The Best Fishing Gifts for Any Fisherman 2023

Fishing is one of my favorite things to do and there are always at least one or two fishing gear items on my wish list for my birthday or the holidays. There are so many fishing gift ideas, but how do you pick the right one? There are multiple types of fishing and if you don’t fish, then you may not know the difference. But, every item on this list was recommended by people who fish, myself included. This guide is of the very best fishing gifts for anyone.

This guide includes gifts for both men and women who fish. Because there are several different types of fishing, I have included sections about gifts for ice fishing, fly fishing, and fishing gifts in general. However, you might want to check out the whole list because there is something for everyone. Some of the fishing gift ideas include gear, clothing, accessories, and even some fishing books and movies. And many of these items are recommended gear for beginner fly fishing.

I have also included some tips on what to buy and not buy for fishermen and fisherwomen. There is a wide range of gift ideas for any budget and almost all are under $100.00, and in the $25.00 – $50.00 range. Many of these gifts are geared towards fishing in general and trout fishing. Most fishing items are unisex, and unfortunately there isn’t a lot specifically for women.

However, I am one of those women that I’ll take the brown or black one instead of the pink or purple item because it is usually cheaper. This gift guide includes the following:

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  • Tips for buying gifts for fishermen
  • Fly fishing gift ideas
  • Ice fishing gift ideas
  • Fishing gifts for her
  • Fishing gifts for kids
  • Fishing gifts for him and any fisherman

Tips for Buying Gifts for Fishermen

From my years of fishing, I have realized that everyone has a different opinion on what rod is the best or what line is their favorite. While purchasing fishing gifts, here are a few things to consider:

  • People who fish, love to fish. It a passion and a lifestyle, so anything to do with fishing that is not gear is usually a good idea.
  • Everyone has a different opinion on what the best rod or line is, and it really is a personal preference. If they haven’t specifically told you a brand of rod or line or reels, don’t get it.
  • What type of fish does the fisherman usually target? Gear, bait, and line vary, depending on the type of fish someone is fishing for.
  • Anything that is useful and encourages more time out on the water is a winner.
  • Avoid purchasing high-end expensive items. Usually, these items are considered an investment, and the fisherman likes to choose those items themselves, like waders or a fishing rod.

There are so many cool gifts to choose from that any angler would love to have. At the end of this post, I have included my fishing wish list. These are some of the best fishing gift ideas for fishing enthusiasts.

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Best Fishing Gifts for Fly Fishing

I will admit, I am not the best fly fisherman/ fisher-woman. And it’s not because of not knowing how, it’s because I have a hard time getting into the water. Weird, I know, but a bad day of fishing is better than no fishing at all. I’ve included in this section of the gift guide, a few things that are particular to just fly fishing, that I often use and love. When looking for fly fishing gifts, keep in mind that fly fishermen are often in the water, so anything that keeps gear dry or from floating away, is very practical.

1. Dr. Slick Fishing Lanyard

Fishing lanyards are a great way to keep some of your most important gear from floating away and accessible. It’s hard to reach into a backpack when you are wading into a river or lake. This can replace a fishing vest and would be great for other types of fishing too.

2. Freestone Outfitters Fly Fishing Net

When choosing a net, rubber mesh is best because it is less harmful to the fish, easy to clean, and does not mildew. Nets with a magnetic release are a bonus because it’s easy to detach when you need them and is hands-free. It is very durable and lightweight.

3. Goede Vangst Measuring Fish Net

I love this fishing net because I can measure my fish without having to fumble for a measuring tape. It is one of those cool fishing gadgets that any fisherman will love.

4. Hold My Line Fly Fishing Line Holder

This little gadget is easily attached to the rod, it makes attaching new flies and switching out lines so much easier. With this, anyone is less likely to drop their line.

5. Smith Creek Rod Clip

This is the best way to be hands-free while switching out a lure or fly, lines, or taking that trophy picture. This is one of my favorite pieces of gear for fly fishing. The rod clip can be attached right to your belt and has a lanyard.

6. O’Pros Fly Fishing Rod Holder

This rod holder also clips onto the belt. It holds any standard-size cork rod and is preferred if you don’t like lanyards.

