Best Gifts Under $25 for Outdoor Lovers 2021

Gifts for outdoorsy people do not have to be expensive. I know it can be hard to find affordable gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. There are many different types of outdoor activities and most outdoorsy people participate in many different kinds. If you don’t find something here in this general list, you might want to check out some of these other posts:

How do I pick the perfect outdoorsy gift?

Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect gift for the outdoorsy person in your life. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what to get:

  • Choose them a gift that is practical and useful.
  • Pick something that they can use for many activities.
  • The prefect gift depends on what their interests are. You wouldn’t buy a fishing pole for someone who doesn’t fish.
  • It doesn’t have to be expensive, we’re just excited to get something we can use on our adventures.
  • Fancy brands usually cost more, and you can usually find the same quality or even better for less money.

Best Outdoor Gift Ideas Under $25

All of the gift ideas listed in this gift guide are practical, useful, and affordable. Most of these items are included with my camping essentials and hiking essentials. Even though the price is right, don’t worry about thinking these gifts are cheap crack. All of the items are useful and practical, for any outdoor adventure.

1. Survival Hatchet

This survival hatchet was the number one favorite of our readers in 2020 for gift suggestions across the board. The survival hatchet is a multi-tool that has 14 different tools including a hatchet, knife, hammer, and screwdriver. Take it camping, off-roading, fishing, or any outdoor adventure.

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2. Morakniv Eldris Light-Duty Knife

This little knife is one of my favorites. Morakniv knives keep a sharp edge forever and are made for outdoor activities. I like this one because I can hang it around my neck, attach it to my belt or keep it in my pocket. It has a fixed blade and comes with a sheath. If you are willing to pay a small additional cost, you might want to get the Morakniv Eldris Sandvik that has a 90-degree grind on the spine so it can be used with a farrow rod to start a fire. For another couple of dollars, you can also get the Eldris Morakniv with an attached fire rod.

3. UCO Fire Starter Kit

When I go camping or even just on a hike, I like to be able to start a fire if needed. This complete fire starter kit includes waterproof matches, strikers, and fire starters in an air-tight container.

4. Wool Socks

There is nothing like a good pair of wool socks for outdoor activities. I have so many pairs and can always use them more because I wear them for camping, backpacking, winter sports, and fishing. Merino wool is my favorite. Here are a few of my favorites:

5. EcoVessel 12 oz. Transit Travel Coffee Mug

Ecovessel is my favorite brand for water bottles and insulated travel coffee mugs. I like my morning coffee to stay hot. I think this brand keeps beverages hotter and is cheaper than Yeti. Not only does this mug keep liquids super hot or cold, but it also comes in a 12 oz. If you like the mug, you might want to try the EcoVessel Boulder water bottle, which can be used as a water bottle and a thermos (size/ price/ style varies).

6. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Don’t bother with the expensive hammocks, try one from Wise Owl Outfitters instead. This is the most durable and affordable hammock. Our hammocks get a lot of use and this brand has lastest us the longest. I’ve never had the straps break or have the fabric split. These hammocks come in a wide variety of colors and a single or double size.

7. Liquid IV Hydration Mix

It is really important to stay hydrated when you are outside. I find I get more dehydrated when I am camping or snowboarding than when I am hiking or backpacking. I forget to drink, so with this hydration mix, I stay nice and hydrated. My favorite flavor is passion fruit.

8. Portable Utensil Kit

A portable utensil kit is practical for anyone who travels or spends time outdoors. I’ve often fashioned chopsticks from sticks but I like having this kit around instead.

9. Camping and Backpacking Cookbooks

Cookbooks are a fun and unique gift. Especially ones that are practical for camping and backpacking. The “5 Ingredient Camping Cookbook” is a really good one. But, you can find other camping cookbook suggestions in this previous post, Best Camping Cookbooks.

