Stocking Stuffers and Small Gifts for Outdoorsy People 2021

I love getting things in my stocking that I can use on all of my outdoor adventures including hiking, backpacking, and camping. When I start my Christmas shopping, I see so many little gifts for stockings that really aren’t useful or are really cheap and don’t last long. For myself and my family, I like to get things we can use that are versatile for our outdoor needs, either in the woods or on the river.

This year, I have put together the ultimate list for stocking stuffers and gifts for the outdoorsy person in your life. Many of these are great and handy for people who travel too! Here are some of the best outdoorsy gifts that are practical and useful.

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Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy People

The holidays are perfect for restocking what we have used throughout the year. It is also a good time to add some of the smaller gear and gadgets to our camping and backpacking packs. Stocking stuffers should be small, affordable, and practical. Most outdoorsy gifts listed here are under $25.00 and any outdoorsy person would appreciate any of these items. Some of these stocking stuffers are under $10.00.

1. Carabiners

I love carabiners. They have so many purposes, especially if you are backpacking or camping. You can use them to attach things to your pack and to hang things like a Hammock or a clothesline. They really are a very useful gadget. I have even used the tiny ones for anchors for paracord when I needed to tie something down and didn’t have a Bungie. Carabiners come in all sizes. I prefer ones that don’t just cli, but screw closed.

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2. Smelly Proof Bags

Smelly Proof bags are a fantastic gift for anyone who spends any time outdoors. They come in all sizes and are clear, white, or black. If you are a follower of leave no trace principles then you are aware of deterring animals from your camping or hiking site or disposing properly of waste. That is why I love Smelly Proof black bags and the clear ones are fantastic for any type of food storage, especially to store food inside a bear bag. Because they are reusable and durable, this is the only bag I use for camping.

3. NoSweat Hat Liners

If you wear a hat or helmet while being outdoors, NoSweat hat liners will eliminate sweat from dripping into your eyes and also ruin your heat. You can check out our review here for the NoSweat hat liners.

4. Opinel Pocket Knife

This is the perfect gift for anyone who likes any outdoor activity. It is one of the first gear items that our kids get, besides a backpack. I really love my Opinel. It stays sharp for a long time, is easy to sharpen, and looks beautiful.

5. Swiftwick Socks

My current favorite sock is Swiftwick. They have socks for active men and women, and for all types of athletics, sports, and outdoor adventures. I don’t talk about this often, but my feet are awful! I have very large, sweaty feet and it’s hard to find a sock that fits and also takes good care of my feet. (I’m a size eleven) I wear men’s socks most of the time, but it has been amazing to find a sock that suits all of my outdoor needs, that fits, keeps my feet from being cold and wet, and looks cute. Swiftwick also has socks for all weather. I personally love the Vision and the Pursuit currently. I not only love the fit and the feel, but I also love the compression and built-in support. Swiftwick socks come in many styles and colors and for men and women.

6. Survival Grenade

It doesn’t hurt to be prepared. With so many more people getting out this year more than ever, even more people are getting hurt or lost. My dad is truly an eagle scout, so every Christmas he sends us new things to add to our emergency kits. About ten years ago, he put together a basic emergency kit for camping and our cars, and there have been a few times that it has been very valuable and useful. Last year, he sent us Survival Grenades, a small kit that has everything in it to start a fire and fish, water purification, an emergency whistle and even includes a small knife and paracord. This mini kit has 30 pieces total.

7. humangear FlexiBowl

I have upgraded in the last year to the humangear FlexiBowl for camping and backpacking. I used to use a silicone pill cup, because they are light-weight and flexible. My sister used a silicone dog bowl, but I think she needs to switch out to these bowl. With the foldable rim, you can maker it deeper or more shallow. These are really flexible, so you can fold it up and stash it almost anywhere in your pack. These bowls come in multiple colors and are 24 ounces, so they are a good size.

8. Spork

Sporks are great for eating when hiking or backpacking. They cone in different materials, shapes and colors. Everyone in our family has a different brand. Because sporks get broken, bent or lost, these are a regular stocking stuffer. Here are several great sporks to choose from:

There are so many choices to choose from that I hope you find one that suits you! My personal favorite is the Light My Fire Spork, but my son prefers the UCO Switch. Sporks are great for any outdoor adventure and backpack.

9. Stargazers Reference Guide

Watching the night sky in the middle of nowhere is one of my favorite things to do. In the back country, there is no pollution, so I can easily see the Milky Way and the constellations year round. This pocket guide is a neat tool to have on starry nights to quickly find your favorites constellations. Plus, the stars in it glow in the dark in this handy guide for easier use as night!

10. Night Sky Playing Cards

Playing cards are always a fun item to take on any camping trip. These playing cards have all of the constellations and each suit represents the best season for viewing them.

10. Colter Co. Bandanna

Bandanas always make a great gift. There are so many different uses for a bandana, and it is often considered one of the essentials for the outdoors. My favorite outdoorsy bandanas are made by Colter Co. I love the useful information and fun printed on them. What I love best about these bandanas though, is that they are made in the USA.