7. RiverSmith River Quiver Fly Rod Rack for Car and Truck

Have you ever left your fly rod on top of your vehicle accidentally? The RiverSmith River quiver is rated as the number one fly rod roof rack in the world. It has a sleek design, and easily can be installed. This durable roof case is able to withstand shock, wind and impact loads. This would be my ideal, ultimate fishing gift.

8. System G Outdoor+ Beck Sling Pack

A sling pack is very practical for fly fishing. Sling packs are comfortable to wear and keep all of your gear in. What’s great about this one is that you can adjust the strap to make it left-handed or right-handed. This pack is super tough and water-proof.

9. Coyote Eyewear BP-13 Polarized Bi-Focal Reading Sunglasses

Any fisherman should wear polarized sunglasses while fishing. I love these in particular because it makes flying ties on the fly easier as well as tieing knots. No extra set of glasses is needed for fishing if you have these. Coyote makes awesome regular polarized sunglasses too for men and women.

10. Fishpond Tacky Fly Box

You want a box that will keep your flies dry and anchored inside the box so you do not end up with a tangle of sharp hooks. Boxes come in many sizes and are made from different materials like plastic and bamboo. Especially if someone ties their flies, I don’t think you can have too many fly boxes.

11. Montana Fly Company Designer Fly Box

The MFC Fly box is not only functional but beautiful too. There are many different designs and it makes a very unique fishing gift.

12. Dr. Slick Fly Tying Kit

A fly tying kit is perfect for any fly fisherman that ties their flies. There are so many different kits out there. This one is a kit/ fly box combo.

13. Fishpond Tailwater Fly Fishing Kit

This kit is perfect for beginners or for fishermen that travel. Fly fishermen travel all over and many have fly tying kits that you can just toss into your gear bag. I love this kit for its ease of use and it has everything I need.

14. Colorado Anglers Fly Tying Kit

This fly tying kit is excellent for at home. It’s not only a kit, but it’s also a station. I have it out in the garage. The booklet that comes with it is very helpful.

Most people who tie their flies have working stations at home. Fly tying is an art form and I have seen some very creative flies made from some pretty interesting materials. I have included a few things below that are perfect for a fly tying station.

15. Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise

The Odyssey Fly Tying Vise is a true 360-degree rotating vise that comes with a c-clamp and bobbin cradle. It’s perfect for the beginner or the expert. This vice is made in America and has a lifetime guarantee.

16. Creative Angler Fly Tying Organizer

One of the best things to have at your fly tying station is an organizer. I love this one because it has so many different slots and cups for whatever I need.

17. Creative Angler Fly Tying Station

If you are newer to tying flies, then it’s important to have a dedicated fly station to create those stunning flies. This station has all of the tools and materials you need to start tying flies.

18. Fly Tying Material Kit

Flies are made of many different materials including feathers and synthetics. This is a great kit with many included materials.

19. Fly Tying Beads

Beads are also used for tying flies. This kit has a variety of beads that can be used for tying flies.

The movie “A River Runs Through It” inspired me to start fly fishing. It is one of my favorites and was filmed not too far from where I live. I later went back and read the book. Below, I’ve included a few good reads and movies for fly fishermen. There are some additional recommendations in this post about fly fishing tips.

20. “A River Runs Through It” Movie

Though this movie was fictionalized a bit from the original story, it is considered one of the best movies of all time. And it is considered the best fishing movie of all time.

21. Planet Fly Fish Series

This three-part series is a must-watch for any fly fisherman. It consists of three episodes about 45 minutes each. If you are looking for a great binge-worthy series about fishing, then try this.

22. “At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman” by John Gierach

John Gierach is an excellent writer and I loved this book. I love his sense of humor and identify with this cranky old-timer. I would highly recommend the audible version as well.

23. “A River Runs Through It” by Norman Maclean

The book and the movie aren’t even close. The movie is based on a short story in this book. If you are ever in Montana, you’ll probably notice that this book is in every grocery store and gas station. This book is a good short read, as well as one of the best Western American classics.

24. “Simple Fly Fishing” by Yvon Choinard and Craig Matthews

Fly fishing doesn’t have to be complicated. If you are thinking about using a tenkara rod or the cheapest way to get into fly fishing, I encourage you to check out this book. It has simplified the amount of gear and gadgets I use while fly fishing, even without using a tenkara rod.

