The Best Fishing Gifts for Women 2023

It’s hard to find fishing gifts for women. There are so many fishing gift ideas that are targeted towards men, but what about women? I love fishing gifts that are practical and useful, but I also love pretty too. I have put together this list of best fishing gifts for women. I hope you find something you love here. Most of these would make great fishing gifts for men too.

Even though most of the items on here are practical and useful fishing gear, I have included some fun things too. There is something here for any woman who loves fish and any lady angler. If you do not find something here, you may want to check out this ultimate gift guide for fishing. These are the best gifts for women who love to fish. The price range varies so you can find something for your budget. Some of these gifts any avid fisherman will love, not just lady anglers.

Have you looked at the ultimate fishing gift guide yet? Click here for more ideas.

41 Best Fishing Gifts for Women

Get the girl in your who fishes something special. These are all things that I would love to own or do own. Fishing is a passion and a lifestyle, so get her something she will love. If there is something you think should be added to this list, leave me a note in the comments below.

1. Baitowels

This practical gift was the number one pick last year by my readers. Everyone who loves fishing needs this towel. It’s perfect for drying or cleaning your hands after touching bate or fish guts. This towel comes in a wide variety of colors. With its easy carabiner clip, it can be attached to your pack or belt with ease.

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2. Reel Girl Fish! Fishing License Holder

Even though you can download your fishing license to your phone, I hate taking my phone into the water. This can easily clip onto a fishing lanyard or inside your bag.

3. Kingdom Fishing Backpack and Tackle Bag

Who wants a boring pack when this one looks nice and is functional too? There is plenty of space for gear, lunch, and a hydration pack. This one is awesome for fresh water fishing or salt water fishing.

4. The Kingdom Ultimate Fishing Backpack Set

If you want to impress her, this set includes the larger fishing backpack, tackle bag, and two rod holders. I added this to my wish list this year because I want the whole set up. I am going to give my old bag to my daughter, which is still in excellent shape.

5. Toadfish Non-Tipping Can Cooler

Not only does it keep your beverage cold, but it is spill-proof. It’s perfect for when you are in the boat or on the bank fishing. I loved this so much that I included it on my list of gifts for outdoorsy people under $25.

6. Women’s Performance Fishing Shirt 50+ UPF

It is really important when you are fishing to wear long sleeves. It not only protects you from the sun but gives some protection for when an errant hook comes your way. Getting hooked or sunburnt is not fun. There are so many pretty fishing shirts to choose from, so I have picked a few of my favorites.

Gamefish USA Women’s Fishing Shirt

There are so many cool designs to choose from.

Fish Skinz Womens Fishing Shirt

I love the bright colors and bright designs on these shirts.

DSG Outerwear Womens Nora Hooded Fishing Shirt

I love fishing shirts with hoods. This one is so soft too. This shirt comes in blue, turqoise and pink.

HUK Women’s Fishing Shirt

If you are looking for a simpler design or something not so flashy, HUK has some really nice fishing shirts for women that are breathable and moisturewicking.

Southern Fin Apparel Women’s Fishing Shirt

If you love saltwater fishing, these shirts have some of the most beautiful saltwater fish designs.

7. Fish-Shaped Can Cooler

I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I saw one of these. it’s a conversation starter and makes a great gift.

8. Fish Oven Mitts

These are perfect for the mom who cooks or to stash in the camping box. I have mine up in our cabin.

9. Funny Fishing Shirt

There are so many funny fishing shirts that it’s hard to pick just a few. I love a good t-shirt celebrating my love of fishing. Here are some of my favorite fishing t shirts. You can customize the color on all of these.

Move Over Boys

Move over boys, let this girl show you how to fish.

Sorry I Wasn’t Listening

Sorry I wasn’t listening. I was thinking about fishing.

I Know That I Fish Like a Girl

I know I fish like a girl. Try to keep up.

Lucky Fishing Shirt

Lucky fishing shirt, do not wash.

10. Sunday Afternoons Sunset Hat

A wide-brimmed good hat protects from the sun. But, it also protects your face from stray hooks. There have been several times that wearing a fishing hat has saved my face when my toddler has gone fishing. I have just the right amount of shade on my face when I wear this and it’s not heavy at all.

