes and colors. This was one of my favorite gear finds from last year for all of my outdoor adventures.

8. Fanny Pack

I know these were popular a million years ago (like the 80’s), but they are one of the best finds in outdoor gear for 2021. Fanny packs are amazing for any outdoor adventure: lightweight, accessible and additional storage. If you hike, camp, backpack, fish, bike or whatever activity you love, fanny packs make things so much easier. A simple one is all you need and Jansport has a variety of styles and colors under $25.00.

9. Headlamp

It doesn’t matter what type of adventure you are on, a headlamp is always a good idea. There are many different types of headlamps including rechargeable, with batteries, high intensity and low intensity. I have included the ones that I think are the most durable and are the most affordable. Just because a headlamp is expensive, doesn’t mean it is a good one.

10. First Aid Kit

I have noticed that too many people don’t take even a basic first aid kit with them on most outings. I don’t know if it’s the military me or the mom me, but I always, always have at least a basic first aid kit with me. I add to mine Benadryl and children’s Ibuprofen. It is not fun to have to go back home if someone has an allergic reaction or a kid has a temperature. I am really surprised when most of the time it seems like I am the only one who packs one with me.

Hiking and Backpacking Gifts for Her

I already have several gift guides for hiking and backpacking, but I thought I would suggest a few items specifically with women in mind. I am always astounded by how little is out there that is actually practical and functional for outdoorsy women. Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean that whoever made it actually had women in mind. There are many hiking essentials that make great gifts, but I thought these five items are also useful.

11. Mystery Ranch Backpack

There are many different styles of types of backpacks for women out there, but I have found that the Mystery Ranch brand is more suitable for women. They are so adjustable that any woman should be able to fit one nicely. One of the nice things is that I can use mine, and then my daughter who’s shorter and a bit chunkier than me can use the same one comfortably.

Though these are not made specifically for women, the brand has been thoughtful and considerate with its design choices. Unlike some of the “made for women” backpacks that you can buy, these are probably the best and more durable ones out there for women. Mystery Ranch has day packs, tactical packs, and multi-day backpacks. They are a good choice for backpackers, hikers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

12. Hiking Journal

I have been keeping a hiking and backpacking journal for years, but apparently, it is now “a thing”. Hiking journals are an easy and beautiful way to save hiking memories. Hiking journals come at all shapes and sizes and prices, so it is easy to find one that suits any woman. I love journals that have blank pages too, so I can sketch or even scrapbook.

13. Hiking and Backpacking Socks

There didn’t use to be a lot of options for good hiking and backpacking socks, so my preferred hiking sock was Swiftwick, because I could pretty much customize my socks for any adventure. But now there are so many different kinds. For hiking and backpacking socks, you want something that is comfortable, moisture-wicking, and keeps your feet warm and dry. I now have a variety of different brands, so I have chosen my top five.

14. Bear Spray

Bear spray seems to be one of the things that many hikers and backpackers do not buy. It can be expensive, but also how often to be hike and backpack in bear country? The answer is, all of the time. But if you’ve never seen a bear, you might assume there aren’t any. Or maybe you carry a gun or take the dogs. This is probably one of the best gifts you can give a hiker. Regular pepper spray is not bear spray and will not be efficient.

15. Hiking and Trekking Poles

Until I started using them, I didn’t realize that hiking poles are helpful. They minimize the impact on your legs and knees, maximize the use of your energy, and support your balance. It’s also less of a strain when you are carrying a pack because it helps support your center of gravity. It’s the same principle of using ski poles.

Camping Gifts for Her

These are some of my favorite camping gear items. Any of these would make an awesome gift for any camper. Some of these might be included on other camping gift lists, but that is because they are so good. I have used all of these items and these were very useful last year when we camped for over 45 nights. Some of these would also make an excellent gift for any outdoor enthusiast.

16. myCharge Portable Charger

I know I have recommended this charger a few times, but it is because it is the best. It has lasted me for entire camping and backpacking trips. I have had other chargers, but myCharge has proven multiple times that it is better. It might be a tad heavier than other brands, but if it can keep my camera and phone charged and hasn’t worn out in two years, so it is still a winner. I had all three of these, but the waterproof one and the myCharge AdventureMax have “disappeared”, so I repurchased them. The myCharge AdventureMax is the charger that I take backpacking.

17. Nomadix Towel

Why would you nee a towel for camping, a towel for yoga and exercising, a towel for the beach and a towel for travel? That is why I love Nomadix because it is so versatile, you now only need one towel for all of your adventures. It weighs only one pound, is made of recycled materials and is sand and per hair resistant. There are so many styles to choose from.