Fly fishing is a great sport and hobby and people are enthusiastic about it. You can get so many different cool things that are inspired by fly fishing. When someone loves their hobby that much, they don’t mind novelties or home decorations. Fly fishing is also a lifestyle.

25. DJ Rogers Fine Art Fishing Mug

Celebrate fly fishing with these stunning mugs. There are several different styles to choose from.

26. Lavely Novelty Fishing Socks

What fly fisherman wouldn’t want a pair of awesome socks that celebrates fly fishing?

27. Fish Lure Trucker Hat

Maybe the fisherman in your life prefers a good ball camp while fishing. This fish lure trucker ball cap looks nice and is very comfortable.

28. Counterart Fishing Flies Tiled Coasters

These gorgeous coasters are made in the USA. They absorb moisture and don’t stick to your glass. With a stunning design, they would look good anywhere.

29. Orvis Angler’s Pint Glass

I giggle every time I drink out of mine because an “angler’s pint” is bigger than the American or British one. There are four different styles and any fisherman would enjoy getting one of these during the holiday season.

30. Kenroy Home Fly Rod Table Lamp

This lamp is very unique and beautiful. It would make a good conversation piece as well. I want to get these for my cabin.

31. Black Forest Decor Fly Rod and Trout Lamp

This is another beautiful lamp and was a best-seller of our readers last year. It would make a great addition to any home.

32. Fly Fishing Patent Prints

These unique fly fishing patent prints are art. I gifted these to one of my coworkers a few years back, and he has them in his man cave.

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Fishing Gift Ideas for Him and Any Fisherman

It was really hard to narrow down the next part of this gift guide. There are way too many fishing gadgets and accessories, so I have narrowed it down to the ones I think are the most relevant. I also considered how practical or useful an item is. I did not include personalized fishing lures because fishing hooks and lures get lost all of the time. I also did not include recommended fish finder, just because I have never used one so I felt I couldn’t recommend something I haven’t tried.

When I am fishing, I think that clothing provides a lot of protection from the sun and the weather. A good hat, fishing gloves, and neck gaiter are must-have fishing apparel that every fisherman should have. If you are looking for fishing shirts, I recommend checking out Downstream Adventure Apparel. They are a small business and I like to support small businesses. I prefer a Boonie hat for better coverage and protection and any type of glasses. You don’t often think of this, but a hat with a wide brim and glasses gives your face better protection from a stray hook. Google “fishing accidents”, so you know what I mean.

1. Columbia Bora Bora Boonie Hat

A boonie hat is a good option for fishing. It keeps the sun off of your face as well as protecting it from stray hooks or branches.

2. RepYourWater Trout Socks

These socks are the coolest. There are a few different patterns including cutthroat and brown trout. RepYourWater has some especially cool clothing inspired by fish so you might want to check them out.

3. KastKing Fishing Gloves

Fishing gloves are great for protecting your hands and keeping them warm while fishing.

4. Fishaholic Fishing Neck Gaiter

Neck gaiters or buffs not only provide protection from the sub, but are multi-purpose. You can use them as a head covering or a makeshift bandage or much more. Did you know there are over 25 uses for bandannas and neck gaiters?

5. Flying Fisherman Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are an essential for any fisherman. Eye protection is important. These polarized sunglasses are affordable and come in several really cool styles.

Every fisherman can appreciate gear like a tackle box or tackle bag, rod organizer, fishing chair, and a good cooler. These are all items that any fisherman would appreciate. Here are just a few things that should be included with your essential fishing gear for any fisherman.

6. Earthpak Soft Cooler

Every fisherman needs a cooler. This could be for fish, food or drinks. Regardless what the cooler is for, this soft cooler by EarthPak is a good choice.

7. Engel Cooler/Dry Box with 4 Rod Holders

If you are looking for a hard cooler, I would good with Engel. I prefer this one in particular because of the rod holders. Also, it makes excellent storage when not in use.

8. Piscufun Shoulder Sling Tackle Bag

Tackle bags are often more practical than a tackle box, especially if you are walking the river. Some can be fairly pricy, but this one is a reasonable price.