11. Coyote Polarized Sunglasses

Again, it’s about protecting your eyes and face. The glare from the water can hurt your eyes, but sunglasses also protect your eyes from branches and hooks. There are many designs to choose from and at an affordable price.

12. BASSDASH Women’s Fishing Vest

It’s so hard to find a fishing vest that fits well. Most fishing clothing doesn’t seem to account for the female shape. But, this one is perfect for women and has plenty of room for your boobies. I love that there is a cup holder that is detachable, as well as plenty of storage.

13. Black Forest Fish and Mountain Mug

This beautiful coffee mug looks like traditional enamel mugs but is ceramic. It’s perfect for your morning coffee. This mug is made in the USA.

14. Derek DeYoung Fishing T-shirts

What stunning artwork! Derek DeYoung is a local Montana artist who paints gorgeous oil paintings of fish. So much talent, and now you can get prints on shirts. These shirts are such a unique gift. If you like this artist, you should check out the Derek DeYoung website. There are so many different designs to choose from. The shirts come in a variety of colors. Here are my favorite five designs. You can also choose t-shirts for men, women or kids.

Cutthroat Rainbow Brook Brown Trout T-Shirt Derek DeYoung

I love trout fishing and this shirt shows my passion.

Cutthroat Yellowstone Fly Fishing T-Shirt Derek DeYoung

Yellowstone cutthroat is an invasive species at one of my favorite fishing holes. I guess that means I need to catch as many as I can.

Old Owl Steelhead Fly Fishing Fisherman T-Shirt Derek DeYoung

Owls are almost as cool as fish. We have four kinds of owls on our property.

Brook Trout Brookie Fly Fishing Fisherman T-Shirt Derek DeYoung

Fishing for brookies in our creek is my son’s favorite summer adventure. Mine too.

Tarpon Kaleidoscope Saltwater Fly Fishing T-Shirt Derek DeYoung

Tarpons don’t look very remarkable in real life, but this saltwater fish looks awesome on this shirt. You need to really check out this graphic up close to really see the beauty.

15. Chiclook Cool 3D Sweatshirt Fishing Hoodie

I love a good hoodie. It keeps me warm on those days that I go fishing and need just a little extra warmth. These awesome fishing hoodies are unisex. I have extra long arms so it’s a perfect fit. Chiclook has a huge variety of styles.

16. Trailhead Ponytail Hat

I have long hair so I pull it back in a ponytail, bun, or braid. It’s hard to find a hat to wear that’s comfortable with long hair like mine. These ponytail hats are perfect and come in so many different designs and styles. This one is perfect for winter or cooler temperatures. The back rolls up when it’s not as cold outside.

17. FE Active Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack

Dry bags are a very important piece of fishing gear, especially if you are out on the water or in a fishing boat. It’s an easy way to keep important things like your cell phone or camera dry. What is unique about this one and that it’s a backpack so it’s easy to carry. I love the pouches on the side.

18. Osage River Sling Pack

Sometimes a sling pack is more comfortable than a regular backpack for women. Osage River’s pack is the most comfortable one for women. Sling packs are my choice when I’m bank hopping. This one has plenty of pockets.

19. Line Cutterz Ring

This little gadget makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves to fish. This ring can be worn on your hand or attached to your rod so you can quickly and easily cut the line without using your teeth or digging around in your pack.

20. Orvis Women’s Ultralight Wading Shoes

It’s really important to have a good shoe that is slip-resistant. These are water-resistant and slip-resistant. Fishing shoes are always felt or rubber-soled, especially if you are in an inflatable or wood boat. These are my favorite and are high-performance. I have larger feet (size 11) and it’s hard to find shoes with a good fit. These fit beautifully.

21. Xtratuf Salmon Sisters Wading Boots

I want a pair of these so bad! Somehow, I lost one of these on a camping trip last year and I need a new pair. I hate water, but I will go in a little bit further when I am fishing with these. They keep my feet dry. I love these for creek fishing. If you have bigger feet like me, they have up to size 14 in some styles for women. These boots come in several designs.

22. Korkers RockTrax Fishing Cleats

Sometimes you need some extra traction when you are fishing. I use these when there is ice or slippery rocks. When I don’t use them for fishing, they are great for walking to the mailbox when it’s icy in the winter. I get plenty of use out of these. If you are in an area that doesn’t allow felt soles, these are perfect for traction.