10. Camping Light or Lantern

Lights and lanterns can be a great gift idea. One of my favorites is the MPOWERD Luci Light. It is my go-to for backpacking and emergency lighting. It is lightweight, inflatable, and rechargeable. However, it might not be ideal for your needs so you might want to check out this complete guide to camping lights and lanterns.

11. Enamel Coffee Cup

Enamel coffee cups are my favorite. They are more durable than stainless steel and come in a plethora of designs and colors. No matter what type of outdoor adventure is your favorite, you can find one that is perfect for anybody. Check out this list of enamel coffee cups are you can find some of my favorites at United by Blue.

12. UCO Personal Mess Kit

Use it as a lunch box for work or your outdoor activities. I use mine for all of my outdoor adventures, but also daily use. It comes with a bowl, a plate, and a spork.

13. Plasma Lighter

Plasma lighters are awesome. No fuel or gas is required, just recharge it as needed. They are also a lot safer than regular lighters because there is no open flame.

14. UCO Collapsible Cup

I just bought a set of four of these cups for backpacking. I had been looking for a collapsible silicone cup for a while for backpacking. These cups are perfect for backpacking and camping.

15. Frogg Toggs Rain Poncho

How many times have you gone on an outdoor adventure and been surprised by the rain? Rain doesn’t usually stop me, so I like to have a poncho handy.

16. Green Goo Outdoor Essentials

Dry skin, aches and pains, and various scratches and bruises are common when you have an outdoorsy lifestyle. Green Goo’s skin sticks are perfect for taking on an adventure to ease discomfort and soothe skin. I love the sticks, but you can get a jar or a tin too.

17. Coleman Mini First Aid Kit

When I think of a first aid kit, it’s a huge big box. However, there are smaller first aid kits perfect for putting in your pack or a glove box. I like this little one from Coleman.

18. Toadfish Non-tipping Can Cooler

This can cooler is ingenious. When of my biggest peeves is when my drink gets spilled. Not only, does this keep your drink cold, but no more spillage.

19. Camco Neoprene Beer Coozy

Coozies not only keep your drink cold, but they help you keep track of your drink. It makes a great stocking stuffer.

20. Pocket Fire Starter Kit

Most people carrier matches or a lighter for starting fires. But what happens if your lighter doesn’t work or you’ve run out of matches? Ferro rods are awesome, though it takes a bit of practice, it’s a good skill to have. This kit has everything you need to start a fire without matches or a lighter.

21. Yeti Rambler Wine Tumbler

If I drink in the woods, it’s usually wine. This is my favorite insulated wine tumbler.

22. Stanley Adventure All-in-One French Press

There are 12 ways to make coffee in the backcountry, but my favorite is with a French press. I like this one from Stanley’s because it is heavy-duty and designed for the outdoors. And, it can be used to heat water or soup right on your camp stove.

23. Vapur Portable Flasks and Bottles

Have you heard of Vapur? They make fantastic portable flasks and bottles that are collapsible, reusable, and lightweight. The flasks are amazing for when you are backpacking, in case you want a little drink as your “luxury” item.

24. Nature’s Willow Bite Balm

Having a bug bite can be miserable. Nature’s Willow has worked best for me. They also have a great pain-relieving cream and soap too. Willow is one of nature’s best pain relievers.

25. Senso Blue Tooth Ear Buds

I love wireless earbuds, but I don’t like taking my expensive ones out to the woods. If you drop a wireless earbud in the woods, chances of finding it are slim. That’s why I like these because the cord keeps them from getting lost.

26. Mallowme Pocket Rocket Stove

Pocket stoves are a really important piece of gear and they aren’t just for backpacking. It’s nice to be able to warm up some soup or brew a cup of tea when I am fishing or hiking. Though there are some really expensive ones out there if you buy those you are just buying the brand not the product. This stove is just as good as the big brand ones for a fifth of the cost. If I gift this, I’ll usually buy fuel canister stabilizer legs.