9. KastKing Fishing Tackle Bag

If you don’t like a ling pack but you like tackle bags, the KastKing is amazing. It has an adjustable strap, is very room and durable.

10. Flambeau Outdoors Tackle Box

Flambeau makes very simple tackle boxes that are perfect for holding all kinds of tackle. There are many different sizes and colors.

11. Allnice Durable Canvas Rod and Reel Organizer Bag

If you have a lot of fishing rods like we do, it’s nice to have a rod organizer. This one holds five rods. At the end of our fishing trip we just pack up the rods, and this is also how we store them in the winter.

12. Rush Creek Creations Fishing Rod Rack

If you don’t like storage bags for your rods, a fishing rod rack is also a good solution. It’s important to keep your rods organize, otherwise they can get damaged.

13. Wild River Bucket Fishing Caddy

This fishing bucket caddy is a fun fishing accessory. I particularly love it when I’m ice fishing.

14. ARROWHEAD OUTDOOR Cooler Chair Backpack

Instead of packing around way to much, this cooler chair backpack is great for fishing. I love multi-purpose gear, and this is probably one of my favorite fishing gear pieces. The design of this chair makes for easy transport.

Other fishing gear items that are useful are a fish stringer, a good knife or fish scaler, a dry bag to keep your things dry, and fishing pliers. One of the most ingenious accessories is a micro-filament line collector. The fishing line is not biodegradable and I really dislike other people’s loose lines scattered about. Snagging and broken line happens, but I try to be responsible and pick mine up.

15. Tweezerman Fingernail Clippers

The best multi-tool for fishing is a pair of humble finger nail clippers. It may sound silly, but finger nail clipper are light-weight, can fit almost anywhere, and you can use them to clip and trim line, remove splinters, remove barbs from hooks, and a few other things.

16. Paracord Fishing Stringer

This fishing stringer works a lot better than a stick or a shoe lace or piece of twine. I like this own because the aluminum ones rust and if needed, it’s very simple to swap out the paracord if it breaks or frays.

17. Rapala Fish Fillet Knife

Ny husband got me one of these a few years back and it’s the only filet knife and fishing knife I use. There are several sizes, but I prefer the six inch. It has a pretty birch handle and a leather sheath.

18. Eagle Claw Fish Scaler

This stainless steel gadget works well to remove scales. You can also get a larger scaler kit with brushes and different sizes, but this works well for any size of trout.

19. Earth Pac Dry Bag

A dry bag is the perfect gift idea for fishing lovers, especially those who spend time on the water.

20. Booms Fishing Pliers

Fishing pliers should be included in every fishing kit. They can be used for many things, including flattening barbs and removing hooks.

21. FishPond PIOPOD Micro Trash and Line Collector

One of the things I hate the most is fishing line left everywhere. It’s a tripping hazard, it’s not bio-gradable and it can hurt animals. This little trash can made particularly for line and and trash is perfect for fishing.

22. Line Cutterz Ring

This nifty gadget makes a great stocking stuffer. You can wear it on your hand, your gear, or your rod. It makes cutting line less of a hassle.

23. Fly Rite Fly-Rite Stomach Pump

One gadget that not many people use, is a stomach pump for trout. By using it, you can tell what the fish are eating without killing it.

Fishing TV

If you are looking for the best gifts that are not fishing gear, there really is quite a lot to choose from. I have included below a bit of variety. When I think of gifting someone something, I want it to be something that they will appreciate and hopefully use. Any of these will make a great fishing gift.

24. “Fish: Recipes and Techniques for Freshwater Fish” by Jon Wipfli

I love this cookbook and use it often. It is a great cookbook for wild fish recipes. The recipes are easy to make. I actually reviewed the cookbook and you can check out the “Fish” cookbook review here.

25. Buck Wear’s Fishing Tales 2022 Wall Calendar

My husband has a few of these pictures on his tshirts. This calendar makes a funny and practical gag gift.

26. Bait Towel

This was the number one gift purchased by our readers last year during the holiday season. The bait towel is made for fishing and is the number one accessory any fisherman needs. Clean your hands, clean your gear, and attach it to your pack or belt.