11. PATCH Band-aids

These have become my favorite band-aid. Not only are they made from organic bamboo, but the kid’s band-aid has cute little pandas all over it. These are super soft and do not hurt when you take them off. The band-aids come in four “flavors”: kids with coconut oil, activated charcoal, aloe vera and natural for any type of cut, bruise, burn or scrape. Because they are already treated, no more messy tubes and bottles.

12. Hiking And Backpacking First Aid Kit

This little first aid kit is perfect for any hiker or backpacker. It has all the basics that you need and it can attach to your pick for easy access with a carabiner.

13. Portable Clothesline

Camping with little kids can be rough because they are tough on clothes. Puddle jumping, falling in the creek, and spilling cocoa are just a few mishaps that we have had that I have had to change the kids’ clothes. When you don’t have a washer available. You can easily wash and hang clothes from para cord or this nifty clothesline. This clothesline is awesome because it has clips attached.

14. Sea to Summit Wilderness Wash

Every outdoorsy person should have an environmentally-friendly outdoor soap. This Sea to Summit Wash is excellent for camping, backpacking and any outdoor adventure. It’s also multi-use for personal hygiene, dishes and clothes. This is the perfect travel and outdoor soap for anyplace and anytime. Did I mention it’s travel size, follows the leave-no-trace guidelines with no suds and is TSA compliant?

15. Fire Starter Kit

Fire is important when you are camping or in the back country. Not only it is important for warmth or light, but it may also be your cooking tool or even a safety tool. This little kit from UCO is awesome and keeps everything in one place.

16. GCI Outdoors Spice Rocket

I don’t like bland food. When we go car camping or in the RV, I can pack as many spices as I want. But when I am backpacking or hiking, I don’t want to have to carry the extra weight. I have one of these, and I use it for black pepper, garlic, and my favorite seasoning salt. My husband carries garlic, cayenne, and lemon pepper. A little seasoning will make any backpacking or camping meal more flavorful.

17. Orienteering Compass

A compass should be something that everyone should learn how to use and should take with them on any adventure. As a safety item, it is at the top of my list. I do not want to get lost in the woods. A map can only get you so far sometimes. And what happens when your GPS stops working?

18. Momoko Mini Speaker

The one thing I enjoy more than watching the stars in the mountains, is watching the stars while being serenaded. This little speaker is perfect if you want a little music, and we have used ours to stargaze and listen to The Piano Guys or Lindsey Sterling or sing along to the best campfire and camping songs.

19. Soap Sheets for the Outdoors

Not only is this light-weight and portable for hiking and backpacking but because there is no mess, it is also great to carry in your purse for every-day and also travel. No more mess. Soap paper is one of the things my husband introduced me to when I started backpacking with him. It’s a lifesaver, and everyone should have some, especially moms.

20. 7th Heaven Face Mask

Being outdoors for the majority of my life, I have to really take good care of my skin. One of the things I do is using a face mask every couple of weeks. My current favorite is 7th Heaven, a division of the UK-based company Montagne Jeunesse, which has natural face masks. I got to try recently three “flavors” of the peel-off mask: the Dead Sea, Tea Tree, and Coconut Clay. My face is so soft!!! You can buy these online, at Walmart, Walgreens, and many grocery stores. **Thanks 7th Heaven for kindly sending these to us as a courtesy to try.

21. Pee Cloth for Women

For all you ladies out there, every year companies are creating new and practical items for women, to make it easier for them in the back country. One of these innovative items is the pee cloth by Kula. If there is one thing you buy for a woman who loves to camp, hike, or be active in the outdoors, this is the item. With it’s scientifically proven design, you have less mess, less waste, and really cool gear. It’s odorless, easy to clean, and easily hooks to your bag or can be neatly folded. Did I mention it’s reflective and easy to find in the dark? I found this review on Garage Grown Gear to be very useful. I also love the IHA Gear pee cloth too.

22. Camping, Hiking or Backpacking Journal

Journaling is such a great way to self-reflect as well as document your adventures. It’s also a great way to keep track of what gear you need and important things you need to remember about your outdoor adventures. I often journal while hiking, and always while I am camping. There are so many different camping journals, but my newly-released camping journal is the most comprehensive and practical.

23. Gear AID Tenacious Tape Gore-TEX Fabric Patches

These awesome patches are perfect for repairing gear and coats. My favorite puffy coat got ripped one year and I was so devastated. However thanks to these patches, I can easily repair much of my outdoor gear like sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, ski pants and jackets.

Tenacious tape also comes in a roll. It’s especially useful for long tears and bigger fixes. There are multiple colors to choose from.

Ear Buds – I love to listen to music while hiking or gazing at the stars. Have you ever listened to Lindsey Sterling on a lake at night, with just the stars for light? It is pretty amazing. I needed some Blue-ray compatible ear buds, that had long battery life, were affordable and durable. I love my SoundPEATS for being outside.