23. 8 Fans Chest Waders

Finding waders that fit women properly is hard. But these seem to have plenty of space in the right places. There are lots of pockets and it comes with a repair kit. I can’t believe how durable they are.

24. License Plate Holder

This is a fun gift for the fishing enthusiast. Shout to the world how much you love fishing!

25. DSG Outerwear Women’s Fishing Gloves

Not only is it important to keep your body and face protected. it’s important to protect your hands too. I love the grip on these gloves.

26. Hanurdan Backpack Cooler Chair

This cooler chair is ideal for fishing. It’s easy to pack around and is ideal for keeping your beverage, your lunch, or your fish cool. I love gear that is dual-purpose. This was another reader favorite last year. The backpack cooler chair is the perfect addition to add to your fishing gear.

27. Diamond Candy Fishing Jacket

A good weather-proof and water-proof jacket can make all of the difference when you are fishing. No one wants to be miserable on those chilly or wet mornings. I am always trying to find a good jacket that fits well and keeps me warm. This jacket is ideal for fishing. This is a very thoughtful gift and comes in many colors.

28. GOT Sports Fish Neck Gaiter

I never realized how useful neck gaiters can be. They provide neck and face protection, can be worn to keep your head covered, and are great for keeping your hair from your face. I wear mine hiking and offroading too, and there are several styles.

29. Thomas Bates Fishing Belt

A good belt can make a huge difference when you are outdoors. I love the cool designs and the fact that it is metal-less. The clip makes it so easy to adjust and close. I wear mine on all of my outdoor adventures. Find your favorite style from ten different styles.

30. Born to Fish Mug With the Fisherman’s Serenity Prayer

This is just a really fun mug. I had to add it because it’s funny. Anyone who loves fishing will love this cup because I think that any fisherman silently says the fisherman’s serenity prayer while fishing. The fishing serenity prayer is on the backside.

31. Kingfisher Designer Trout Fly Box

Not only is this fly box beautiful, but it’s also lightweight and it floats. It’s is always a good idea to have fishing gear that floats or can be attached to your belt or vest. I will never make the mistake again of losing a whole box of flies in a lake. Your favorite angler will love this unique gift.

32. Flyvines Bracelet

I saw this the other day and thought it was the coolest idea. I don’t wear jewelry often, but I would wear this bracelet made from the recycled fly line.

33. Fishouflage Bass Womens Fishing Hat

This is the cutest ball cap. I wear hats everywhere and I think any woman who loves to fish will love this ball cap.

34. Fishpond River Rat 2.0 Beverage Holder

Fishing is about being hands-free sometimes. What about a hands-free beverage holder?

35. Flyvines Lanyard

Lanyards are amazing for fishing and everyday use. This unique lanyard is made from a recycled fly line. I sure love gifts made from recycled or repurposed materials.

36. Ukes Premium Sunglass Strap

I hate losing things to the water. This is a practical gift for anyone who loves to fish. Nobody wants to lose their sunglasses. It’s important to keep things secure when you are fishing.

37. Skog A Dry Bag

A dry bag keeps your stuff dry, it’s that simple. People often use them when they are out on the water to keep your stuff dry.

38. FE Active Cooler Backpack

If I decide to keep any of my fish, a cooler is a pretty important piece of gear. I love this cooler backpack for those times, especially if I am hiking or backpacking into a lake.

39. Orvis Sling Pack

I love sling packs, and if you are looking for something a little more innovative it is a great pick. There are many compartments, even a spindle for line. This sling pack is considered the best of the best in sling packs.

40. Trout Belt Buckle

I need this in my life. I wear a belt everyday and I live in Montana where belt buckles are really common. This trout belt buckle is absolutely gorgeous and would look awesome paired with jeans and boots.

41. Iron On Fish Patches

Do you remember back in the day that almost everybody seemed to have patches ironed on to their jean jackets? These awesome patches are so cool and I could totally see them on my fishing pack or even a hat.

I hope you have found some great gifts for this holiday season. So many of these ideas will help women enjoy the great outdoors even more, and are amazing for any type of angler. This list of unique fishing gifts is great for any type of fishing. What do you think of these cool gifts? If I left something out, be sure to drop your ideas or comments below. I hope you have found the right gift for the woman who loves fishing.

Fishing Gifts for Women
Fishing Gifts for Women

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