18. Backpack Cooler Chair

This is one of my favorite additions to my camping gear that I purchased last year. I also use mine when I go fishing. It has become one of my “essential” pieces of outdoor gear if I am not hiking or back[packing. I will often take it down to our creek when we are having a bonfire. If you haven’t noticed yet, I absolutely love gear that is multi-purpose.

19. Camping Hammock

I love hammocks. It doesn’t matter if I am backpacking or car camping, there is always a hammock. Hammock camping is awesome, but I prefer just to relax in one. Hammocks are very affordable and a must-have for any camping trip. If you can’t find a tree, consider a hammock hitch stand.

20. Camping Mug

How are you going to drink coffee while camping if you don’t have a camping mug? Camping coffee cups always make a great gift. I personally prefer enamel coffee cups for camping, but maybe you prefer a stainless steel one or even silicone? I have a great camping cup and coffee pot guide here on the blog if you need more ideas, but I’ve included a few here that I think are fun.

21. Hoodie Blanket

Whoever came up with the idea of the hoodie blanket, must have been a camper. These are perfect for chilly mornings or just sitting around the campfire. Hoodie blankets are so practical for camping and it’s nice being able to be wrapped up in a blanket and be hands-free.

22. Camping Blanket

Camping blankets have saved us a time or two, and we use them all of the time. I have used them as an under quilt for hammock camping, additional layers in a sleeping bag, instead of a sleeping bag, and also as a picnic blanket. Until I was gifted one, I did not realize how much I needed one. It’s not something I would normally buy for myself, but now all of us have them. The difference between regular blankets and camping blankets is that camping blankets are warmer and more durable.


23. nCamp Portable Mini Kitchen With Multi-fuel Stove

This inventive camp stove is amazing. You can use it with wood or with a fuel canister. It is absolutely ingenious. You can buy the stove separately, but I love the little “mini” kitchen set-up with the prep table and cutting board. It would be great for backpacking, as well as camping for a couple or a single person. I wouldn’t recommend it for a family when camping, because you just need more space.

24. Napier Sportz Car Awning

Speaking of cool inventions and gadgets, turn your car or SUV into an instant camper van with a car awning. Or, just a way to get extra shade, and away from the bugs and sun. This is such a great idea for camping, tailgating, or picnicking. My friend has one of these, and I could see it on my Subaru (which is probably the best camping car ever). Either of the sizes should fit most cars and SUVs. If you have a truck, Napier Sportz has a really great truck bed tent, which I have also included here. There are other options besides these ones, I just featured the primary ones.

Activewear for Her

Clothing can be a difficult thing to buy for others, especially women. But, there are some easy items that you can get that will fit most women and are practical for an outdoorsy lifestyle.

25. Hiking Skirt

One of the more comfortable things to wear on any outdoor adventure is a hiking skirt. They are comfortable, light-weight, cool, and moisture-wicking. You can wear them for any outdoor activity because they are made for an active lifestyle.

26. Hiking Vest

I wear my hiking vest almost everywhere. It gives me the extra warmth I need without needing a jacket or a bulky coat. I don’t know why women don’t wear them more, because vests are perfect for an active lifesstyle like mine. I wear mine doing yard chores, hiking, camping, backpacking and even when I run down to check the mail.

27. Moisture Wicking Shirts

It doesn’t matter what type of activity you do, you want to have a moisture-wicking top to keep you dry. You also want a top that will protect you from the sun. I personally prefer long sleeve shirts for any outdoor adventure and love the fact that I don’t have to buy different shirts for different activities. I just wear the same one for all of them.

Winter Adventure Gifts for Her

Many women spend a lot of time in the winter in the backcountry. There are so many winter sports such as snowmobiling, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and snowboarding. It’s important to be warm, but it is also important to be safe. Avalanche safety has been extremely important this year, and I can’t stress how important it is to have avalanche gear. This year has been the deadliest year for avalanches, with a dear friend of ours being the 29th casualty this year. For perspective, an average of 11 people dies each season which runs from about October through April.

28. Avalanche Safety Gear

This part of the post was supposed to be your average winter gear like goggles and thermals, but I think that avalanche gear is more appropriate. If you are in an avalanche country, you should have a shovel, a probe, a beacon, and an avalanche pillow/ airbag. Avalanche gear can be expensive, but it may also save your life. If you can’t buy it, rent avalanche safety gear.

Fishing and Hunting Gifts for Her

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of gear out there for women that hunt and fish. So we do what we got to do. I have two pretty throtough posts for gift ideas for hunters and fishermen. Check out both of those for swesome and practical gifts, with sections specifically for women. However, any gal who is a sportwoman, would appreciate any of those gear items as gifts.

Click here for the fishing gift guide.

Click her for the hunting gift guide.