Gift Card– What about a gift card? Some people are very particular about their gear and what better than getting them a gift card towards the purchase of that one piece of gear they really want? Amazon, REI, Cabellas, Garage Grown Gear, and Sportsman’s Warehouse are awesome picks for outdoor lovers.

25. Frau Fowler Tooth Powder

No more mess! A little goes a long way, so when you have to keep weight in mind, this is what you want. It’s all-natural with no nasty chemicals and easy to throw in your bag. I sure like convenience.

Handwarmers– Whether you are camping in the summer or enjoying winter sports, hand warmers can really come in handy. As a family, we use these all year long and make life so much better when it is cold.

Paracord- This is one of the most versatile items that anyone who loves being outdoors should have. You can use it to tie stuff down, tie things together, or hang things. I’ve used paracord to make a raft, hang a bear bag and make a clothesline.

Collapsible Water Bottle– What an innovative piece of gear! Perfect for travel, every day and outdoor life. This collapsible water bottle easily stores away in your pack or even your purse. You can even attach it to your backpack.

Buff– I love buffs. They are awesome as a headband, bandana, face mask and more. No wonder they wear buffs on Survivor. These are an awesome piece of gear for the outdoors.

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MontYBoca Mini Backpacking and Camping Cookbooks

If you are someone you know is sick and tired of eating freeze-dried meals, chili or hotdogs, then this is the perfect gift for them. It is not impossible for people to eat well when traveling or outdoors. I have tried several of these recipes and they are a game-changer for eating delicious food in the back country or camping. It’s small size is perfect for any backpock. If you want to learn more about MontYBoca, you can go to their website, or check out these recipes that I tried for my blog: Beef Jerky Stew, Dirt Bag Egg Benedict, Caramelized Bananas and Garlic Chicken with Artichokes and Mashed Potatoes. There are four differnt ones available:

Powdered Cocktail Mixes– I don’t drink often, but it is pretty epic to end a hard day on the trail with a nice mixed drink. One of these days, someone will come up with a way to make ice instantly.

Moleskin– This is perfect for hot spots, and blisters when you are hiking, backpacking or trekking. You should always take good care of your feet.

Signal Whistle– You never know when this will come in handy. I do not think anyone can be over-prepared for an emergency when outdoors. I have heard several stories from people, that having a whistle saved their lives. One year, my daughter used hers to whistle back and forth with a marmot.

First Aid Kit – For any adventure, you should have a first aid kit. I have a really big one for camping that unfortunately gets used often. The smaller first aid kits I like to carry for backpacking and day hiking.

For other great stocking stuffers and gift ideas for outdoorsy people, my hiking gift guide has a large selection of hiking and camping essentials.

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These are all great items that any outdoorsy person would love. For more ideas, you can check out the 2019 gear finds or 2019 outdoorsy kids’ gift guide. One of our most popular and useful posts for gifts is the Gift Guide for Outdoorsy Men. What is something on this list that you would love? With the right gear and items, you can be outside with no limits.

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  • Debby

    4 years agoReply

    Thanks for compiling this list. My sister and brother-in-law are hard core hunters and frequently are dry camping in the mountains with their hunting dogs. I always want to give them some practical gifts they can use, but I am not at all familiar with this area. We glamp in our camper, so most of these are foreign to me.

    • admin

      4 years agoReply

      These are some great and practical gift ideas.

  • Charlene

    4 years agoReply

    These are such clever ideas! I know I can always use more carabineers! haha They’re so useful!

  • Lora

    4 years agoReply

    What great ideas! It’s nice when you can personalize a gift to fit the interests of the person.

  • Lisa

    4 years agoReply

    These are such amazing gift ideas for us outdoorsy folks. We love the clothesline and may need to put that in my stocking this year!

  • Angela

    4 years agoReply

    Well I learned about pee cloths for the first time – groovy

  • Lisa Manderino

    4 years agoReply

    Thanks! These are a lot of really good ideas!

  • Holly Bird

    4 years agoReply

    Great stocking stuffers for those hard to shop for outdoorsy people..I have a few of those in my life that I can use some of this things for their “backpack stockings”

  • Lisa

    4 years agoReply

    So many good ideas, I don’t know if I could pick just one… the Type A in me would definitely want the fire starter kit and the compass.

  • Kristen

    4 years agoReply

    I like all the great suggestions. Never heard of a pee cloth before. I’m fascinated!

  • Michelle

    4 years agoReply

    Thanks for these ideas. I have some outdoorsy friends and I never know what to get them. I will have to get the hand warmers for me though, lol. I hate being cold.

  • Maria Gustafsson

    4 years agoReply

    Cool list – for those outdoorsy types!

  • Haley Kelley

    4 years agoReply

    I love these ideas! Some of them are great for anyone!

  • Cindy

    4 years agoReply

    This is an amazing list of stocking stuffers! My grandsons would enjoy many of these.

  • Michele

    4 years agoReply

    I love the stocking stuffer ideas! My hubby could use almost all of these before spring! Thanks!

  • Tiffany

    4 years agoReply

    Great list for exploring the outdoors! I dream of being outside more once this pandemic has passed!

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