27. Sportsman Pocket Chain Saw

This is one of my favorite pieces of gear that I discovered this last year. It’s especially good for clearing small trees and branches blocking a trail or cutting small logs for a fire. I just use a regular chain saw sharpener if it needs to be sharpened. It also comes with a bonus fire starter.

28. Karecel Power Bank/ Hand Warmer

This small power bank not only can be used to charge your phone but it can be used as a hand warmer. Mine has come in handy multiple times, especially while snowboarding.

29. Outdoor Adventure Journal and Logbook

Journaling and logging outdoor adventures is a great way to remember memories. But, it’s also a great way to keep track of where you have been and write down things you need to remember for the next time.

30. Outdoor Adventure Books

Sometimes one of the best gifts can be just a really good book. You can check out this complete list of great outdoor adventure books. The number one seller by my readers has been “Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube”.

31. Books About Mount Everest

If you have been here before or follow me on social media, you know I am a big Everest nerd. I will never be able to climb it, but I sure love reading about it. I have a complete list of books about Mt. Everest and the climbers of Everest that you can look at. My favorites (via Audible) are currently “The Hunt for Mount Everest” by Craig Storti and “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer.

32. Mazama Hydration Bladder

I bought several of these a few years ago to replace the ones in our hydration packs. I love the wide mouth for easy cleaning and filling and the magnetic clip. These have lasted forever.

33. Kuksa Wooden Cup

This is on my list of things I want to make. I have always wanted a traditional wooden cup for camping. Maybe it will be my next winter project after the holidays.

34. Light My Fire Spork

Honestly, sometimes all you need is a good spork to eat. Especially if you are not cooking anything. Sporks do get lost or broken, so the kids get new ones every year. After I lost my fancy titanium ones twice, I use the Light My Fire sporks instead.

35. RedCamp Survival Shovel

Whether you are digging a potty hole or moving wood around the fire, a shovel is a good piece of gear to have. If you are backpacking and worried about weight, a Deux potty trowel might work better. RedCamp makes the best camping shovel.

36. UCO Beta Head Lamp

If you are looking for affordable and quality headlamps, UCO has the best ones. It’s the best mid-range headlamp.

37. Suscell Solar Charger Power Bank

Solar is a great way to charge your devices. I like this solar-charged power bank, especially in the backcountry. As with any solar-charged item, you do have to keep it in the direction of the sun so it will charge.

38. Coffee for Outdoor Adventures

My husband will argue that coffee is the most important thing for any of our trips. There are many ways to make coffee while camping, but I prefer boiling water and making coffee without a coffee pot. Here are my favorite coffees for camping that don’t require special pots or equipment:


40. HumanGear Flexibowl

I got one of these in my Nomadik box. My five-year-old commandeered it for our annual backpacking trip. It’s very light and you can bend back the rim to make it smaller or larger. I’ve decided that this will be something everyone gets in their stocking this year. I was impressed with the quality and how easy they were to use for backpacking. I might even get a few for the camper. The Flexibowl comes in multiple colors.

41. Wells Lamont Leather Gloves

Leather gloves can be really useful when outdoors, especially while camping and offroading. I use mine when I am chopping wood or cooking on the campfire. These are great especially for camp cooking because you can lift tinfoil packets or a Dutch oven out of the fire while wearing these.

42. Mosquito Face Net

These may look ridiculous, but mosquito face nets work great when bug spray doesn’t work.

43. Epiphany Pocket Bellows

These are great for putting with your fire-starting kit. It’s an easy way to get your fire going.

44. Emergency and Safety Gear

It is always good to be prepared for an emergency when you are spending time outdoors. Often there is no phone service or if there is an emergency you need to be ready. My dad every few years puts together an emergency kit which I have one in my car and one with my camping gear. Here are some emergency gear items for any outdoor activity that cost less than $25.00:

I’m hoping that you have found some great ideas in this list. There are so many affordable git ideas here, as well as ideas for stocking stuffers. If you have a favorite that’s not listed here, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Best Gifts for outdoorsy People under $25
Best Gifts for Outdoorsy People Under $25

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