27. RepYourWater Fish Beanie

These beanies are super cool. There are so many different designs and different colors to choose from.

28. Derek DeYoung Tshirts

The art on these t-shirts is so cool. There are so many designs. Wear a piece of fish art.

27. Fishpond Rainbow Trout Hat

I love this hat. It’s a colorful and unique rainbow trout truckers hat.

28. Trout Bottle Opener

What a cool bottle opener. I have one of these out in the barn.

29. “The One That Got Away” Fishing Puzzle

Puzzlesare fun and this fishing puzzle is perfect for any fishing enthusiast.

30. MacKenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub

Let’s face it, fish stink. So a nice soap or scrub can be a lifesaver. After gutting fish, I love to use Mackenzie’s Fisherman Hand Scrub to get all the guts and smell off of my hands.

31. Trout Belt Buckle

My dad always wore a belt buckle and they are pretty common in Montana. One of my fishing budding was sporting this trout belt buckle the other and now I really need one. It would look great with my jeans.

Best Ice Fishing Gifts

I love ice fishing, but then again I also love fishing and winter sports, so it is ideal for me. Ice fishing does have some specialized fishing gear, but it is gear that is preferred to have. It’s better to sit out on the ice a warm ice house than on the ice in the wind and cold. Some of these gifts are a bit more expensive, however, ice fishing gear is made to last. Here are some of my favorite ice fishing gift ideas.

1. EnergeticSky Ice Cleats

Safety first, falling on the ice is something nobody wants. Ice crampons/ snow cleats are the best way to prevent falling on the ice and a must-have for any ice fishing trip. I live in a very snowy area, so I use these almost every day in the winter at home.

2. Pelican Ice Fishing Sled

An ice fishing sled is the best way to transport gear across the ice and snow. What I love best about ice fishing sleds, is that they are very durable. We use our ice fishing sled for sledding because those flimsy kid toboggans break so easily, and our ice fishing sled has lasted five tears with no cracks or holes. Ice fishing sleds are also useful for hunting and hauling firewood.

3. Comcor Minimilist Sled Harnass With Strap

I find it much easier hauling a sled out on the ice with a harness. I could always drag it out with the ATV but then that would mean taking the ATV out. This harness makes it much easier to pull a sled.

4. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Ice Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This is the only fishing pole I have included in this guide and it’s because, in my opinion, ice fishing rods are almost all of the same. Ice fishing poles are shorter than regular rods and allow you to “jig” with ease. We often use kid fishing poles because they are just the right size. I do however prefer the Shakespeare rods for durability while ice fishing.

5. Eskimo Ice House

An icehouse is ideal for ice fishing. It keeps you warm and out of the elements. Nobody wants to freeze their but out on the ice. This would be considered the ultimate gift for ice fishing. Ice houses come in multiple sizes, from one-person to eight-person ice houses.

6. Jaw Jacker Ice Fishing Hook Setter and Rod Holder

A tip-up or rod setter allows you to ice fishing without having to hold the rod. All you do is set it up and wait. The Jaw Jacker hook setter below will “jig” the bait for you as if it is live bait.

7. Beaver Dam Ice Fishing Tip-up/ Tip-Down

This company has been in business for over fifty years. You can see the quality in this hand-made tip-up. I have bought others over the years, but these have lasted longer and are better than any other ones I have owned.

8. StrikeMaster Manual Ice Auger

It is hard to go ice fishing if you do not have anything to drill a hole through the ice. There are both gas-powered and manual ice augers. Both work well, but a gas-powered ice auger is convenient to have and does less work. There are different sizes, and a 6-8 inch is a good standard size. The Strikemaster is an excellent manual auger.

9. Eskimo Gas-Powered Auger

Gas-powered augers are practical to have while ice fishing but be sure to take extra fuel. If it’s too cold, it might be hard to start.

10. ION Battery-Powered Ice Auger

Battery-powered augers are an excellent choice for ice fishing. This auger has three hours of power and you don’t have to worry about mixing fuel. Should your battery die, you can always recharge it in the car.

11. Ice Fishing Ice Scooper/ Slush Skimmer

An ice scooper is a good accessory to have and should never be left at home. It keeps your hole from icing over. Don’t forget this important ice fishing tool at home.