Women’s Hygiene for the Outdoors

Women definitely have it harder than men, when it comes to being outside and keeping up hygiene. This is probably the only section that has a huge selection of stuff specifically for women and women’s hygiene and potty needs outside.

29. Pee Cloth

Specifically for women, these reusable pee clothes are amazing but also save on toilet paperand reduce your footprint in the woods. These became really popular last year when there was a toilet paper outage. Camping and hiking gear to the rescue.

30. Female Urinal

I was hesitant to try one of these, but I went ahead and got one after the crowded trails in 2020 and having way too many people accidentally come close when I was peeing in the woods. This is so much better. I would recommend practicing a bit in the shower before using it on the trail.

31. Potty Shovel

As part of the leave-no-trace principles, if you go in the woods, you should always use a cat hole. This is also to prevent someone from stepping into your mess. No one likes poo on their shoe.

32. Combat Wipes Gaia

Wet wipes are your friend when you are in the woods. I have used baby wipes, but the Gaia combat wipes are ph balanced, and are biodegradable. This is my choice for wet wipes in the outdoors.

33. Animosa Go With Your Flow Menstrual Adventure Lit

It doesn’t matter how much I plan, I somehow am always out in the woods when I get my period. I used to dread it, but now there are so many products that make it easier to stay clean and take care of business in a very discreet way. The Animosa Go With Your Flow Menstrual Adventure Kit is the easy solution for disposing of your tampons and pads while out in the woods. It also comes with refillable hygiene wipes.

34. Portable Bidet

My husband is a little obsessed with bidets since he worked in India a few years ago, so we have them installed on all of the toilets at home. Don’t knock it until you try it. Portable bidets are fantastic for freshening up a little when you are in the outdoors and cleaner.

Useful and Practical Gifts for Any Outdoor Adventure for Her

How do you narrow it down? There are so many amazing gear products, but I thought that these two are useful for any outdoor adventure.

35. GPS Communicator

Accidents sometimes happen in the backcountry, no matter how experienced you are. Like the avalanche accident I mentioned previously or when a friend of ours fell off of a cliff, you do not know what to expect. Often there is no service in case of emergencies. I usually track when my service ends and also mark on my map any “service pockets”, but who can guarantee that you are able to get to these areas in order to call for help. My motto is to always be prepared.

My personal recommendation for a personal satellite communication device would be the one made by SomeWear Labs. It also allows calls and a hot spot if needed, and is reliable.

There are multiple brands that make personal GPS communicators, but I haven’t personally tried them though I have friends that have highly recommended these other brands.

36. Nomadik Subscription Box

If you are a regular reader on the blog or follow me on social media, then you know how much I love the Nomadik subscription box. It is my favorite outdoor subscription box and I love all of the cool gear I get each month. You can check out some of my previous reviews, like the January 2021 box and the December 2020 box.

A New Adventure Delivered Monthly - Get Started At TheNomadik.com

Books for Outdoorsy Women

I not only love being outside, but I also love reading about it. Books are also a great resource for learning new outdoor skills. I do have some other posts on books for outdoorsy people, but I thought I would include a few here that are not in those posts, and then the links to those ones as well.

37. “The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs” by Tristan Gooley

This book should be read by anyone who spends time outdoors. I think that traditional survival skills like tracking and navigation are being forgotten. Gooley really knows his stuff and I have found this book very useful.

38. “Bushcraft” Boxed Set by Dave Canterbury

This whole series is very informative and has a ton of useful information. You do not have to be a prepper or a survivalist to learn from these books. Good backcountry skills are important any time you are in the backcountry and this complete boxed set has become an important part of my skill-building and outdoor library.

Click here for the outdoor adventure booklist.

Click here for camping and backpacking cookbooks.

Click here for a complete book list about Mt. Everest.

Fun and Unique Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Besides functional and practical gifts, I also like getting gifts that reflect my love for the outdoors. So I decided to recommend some fun stuff that I enjoy and I think other adventurous and outdoorsy women would love these things as well. I have included a little bit of everything I think.

39. Jewelry for Outdoorsy Women

I am a simple girl, but every once in a while I will wear jewelry. I love stuff that is inspired by the outdoors. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but I want it to be unique. There are some really pretty pieces of jewelry on AMazon that I really love. I have even gifted a few of them to myself.

40. Fun Shirts and Hoodies for Outdoorsy Women

Most of my shirts and hoodies are inspired by the outdoors. I wear a lot of hoodies and t shirts, and lucky for me I can be pretty casual at work during the day. CLothing is a way that people show who they are and show their personalities.

I hope you have found something here for your favorite outdoorsy woman. If you have any suggestions, I would love to add them to the guide so be sure to drop them in the comments below. And as always, be outside with no limits.

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