12. Folding Snow Shovel

Another accessory you should have while ice fishing, is a collapsible snow shovel. We use ours to clear away snow from the holes and shovel snow to anchor our ice house. If you have little kids, you can also clear a section of the ice for ice skating.

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Fishing Gifts for Women

It is almost impossible to find fishing gifts for women. Maybe it’s because fishing has always been considered a men’s sport, which it isn’t anymore, but it is so hard to find fishing gifts for her. Personally, all I care about is good gear, but sometimes it’s nice to have something pretty or unique. It’s the same reason why I like unique enamel coffee cups, everybody has the same blue enamel ones and I like to stand out.

Here are a few fishing gifts that I would appreciate getting, as a woman who loves to fish. For more ideas, you can also check out the complete gift guide for fishing gifts for women because I don’t have enough room here to add them all. These are my top five.

1. One Savvy Girl Ultralight Backpack Cooler Chair

One of my favorite multipurpose pieces of fishing gear is this awesome backpack cooler chair. I can stow my gear, lunch, and tackle in this pack and have a place to sit when I am bank fishing or dock fishing. It’s really easy to carry around and comes in three colors.

2. Tegos 10L Dry Bag

Not only is this bag pretty, but it is also a great functional dry bag. Tegos also has 5L bags as well.

3. Trailheads Trailblazer Women’s Ponytail Cap

I love ponytail hats. I have long hair and it’s terrible when I have to wear a hat. Trailhead makes great ponytail caps for fishing. I love the flaps that give you extra warmth and then can be rolled up when you don’t need them.

4. Gamefish USA Women’s Performance Fishing Shirt

Having the right shirt is a must for fishing. It’s important to have a moisture-wicking shirt with plenty of sun protection.

5. Thomas Bates Fish Belt

I love this belt for all of my outdoor activities, including hiking and fishing. There’s no metal, so you don’t need to worry about taking it off at airports. It’s durable and made for outdoor life. There are ten patterns to choose from.

Fishing Gifts for Kids

I think my kids were born with fishing poles in their hands, which is funny because my husband really dislikes fishing. I have included here some of our kids’ favorite fishing gear. I can’t complain that this is one of my children’s’ favorite hobbies. My son begs to go fishing every day and I love that he has that passion, at so young an age.

I have included a few fishing poles here, including the children’s fly rod. As for a kids fishing pole, I go with Zebco just because it’s an affordable pole and great for kids. If you haven’t already, be sure to look at the guide for teaching kids to fish. It’s just as hard to find kids fishing gear that is actually usable, as it is to find women’s fishing gear. Here are my five top choices.

1. Zebco Splash Jr. Spinner Rod

The Zenco Splash is an excellent starter rod for kids. We prefer spin-cast reels rather than the push button. They are easier to fix and promote fine motor skills.

2. Echo Gecko Kids Beginner Fly Rod

The Echo Gecko is an ideal starter fly rod for kids. It comes with a rod case. WHen the get older, it can easily be used for creek fishing.

3. “This Kids Loves to Fish” Tshirt

Any child or teen who loves to fish will love this t-shirt. My son loves to wear his when he goes fishing.

4. SAND.SALT.SURF.SUN Performance Fishing Shirt Kids

Thiss fishing shirt is a good choice for kids and youth. Not only do they make great fishing shirts, but they provide enough protection for hiking and camping.

5. “Fishing Logbook for Kids: Observe and Record Your Catches” by David Lisi

Not only is this an amazing fishing journal for kids, but there is so much information on fishing. I really encourage you to look inside. It has pages for journaling your fishing trips, fishing tips and gear suggestion for kids.

My Fishing Gifts Wish List

There are so many amazing gifts on this list. I thought I would share the top ten things I want from my current fishing wish list to inspire you. Maybe you’ll find something here that is perfect or you can just browse the rest of the list. There are over 100 recommended ideas in this post for men, women, and kids.

Have you seen my ultimate gift guide for hunters?

Did you find the perfect gift for the fisherman / fisherwoman in your life? I really do wish there were more fishing gifts for women and kids. Is there something that you would add to this list? Leave a comment below with any suggestions. And don’t forget, be outside with no limits.

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